Paraivartan Yoga (Exchange yoga)

As per the nadi Jyotish, paraivartan yog can be termed as the strongest form of relationship that can exist between two planets(stronger than mutual association, mutual aspect etc), In other words if two planets are involved in a paraivartan then results can be easily predicted by placing them in place of each other.

The unexpected events, may be good (or) bad will take place in natives life, if paraivartan yoga is present in natives horoscope (or) some sudden changes will take place. Therefore while analyzing the horoscope; astrologer must give importance to this paraivartan yoga. Let me explain you with a help of an example.

Assume Guru and Ketu are located in Simha in lagan. As Guru is along with Ketu in the same sign the native will have religious thought. He will be doing spiritual sadhanas. Also Surya, Sukra and Chandra all these three planets are located in Meena Rasi in 8th house

in the chart. Here Surya is located in Guru sign Meena and Guru is located in Surya sign Simha there fore it is evident that the planet Surya and Guru both are involved in planetary exchange and they are friendly with each other. The Jeevakaraka Guru is located along with Ketu. Therefore the native will be a Sanyasi because Ketu is Moksha karaka. Surya is a politician. Due to planetary exchange,

Guru will come to Meena Rasi; there he will meet Sukra and Chandra both of which are female planets. Sukra and Chandra both are beautiful ladies. Since Sukra is in exaltation sign, they will be rich ladies.

So, A politician will introduce these ladies to a Sanyasi, the Sanyasi will lose his self control and fall prey to these attractive ladies because of this paraivartan yoga.

Therefore in the first part of the life the native will lead a life of Sanyasi. In the second part of life he will be after attractive ladies losing his self control.

Take one more example Assume Surya is located in Venusian sign Tula and Sukra is located in Surya’s sign Simha(Leo). Therefore it is evident that the planets Surya and Sukra both are involved in planetary exchange. The native of this horoscope is a female. Jeeva karaka Sukra is located in Simha along with Chandra and Rahu. Chandra is a karaka for adultery and Rahu is the karaka for secret affairs. Therefore this lady will have secret affairs with many people. Due to planetary exchange when Sukra (Venus) comes Tula

(Libra) Rasi, there Sukra (Venus) will join Kuja(mars).Jupiter aspects Venus from Aries (7th aspect). Ketu is karaka for vairagya. Guru is a karaka for spiritual leader. Ketu is a karaka for moksha. Therefore the native meets spiritual guru unexpectedly. He advises her to change her

way of life and guides her in the spiritual path. In the first part of the life the native will be almost like a prostitute. In the second part of the life she will develop vairagya due to the grace of spiritual guru and she will practice spiritual sadhana….

Beautiful thing about paraivartan yoga is that it is not dasha dependent but will be evident throughout the person’s life. Some also say to the extent that here the planets are acting as if they are in their own sign…

Maha Paraivartan Yoga is formed when there is an exchange of Rashi which lords Kendra and / or Trikond. Kendra is known as Vishnu Sthan which helps in sustenance and Trikond is known as Lakshmi Sthan which helps in progress and development of the native. Hence, when lords of these houses are involved in Paraivartan Yoga, then it results in very good development (both material as well as Spiritual) of the native.

There are other types of Paraivartan Yoga also like 1) Nakshatra Paraivartan wherein two or more planets are placed in each other’s Nakshatra and 2) Karaka Paraivartan, wherein planets exchange houses of which they are significators

There is one more very essential point to this yog, assume there is a paraivartan yog between Venus and moon. Venus placed in 7th house in cancer and moon is placed with Saturn in tula in 10th house, now see what happens from another angle, Since Moon is placed with laganesh Saturn…therefore the direction of the paraivartan would be from Venus to moon also Venus is a rajsik planet and moon is a sativik planet as a result the parameters of Venus (which has rajsik gunas) will start getting converted into sativik gunas, In other words In the life of this native art, music, dance, women etc. will help the native to see his sativik gunas or he would try to find god through the parameters of Venus. Hope I am able to convey my point more so because Saturn is also aspecting Venus through his 10th aspect so Saturn is also indirectly pushing this Venus to accomplish the objective of paraivartan.

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