Mark of a Fish

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It a very auspicious and rare mark which can give ultimate wisdom, knowledge and evergrowing fame, these kind of people can remain unaffected by the worldly pursuits just like the fish remain unaffected by the water but only one out 100000000 people have this sign, its so rare. People generally misinterpret this sign with normal criss cross formation in the form of kite which is absolutely wrong

Some necessary conditions to consider a formation as the mark of fish:

1) This mark can only be found just above the wrist (Mani badh Rekha or bracelet line which marks the start of the wrist) i.e. on the place where palm starts or place where atma rekha(or life line ) ends. Remember on the whole hand, this sign can only present at this place, no where else, at all. So don’t try to search it on Jupiter mount or any other mount or place.

2) There should be the presence of curvature in this mark, just like the formation of the body of fish.(that is two curved lines parallel to each other, both starting simultaneously from the mouth of the fish present on the life line or atma rekha)

3) The mouth of the fish should be on the atma rekha (life Line) and it should be pointed in an upward direction i.e. towards fingers.

4) Presence of the 2 Tail lines is also necessary. (One of the tail line should be longer than the other one) those 2 curved parallel lines will finally merge into the tail of the fish.

5) One side of the stomach of the fish should be crossed i.e. one out of those 2 lines which forms the body of the fish from 2 sides should get disconnected from the area of stomach.

6) Apart from 2 tail lines, presence of 2 FINS are also essential, these 2 fins will appear like a rectangular curtain and triangular curtain like formation respectively. Rectangular curtain like formation will connect the mouth and tail origin point of the fish and other triangular shape curtain will connect the mouth of the fish and the point where the stomach of the fish ends (These kind of formations, you all must have seen on big boats, where rectangular or triangular sailing sheets are used to balance the flow of wind. If you will assume the body of those boats as the body of the fish then The shape of these sailing sheets are very much similar to the shape of these 2 fins)

7) The bigger the fish the better it is.

No line should cross the mark of the fish for better results.

On a symmetrical, clean, soft, well built palm & fingers, paddy hand with pinkish background and where all the basic lines are well formed, .this mark can do wonders.

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