Dreams indicating Death

Caution: This text is not for children, if your age is less than 16 years then plz dont read this text or read it with your parents.

As per our ancient texts(Jnana Pradeepika) the following dreams may indicate death:

1) A woman black in color.

2) Seeing a white colored tongue or very

Good and Bad dreams

As per Jnana Pradeepika and Ashtanga Hriaya Classic texts:

There are 7 types of dreams given in our texts:

Dristha(which one may have seen in life)

Sruta(Things heard in life)

Anubhuta(things expereinced through smell, taste and touch)

prarthita(things desired in life)

Kalpita(fancied or imaginary things)

These five have no meaning

But next 2 have:

bhavija(beyond the scope of above

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