Powerful Raj Yogas

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Trikond Yogas

For the beginners, here are some beautIful Raj Yogas.

1)Yoga of laganesh(lord of 1st house)and panchamesh (lord of 5th)

2)Yoga of 5th lord and 9th lord.

3)again Yoga of 1st and 9th lord.

Note: The Yoga of 1st,5th,9th lord makes the person invincible.

If The planets involved in the above Yoga are weak (After considering 100’s of other factors, Shad bal , Non Shad bal Factors etc )or their dashas or antardashas are not in progress, then the above mentioned 4 Raj Yoga will not give Its effects

‎1) Any link between panchamesh labhesh and dhanesh gives rise to great dhana Yogas  all the above three should be in strength and their dashas are of utmost importance

2) Yoga of panchamesh with dashmesh give rise to great success in polItics.

3) Again combination of saptamesh bhagayesh and dashmesh gives rise to great Yoga for polItics (the above three play a major role in srinath Yoga)

Although Parivartan between trikond and Kendra are always auspicious but following Yogas has no match

1) 9th lord in 10th, 10th lord in 11th and 11th lord in 9th

2) Parivartan between 9th and 10th lord &10th and 11th lord &11th and 9th lord

Lord of 3rd house in 10th gives great career in management, If Mars, Sun is involved in the above Yoga then the auspicious effects increases drastically

Few basic concepts;

If Parivartan is taking place between:

  • 2nd and 12th house
  • 6th & 10th house
  • 8th and 5th house
  • 8th and 4th house.

etc the these Parivartan Yogas will not give their desirable effects.

Always remember that any Parivartan between bad and a good house is cannot give great results.

Now suppose.

If 5th and 10th lords are involved in Parivartan .

Then the next step is, you must see their placements.


If both paap houses are involved –good

BUT IF ONE HOUSE IS SHUBH AND ONE BAD, Then even a Parivartan between 5th and 10th lord will not give Its Full auspicious effect

Anyways moving ahead:

Since both Jupiter and Mercury has dual rashi’s under their control (3, 6, 9, 12) their Yoga interfere in decision making capabilities

But again Yoga of Jupiter and Mercury makes the native very learned in 2nd, 1st, 4th and 5th, 7th houses.

TIME SPAN of Yoga’s (as per Lal kitab)

Yoga of SATURN-VENUS affects the native for 52 yrs.

Yoga of Jupiter-Mars affects the native for 72 yrs.

Yoga of Ketu-Mars —-for 48 yrs

Yoga of Jupiter-Venus——-for 32 yrs

Yoga of Saturn-Mercury——for 40 yrs

Yoga of Venus-Mercury—-for 44 yrs

Yoga of Saturn-Mars—-40 yrs

Yoga of Mars-Mercury——45 yrs

Yoga of Moon -Saturn——-44yrs

Yoga of Moon-Venus———36 yrs

If all the planets are in 5th,9th and 1st from each other or in Kendra from each other then this gives rise to very powerful Raj Yoga.

  • If all the paap grah are in 3rd, 6th, 11th and 12th houses and all shubh planets are in Kendra and trikond and 2nd house, native will become THE GREATEST ruler.

On the contrary:

  • IF all the shubh planets are in 3rd, 6th, 12th and 11th and all the paap planets are in shubh houses then this gives rise to powerful VIPREET RAJ YOGA. THE native will again RULE OVER THE EARTH.


When no planet is sitting with Moon, no planet is aspecting Moon & no planet is in quadrant from moon and no planet is present 12th and 2nd houses from Moon, Except Sun, Rahu Ketu. Then this leads to very bad yoga called Kemdruma Yoga, which leads to Poverty but if this yoga gets cancelled then it leads to a very powerful yoga called Kalpadruma, which can give extreme wealth and fame.

Now let me tell you,

On WHAT CONDITIONS, IT IS CANCELLED so that it could LEAD TO “Kalpadruma Raj Yoga” WHICH will grace the native with all kinds of Satisfaction

Any strong planet (after consideration of 100’s of factors) in Kendra from Moon has the power to cancel the effect of Kemadruma Yoga.


Yoga for chief minister according to the texts

For being a chief minister Sun, Jupiter and Moon should be in a very strong condition but That’s a general statement. Therefore following are the few Yogas:


1) Mars and Jupiter in lagan.

