How to identify the hands of a serial killer

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1) All the lines would be of a dark color(towards black), lines would also be very deep and broad.

2) Dhan rekha(or mind line) would shoot upwards towards the bandha rekha(heart line), some branches from this dhan rekha(Mind line) could go deep into the region of moon mount.

3) Cross, many horizontal lines are common on the mount of Venus and Mars, in such cases.

4) Jupiter and Saturn finger will never be straight, would always be deformed and mercury finger would be short.

5) Mount of moon would be over established and mount of Jupiter(pithru sthan) would be under established

6) Bandha rekha(or heart line) would either be short or discontinuous or will have many downward branches for sure.

7) Mount of Saturn(matru sthan) will have many direction less lines.

8) Overall hand shape would never be symmetrical in such cases.

9) Overall background color of the hand would be pale yellow or black or simply dark.

10) When you will touch such hands, they would be very hard and tough.

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