Important Points about GOOD Venus Mount

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  • Life line or Atman rekha should surrounds or encircle this mount appropriately, now what do I exactly mean by this or in which case it will happen:
  • Place your thumb absolutely close(attached) to your palm, now Atma rekha should start from the place where the starting bracelet of the last phalange of the thumb touches the side of the palm.
  • when a vertical tangent is drawn on atma rekha, then the tangent should strike at the middle of the wrist (w.r.t Mani band rekha(bracelet))
  • If these 2 conditions are satisfied, then atma rekha would be appropriately surrounding the Venus mount which is a necessary condition for stability of Venus mount.
  • Venus mount should be pinkish and soft
  • It Should be well established, nether over established nor under established.
  • No horizontal lines, dots and moles should be present on this mount.
  • A good thumb(Long and strong) is a great asset to the mount of Venus.
  • Nicely formed marriage line or Vivah rekha(Also supports the well being of this mount) along with well established Jaya sthana(Mount of mercury)
  • 2nd Phalanges on mercury finger and Saturn finger should also be seen for vertical lines, as these lines give strength to the mount of Venus.

Rest shape of the hand, fingers, other mounts and lines would become a part of a holistic approach which has to be adopted before giving any conclusion.

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