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Unlike other occult areas where Nikhil has only contributed in the form of his numerous articles, handwriting reading is the only area in which nikhil has already started writing a book which he has decided to complete it soon.

Though Handwriting reading cannot be used to predict the future of the native but it certainly throws a great deal of reflection on assessing the current mental state of the person.

The astounding results derived through the handwriting reading of a person has always forced and inspired nikhil to continue with this rare and accurate form of analysis.

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In the mean while, you all may go through Nikhil’s latest write up on the basics of Handwriting Reading:

Read your handwriting

6 years back when I was doing my engineering, I had started writing a book on Handwriting reading, but unfortunately due to many other commitments, I was not getting the appropriate time to give that work few last finishing touches. Hence I thought, till the time that work reaches its destination of getting published, let me just write an Article on the basics of this very interesting and captivating world of handwriting reading.

As you all know that my basic objective is to always teach you something new in the simplest way possible by the grace of God, hence this time also, I assure you that after reading this write up, you all would be in a position to decipher all your current personal characteristics through your own handwriting.

I really want all of you to become good handwriting readers and then dear all; please do not forget to pray for your friend Nikhil as I really need all your blessings and good wishes.

There are many books of handwriting reading available in the market but they all frustrate the reader with so many complex terminologies, that reader do not even attempt to read beyond few pages. I on the other hand will not bore you so many terms, which may force you to say that “O Nikhil please forgive us, learning handwriting reading is beyond our scope”. So it’s my prerogative to bring every concept within your reach.

Here I begin, with some rules and the correct methodology to proceed, read them very carefully and try to catch the soul of each rule, rather than mugging it up:

Step 1:

Ask the person who want to get his handwriting reading, to write at least 2 paragraphs of at least 6-10 lines each in front of you.

Now once he starts writing, what will you observe and analyze, for that read ahead:

Step 2:

Firstly you need to prudently observe his/her flow of writing (how fast or slow the person is writing) and the level of pressure he/she is applying while writing something, interpretation of the words, sentences and letters can be done later on, but information w.r.t the flow of writing can only be appropriately observed during the time when he is actually writing something. So, first step would be to observe the flow and pressure of his handwriting

Inferences: Always remember that in life there has to be a balance of everything.

Writing very fast or very slow both indicate something negative.

Like, Writing very fast may mean that person is always in a hurry, he does not  have a temperament to give anything a deep thought and therefore he will take his decisions very fast as a result most of which will prove wrong in the long run. It may also mean that person is very dynamic and energetic but his energies are not perfectly in his control. Remember don’t think that Nikhil is teaching you something, instead apply your common sense, you will immediately agree with me. I cannot write each and everything over here, but once you will start applying your common sense then you will predict many more things accurately without reading any books.

I am here showing you the way, giving you the approach, once you have the right approach, you yourself will discover your own set of rules.

Also mind it that nothing should be said immediately, first you need to observe each and everything and only in the end, after applying all the rules, you should say something.

Writing sentences very slowly may mean that person has very slow thinking, he/she is less energetic, have less drive to take initiatives, and this person will find it very difficult to lead others. You all must be understanding, why I am saying this. Common sense

Pressure has to be ideal, nether very neither low nor very high, you see as I said balance has to be there. The pressure should not be so low that its appears as if the pen itself will slip from his hand or paper itself shouts, that baby come on I will not die if you will apply some more pressure on me. Don’t laugh, that’s a fact, some people hold pen so loosely that even the pen starts feeling insecure.

So dear all, People who apply very less pressure, are actually very less confident, lack focus, do not have a strong character ,lot of insecurity rests in them, generally the childhood of such people are full of problems. I will not write in detail, since I want to ignite your common sense, and do not want to give you a course material of a coaching institute.

People who apply so much pressure that even the paper gets teared from some places is again not healthy, these kinds of people are basically very intense, frustrated and are cruel by nature. Apply your common sense, this person do not even spare that harmless paper, then why will he spare the people around him. Anger becomes the mark of the nature of such people. Confidence becomes overconfidence and love gets converted into lust.

In other words pressure should be neither be very high nor very low, Flow of handwriting should neither be very slow nor should be very fast.

Now let’s move ahead with some more rules:

Step 3:

After observing the flow and the pressure, now come to the next 3 basic things:

1)      Height of the letters or words.

2)      Spacing between the words + Spacing between the letters.

3)      Angle of inclination of words + Angle of inclination of sentences.

