Nikhil, Specializes in more or less every tool of Vedic Astrology, which has made his approach more practical, approachable and understandable.

He has analyzed more than 1,00000 horoscopes till date, which has collectively given his predictions and research a strong spine of experience.

Nikhil has been extremely accurate in his analysis w.r.t to his predictions related to individual horoscopy. He employs the techniques advocated by Rishi Parashara and Jaimini. He also holds a great degree of command in Nadi Astrology.

Recently Nikhil, analyzed a case w.r.t girl called Antonia who was kidnapped from Croatia,and accurately predicted things like the Name letters of the Kidnapper’, Direction in which he would have taken to the girl, purpose of the kidnapping, Past background of the kidnapper and nature of his work,place narration, whether the girl is alive or not, whether the girl would come back or not, whether the place would be far off or near from the Croatia, color of the clothes of the kidnapper at the time of kidnapping with the help of Prashna Chart(question chart)

Research Work & Future Projects
1) Nikhil through his research work have discovered a method to determine the conception time astrologically, the results of which are even accurate than Naegele’s Rule.

Benefits of conception chart
a) To detect various kind of pregnancies complications and take necessary precautions for the benefit of the mother, child and society as a whole.
b) Accurate dating of pregnancy is important, because it is used in calculating the results of various prenatal tests, for example, in the triple test. A decision may be made to induce labor if a fetus is perceived to be overdue. Furthermore, if LMP and ultrasound dating predict different respective due dates, with the latter being later, this might signify slowed fetal growth and therefore require closer review.
c) To have a detailed sketch of the whole life pattern of the native’s life and fortune just like the birth chart.
d) To determine the detailed character and personality of the unborn native or who would be born after 9 months (ideally).
2) He has also given a detailed research writing of D-108(number)(Ashtottaramsa) chart to determine the details related to the future birth of the native, the least known topic in Vedic Astrology.
3) Apart from the above researches, Nikhil is also carrying out extensive research work (since past many years) on how to determine the occurrence of the natural disasters in advance. To employ and execute the applicability of this research, he also intend to form a body which could assist the National Disaster management of India in taking preventive measures in case of a possibility of such an event. This research has the potential to save billions of lives worldwide.
Astrological Writings and Works:
Nikhil has written numerous astrological articles which are present on his website and forums:

My Vedic Astrology Page, supported by close to 28000 people worldwide (Vedic Astrology/Jyotish Vidhya)-Largest on whole internet as well as on facebook in terms of membership and active discussions corresponding to this subject.

Vedic Astrology Back up Page:

Nikhil’s “Vedic Astrology/Jyotish Vidhya” , “Read your face” and “Numerology” forums on Facebook are not only the largest Astrology, Face Reading and Numerology platform on whole internet, in terms of membership but the links (URL of these 3 forums) i.e.

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Are behind Nikhil’s “Vedic Astrology/Jyotish Vidhya Forum” “Read Your Face” and “Numerology Forum” in terms of “number of shares on social networking site called GOOGLE + as on June 2015”


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