Rahu and Ketu-Real Meaning

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RAHU is a planet of EXPANSION, For example, suppose a case study has to be discussed in a class and all the students were asked by the teacher to prepare the case study by next day, now 4 student during their chat in the morning next day, realized that a case study has to be discussed, which obviously they had not prepared but 1 out of those 4 students had a VERY GOOD RAHU, so he Falsely DECLARED in front of those 3 that HE had read the case study(though he also had not read). Now obviously as expected the other 3 students requested that 4th one to explain that case to all of them. Just observe what happens:

Though he had declared that he had read the case study but this child is an exceptional one, he just opened the book and within minutes, he captured the gist of that case study and started explaining his friends the essence of case study, paragraph wise (he is able to do this as his mercury(intelligence), Jupiter(wisdom, confidence, self belief), Mars(dynamism, logic),Moon (mind, grasping power), Ketu ( truth, stick to his words) etc all are very strong.

AS a result, initially he declared falsely but was able to justify that declaration due to the influence of his other strong planets.

So what is crux of the story?

Rahu HELPS the native to EXPAND beyond limits, but that expansion will meet the realistic scenario only when other planets will support this RAHU.

These kinds of natives will come ahead and will say, I have done this, I have done that, ALL FALSE claims but if their Rahu have the support of other planets, they can stick to those claims and will work EXTREMELY hard to make those claim a reality.

Rahu’s intentions are always malefic bad; hence it depends on other planets that whether they can convert its malefic intentions to their use or not.

False amplification alone fades away in the light of truth. That’s why Rahu’s is powerful when other planets can MATCH up to that LEVEL of false amplification and make it real.

See what is unique with them are, Ketu is EXTREME TRUTH(Eternal TRUTH) and Rahu supports extreme LIE, Ketu generally proves harmful to native as the native find it difficult to match up with that level of truth which is supported by Ketu and Rahu is harmful as it makes the native desperate of materialistic things in life.
Now whosoever planet comes in influence of KETU has to meet the purest form of expectation of Ketu of truthfulness and whosoever planet gets close to Rahu has to be very cautious as Rahu may take the parameters of that planet and may force the native to go for that parameter desperately or madly.

I think first you all need to know what is the significance of Rahu and Ketu:
For your clear understanding, I will describe Rahu and Ketu in 1 word.

Rahu: LIE

Ok so let’s move ahead.

See, now I will explain you, how exactly they harm the planet or benefit the planet.

Assume: Rahu and Venus are placed very close to each other.

What would be the intention of Rahu?

Its intention would be to highlight LIE or False aspects of VENUS.

It will make the native believe in the materialistic aspects of venus, for instance girls, sex, comforts, so the person will run after these things, if a person has a girlfriend, he would not be able to trust her girlfriend, if he has a car, he would want many more cars, if he is using a perfume, he would want a better one so Rahu will force the native to run after all those things which are off no help to spiritual progress. In otherwise the satisfaction level of the native will suffer, he would never be satisfied with whatever he or she is getting.

On the other hand, assume Ketu is placed with Venus.

Now this Ketu will force the native to look at the TRUTH behind each aspect of VENUS, if he chooses a girl, he would first see that whether this girl is devoted to ultimate truth or not or whether the girl is religious or not, whether she will be loyal or not. Even if he aims for a car, he would know that this is a materialistic thing so that aim will not become his desperation.
If its sex, native will first understand the significance of making love and the very purpose of that activity. Ketu will never allow that purpose to be replaced by lust.

Now, right now I have just talked about the basic intention of Rahu and Ketu, but there are 3 more things which are important.

1)  How strong is the intention of Rahu or Ketu

2) whether the planet placed with Rahu or Ketu also has the intention to go along with what Ketu or Rahu will.

3) How strong is the intention of that planet to go along with the intention of Rahu and Ketu?

So, Let me go in detail

Take for example 2 cases, In 1st case Ketu and Venus are placed in Scorpio where Ketu gets exalted and  IN ANOTHER case Ketu and venus are placed in TAURUS where Ketu is debilitated but venus is in its own sign.