All the 3 points are very simple to understand so will explain in short, rest I will leave it to your common sense. As pinch of common sense can give you the knowledge of 100 books instantaneously

Height of the letters

It’s very simple, as the height of the letters increases, the level of confidence and ambition also increases, but this doesn’t mean that there is no limit of increasing the height. As I had stated earlier, there has to be a balance. Beyond a certain point or height that confidence would get converted into overconfidence and ambition would turn into over ambition, love will become addiction. I will not give you the exact measurements of height as that would confine your thinking; I will say that you yourself will come to know that someone’s handwriting is ABNORMALLY BIG. These kind people whose handwriting are made up of words or letters which are abnormally big in size, becomes too much materialistic, their needs never gets satisfied as they keep on demanding more from life, if they are famous they would still want more fame, hope you would have got the basic meaning.

There are some people, the letters in whose handwriting are so small, that they look like great warriors against global warming who are saving precious paper (a natural resource) by shrinking their handwriting. Many a times your eyes will feel the stress in reading such handwritings. These people, the height of letters in whose handwriting are very small, are actually the ones who themselves wants to remain hidden from this whole world, they have their own world, generally are very insecure, any kind of big thinking would give them a shivering, they will try to hide their thoughts and action from the people around them, but these people are very focused, could have high level of intelligence and accuracy.

Just note, that I am giving you the meaning of both the extremes in every case, whether its flow or pressure or height or any other concept. In other words I am telling you, what will happen, as you move towards any extreme, the conclusions w.r.t anything which falls in between these 2 extremes should be derived by your own common sense. As if I will keep on taking each and every case, that process would never end.

One more very important concept is that if you divide any word or letter in the 3 equal parts, then the bottom part tells you about the background or past of that person, middle part cast a reflection on his present and upper part has its roots in the future of that person. (This concept needs practice to implement), but those who have enough common sense would have already understood what exactly I mean through the above 3 sentences.

Spacing between the words + Spacing between the letters.

Here also if you apply your common sense, you will easily understand the reasoning part, As the spacing between the words increases the person like to maintain his or her privacy or his interference in the matters of others will decrease, he would be more focused, would be more creative, less dependent on others, self confident and self initiator. Again by this I do not mean that you will keep on increasing the spacing between the words to make yourself suitable candidate of above mentioned good adjectives. As I always say, there has to be a balance, you yourself will come to know that whether the person is leaving good moderate space (balance) between the words or whether he is leaving abnormally large spaces between 2 words. Abnormally large spaces between the 2 words could mean that he finds it really difficult to get mixed up with the people, insecurity level rises, would be very secretive, if you will try to poke your noses in the lives of such people, they may shout at you.  So abnormally large spaces are unhealthy too

Now coming to the people who just hate spaces between 2 words, if everything is left to them, they would be even happy to combine all the words into a single long word, Don’t laugh, there are definitely such people who would hardly leave any space between words as if leaving space is against their pride.  These people become too materialistic, any kind of hype (false) may affect them, have a follower kind of attitude, they always want someone around them, whether friends or relatives or colleagues, living alone is like death to them. Taking decisions on their own is not their cup of tea, would involve too many people in their decision making process and as they say “too many cooks spoil the food”, very emotional and being very sensitive are part of their personality. Insecurity also comes in a dowry for them. These people could be over transparent and would hardly relish anything in their stomach, BUT if the spacing between letters is also close to negligible then these people turns into a selfish creatures, becomes very secretive, phrases like “my food”, “my house”, “my car”, “my perfume”, “my room”, “my boyfriend” becomes part of their vocabulary. These people have bounded intelligence and vision, cannot think big, obviously to think big, you need to move away from yourself which is not possible in their case as they cannot think anything beyond themselves.

Yes if the spacing between the letters is sufficient (not abnormal), such that each letter is adequately readable then the above results should not be declared.

Ideal thing is, there should balance (neither too less nor too more) spaces between the words and letters. This would give a balance personality in every aspect of his/her nature.

Angle of inclination of words + Angle of inclination of sentences

Again very easy to make out, some people like to write straight or vertical, some likes to slant their words in backward or in a forward direction. When we talk of sentences then they could either be in one line or could get slanted downward or slanted upwards. I will take each of the case one by one.

The handwriting, in which the words are Straight and vertical generally belongs to people having neutral personality, they are quite satisfied in what they have, their life is generally monotonous as they lack ambition, you cannot call them depressive nor they are excited, generally do not want to change the way they live or think, have hard established thoughts and preconceived notions.

