Pak lagana

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Pak lagan (the House where lord of Ascendant sits)

Let me take up few basic concepts before going on with the main topic.

We know that sun is the karak of lagan.

Lagan lord is a representative of sun and hence act like sun.

(That is a reason when 1st lord sits in 7th house, wife becomes dominating as lagan lord is acting like sun.)

Depositor of lagan lord will always act like moon as it is a representative of moon as sun is vitality & moon (sustainer) is the health.

In other words the vitality is seen from lagan lord and health of the native is seen from its depositor (it can be any planet).

Also known as “pakesh”

Lord of “pak lagan”

Note:-“pak lagan” = where lagan lord sits.

‎7th from pak lagan is the place indicating, your first impression on others (world) as 7th house is always the gateway to the world.

12th from pak lagan is the place from where you can see your nature towards your spouse.

12th from 7th of pak lagan is the place from where you can judge, how others see your spouse.

2nd from pak lagan is the place from where you can see, how you take or react to the advice of others.

Planet in 7th house, always represent Ganesha.

(That’s why we take the name of Ganesha before the recitation of any mantras, as any errors in mantras recitation are acceptable to the gods) 7th house is also the gateway to the gods.

Pak lagan and Jupiter gives impression about your “dhi” or intelligence.

Arudh lagan gives the impression about, how look at your self. Or “self awareness”

For your knowledge, let me tell you that there are 4 types of dhi existing in this world and astrology.

Bu-dhi—intelligence (1st house)Vri-dhi—prosperity and growth (4th house)Su-dhi—-purity (7th house)Si-dhi—–perfection in work (10th house),Here I must also mention that in astrology; yog of sun and ketu in Karakamsa kundali (in trines)

by aspect or conjunction forms Siva yog & yog of moon and Rahu is known as shakti yog.

This can happen from lagan kundali, navamsa or from Atmakaraka (of course in trines), these can be beneficiary or destructive which I will discuss later;
Lagan is completely individuality of the person. It shows the strength. It has lot to do with health of the individual, in physical body. In other words, it is our head, through which we actually receive knowledge. So, a planet in Lagan provides us with basic direction and shapes our individual existence (Sun) & filters the supreme intelligence (Guru).

After this filtering process, coming to the concept of pak lagan, Where Karaka for Pak Lagan is Guru. This place shows the application part of our intelligence or how will you apply your own intelligence according to planets/ sign influencing the Lagan lord.

Finally, due to your actions, Arudh rise. So Arudh is nothing but the reflection of our actions.

In other words, Laganesh represents applied intelligence i.e. when it comes to making choices or choosing direction. Laganesh gets activated when it start acting on the behalf of Lagan.

Strong Lagan/ Laganesh give all comforts as per the Shastras and therefore provide a port for Raj Yogas to land safely.

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