Now in the 1st case, Ketu has the strong intention to SEARCH FOR TRUTH IN VENUS as Ketu is exalted but the question is: “IS THE VENUS ready” to GO along with this intention of Ketu.

Venus intention would depend on its strength, shad BAL, malefic and benefic influences on it, its depositor’s condition etc.

Now if both Venus and Ketu are ready i.e. both have the intention, then both of them together will take the native on a spiritual journey whose way will go through venus and driver would be Ketu. That is his spouse would work as per the intension of Ketu, Money and comforts will not be allowed to overpower the native due to Ketu influence(who also has the support of venus), if the person is artistic, he would try to know more about god through various art forms.

Coming to the next case, Ketu and venus in Taurus, Now here since Ketu is debilitated, hence lacks the intention to search truth but since Venus is swarashi (check the bal of venus from other angle too) so Venus would be desperate to allow the Ketu for the fulfillment of its intention but all will go in vain as Ketu himself is not ready to make any efforts towards its intension as it simply don’t have the strength.

So are u people understanding, how to tackle the intentions of planets and their significance?

Take another case:

Assume Ketu is with Saturn in 6th house.

The approach to interpret should be like this:

1) Saturn represent- hard work , consistency , truth, justice etc

2) Ketu- Search for eternal truth.(to achieve this it causes detachment)

3) Since Saturn and Ketu are together, Ketu will search for eternal truth in the parameters of Saturn(hard work, justice ,consistency etc)

4) To see that whether this Saturn will allow the Ketu to search for these parameters, see the strength of Saturn in the chart.

5) To see that whether this Ketu really have the strong intention to fulfill its objective of searching truth inside Saturn, see the strength of Ketu in the chart.

6) To see the environment in which these two planets will operate- SEE THE RASHI in which they are placed.

7) Now come to bhava- 6th house parameters involve diseases, enemies etc.

Combine above mentioned points w.r.t parameters of 6th house.

Hard work w.r.t dealing with enemies, diseases, reaching to eternal truth in the light of obstruction laid down by 6th house and then coming out of it victorious after dealing with them.

Intensity of dealing as I said will depend on the strength of both Ketu and Saturn.

RAHU is FALSE, so it will always TRY to SEARCH false in other and this material world is all false.

Assume Rahu is placed with JUPITER.

Here Rahu will try to create false apprehensions w.r.t Jupiter’s parameters, now understand how

With knowledge, humbleness is of utmost importance, so Rahu will strike the weak link there i.e. humbleness and as a result it would force the native to become proud. Hence the path of his wisdom will get BLOCKED.

On the contrary when Ketu is there with Jupiter, Jupiter already has the necessary wisdom, knowledge and here Ketu intention of SEARCHING DEEP TRUTH. will make the wisdom even more refined, hence even after having knowledge native would be always ready to learn more and more, go in DEEP.

REMEMBER, Rahu and Ketu are extreme planets, they can make or break, hence their placement in charts has to be understood with utmost caution.

IF their intention matches with the intentions of the planet placed with them with correct intensity, they can create wonders and vice versa is equally applicable.


Reason, I have told you, Rahu would always want to RUN after the parameters of that planet.

Running desperately after anything is BAD.

See if Mr X stand in a room full of mirrors, what will happen, many images of Mr X would get visible, but actually there is only 1 Mr X, Rahu creates a false bigger picture, in other words it creates hype, This false projection or amplification of a planet actually makes that planet weak.

False amplification also makes the planet weak so it’s not auspicious for exalted Venus to be with Rahu. Rahu is a distraction, no one can escape from this effect of Rahu, on the contrary the friend of Rahu like Venus will not even resist to Rahu to create distraction w.r.t its parameters i.e. native will get distracted w.r.t parameters of Venus, girls, sex, lack of focus in artistic pursuits, charm for glamour world but unable to handle or manage the hype of that world, native will continuously gets diverted away from reality.

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