The handwriting, in which the words slant in the forward direction, belongs to people who are confident, ambitious, artistic, more extrovert, like to make new friends and who have the guts to change things, but remember there has to be a balance, too much of slanting or bent in forward direction could mean over confidence, person who is always in a hurry, who acts before he thinks, over ambitious. Your common sense must be telling you that why I am saying this.

On the other hand, the handwriting, in which the words slant in the backward direction belongs to the people who are basically negative thinkers, spontaneity and quick decision making are not their cup of tea, they likes to follow others, will walk on the path that has been used by many since engraving their own path requires risk taking abilities which obviously these people lack. Too much of slanting or bent in backward direction could mean depressive tendencies, these people simply lack self respect, fault lies in their upbringing, since from their childhood they have been taught that you are good for nothing.

Anyways you all must have captured the essence behind the reasoning through your common sense.

So before moving to next step, let me just also take up Angle of inclination of sentences, when the whole sentence seems to be moving in the downward direction, this itself means negative or depressive thinking, being optimistic is like climbing a Everest for them. On the other hand when the whole sentence appears to be moving in the upward direction, then these people are always over excited for anything, they are fun lovers, risk takers, likes to take the lead, or I should say, they are more like kids, i.e. maturity lacks in them, giving deep thought to something, having calmness, being responsible, are some qualities which they lack. Remember I am giving you the approach, i.e. I can teach you how to fly the plane but your common sense will only help you in actually flying the plane, no one can teach you that.

Step 4:

Now once you have analyzed the pressure, flow, height of letters, spacing between the words and letters, Angle of inclination of words and sentences. Next you need to focus on:

1)      Loops

2)      Spikes and

3)      Stems

Ok, so what are these, very simple, you must have seen that many people, especially girls (forgive me girls), like to write every letter in a roundish fashion, whether they are joining two letters or whether they trying to draw vertical lines, their all words and sentences looks like beautifully carved circles, so much so that many letters looks quite similar to each other. Language could be any, but their way of writing would be just like round Bengali sweets. These Bengali sweets are known as loops. Don’t laugh, this is only way you will remember concepts .I am using the word sweets because this kind of handwritings which has too many loops is really beautiful in appearances.

In fact some of you must have already recollected many examples of these kinds, may be they are your old friends or colleagues or could be you yourself. Anyways jokes apart, these people like to follow others, and tend to make simple things round (just like loops), if you ask them an answer to a simple question, they will give you pages of answer, except the actual answer. In the end you yourself will think that, have I asked a right question, then after some time you will understand, that you have been taken for ride, fault is not yours nor is the fault of such handwriting holders, its in their nature to see things in a complex way. Those who like to see the things in a complex way, they will say, wow what a perfect answer, but the one who has a clear thinking and knows that answer could be told in 1 line, they will say what a bull shit.

As a result these people can be very good counselors, since when a person is in a problem and there is no direct solution to his problem, these people will confuse him so much in their round round talks that he will say that yes I am feeling better, actually after sitting in front of such people, that mentally tensed person has also forgot his problems in the round answer of such people.

Anyways, you must have got the crux. Let me move to spikes:

Spikes are just opposite of loops, every letter or at the end of every word (from the last letter), you will find a slanting upward line coming out, as if every word is showing you the knife. Even in formations of every letter, you would find sharp edges (nothing would be round). These kinds of handwriting looks bad in reading but these people are really very clear in their thinking and vision. They know what they want in life and will see everything in a simple way; as a result they sometimes end up solving even the complex problems easily. Good confidence, outspoken, creativity, charismatic, leaders and being aggressive are all marks of such people. These people are dependable and trustworthy but if you end up making such people as your enemy then only god can save you, as that knife of every letter and word will pinch you from all corners.

Coming to stems: language could be any, but in the formation of most of the letters, there is an involvement of a vertical line, these vertical lines are known as stems. These stems are like a spinal cord of many letters hence their formation reveals lot of things w.r.t to the personality of the person. If the stems are weakly formed, small in size, less prominent in that particular letter or word, bent from the bottom or top, then it reflects less confidence, insecure attitude, lack of leadership skills, inconsistency and untrustworthy or non-dependable. These parameters will not suffer in case stems are appropriately formed.

Step 5:

Some other distinguished features of the handwriting.

Though I have covered lot of things but still many things are left which I will subsequently take up in my coming write ups on handwriting reading. So stay connected.

Till then, God Bless and take care.

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