Sun in 9th house

All other planets in 11th or in 2nd house

2) Jupiter and Sun in lagan.

Mars in 10th house

All other planets in 11th or in 2nd house


1) Jupiter and Moon in lagan.

Mars in 10th house

Saturn, Venus and Mercury in 11th house

Sun in 5th house

2) Sun in 10th with Mars.

Jupiter and Moon in 9th house

all other planets in 2nd ,5th or 11th.


THERE CAN 1000’S OF YOGA, so please don’t consider the above mentioned Yoga are the only possible Yogas.


1) JUPITER IN lagan

Mars in 9th house

Mercury and Venus in 10th

Moon in 4th house

Sun in 5th house

2) Jupiter and Mars in 5th.

Sun in lagan

Venus and Mercury in 11th

Saturn in 2nd house

Moon in 12th house

For vrishchik Lagan

1) Jupiter and Mars in lagan

Saturn in 4th house

Mercury in 12th house

Sun in 2nd house

Moon in 11th or 9th house

Venus in 5th house

2) Venus and Mercury in 11th.

Jupiter and Mars in 2nd house

Sun in 10th house

Moon in 5th house

Saturn in 12th house


5TH LORD placed in 9th house.

9th lord in 10th house

10th lord in 5th house or aspects in 5th house

All the planets involved in   should be in strength and their dashas should be under progress.

JAYA Raj Yoga

When the lord of the 6th is deliberated and the lord of the 10th is deeply exalted.

Kusuma Raj Yoga

If Jupiter is in Lagan, the Moon in the 7th and the Sun in the 8th from Moon


WHEN Venus and Jupiter are in Kendra’s

the Lagan must fall in a movable sign.

And Saturn must be exalted in Kendra.

Results of the above Yoga, can be modified in different ways. Hence Don’t take them as “ultimate”.Take it as information.

Bhagya Raj Yoga

When shubh planets aspects 9th house.

From 3rd ,1st and 5th house.

Planets should be in strength

(Any planets can aspect 9th from 3rd but only Jupiter can aspect 9th from 1st and 5th.)

For cancer lagan, bhagya Yoga can be very powerful, when Jupiter is in lagan exalted.

Matsya Raj Yoga

Benefics in 1st and 9th house

Malefic in 3rd and 8th house

Both malefic and benefic in 5th house

Native with Matsya Yoga will have a sign of fish on their hand or feet.

Native Sankhya and srinath Yoga will have a sign of conch on their feet or hand.

For Makar lagan:

Saturn, Venus are purely Yogkaraka.

Mercury owns 9th house too along with 6th.

Yoga of Saturn and Venus in any If the trikond.

Saturn Mercury or Mercury Venus will also do.

but Saturn a will give pure Raj Yoga.

Yoga of Chandra Mangal is also Yogkaraka for Makar lagan


BENEFICS in 6th, 7th and 8th house in strength from lagan or Moon

Gives rise to powerful lagan adhi Yoga.

(Ashubh prabhav will degrease Its strengths.)


3RD lord should be very strong and should be in Yuti with 10th lord


Lagan lord should be very strong and Bandhu lord is placed with Jupiter.


If JUPITER or Mercury is in trine from Moon and Mars is in labh sthan.


10th lord in 5th, Mercury in Kendra and Sun in Leo

Khadag Raj Yoga

Exchange between 2nd and 9th lord, while lagan lord is very strong.

Bhairi Raj Yoga

9th lord should be very strong.

1st, 2nd, 12th and 7th bhavas should be occupied.

(Ashubh prabhav should be minimum)


Venus, Jupiter and lagan lord are in Kendra.

(They should be in strength)


#depositor of lagan lord (a)

#depositor of (a)—————->(b)

#navamsa depositor of (b)

All the above three should mutually occupy Kendra or trikond.

(should be in strength)

The native will be the ruler of the earth, If

Moon is exalted in 6th house, Jupiter exalted in 8th house, Sun swarashi in 9th house, Mercury exalted in 10th house, Saturn in 2nd house(swarashi) and Venus in 7th house.

The native will have a large empire If.

Venus is exalted in 9th house.

Sun exalted in 10th house with Mercury.

Mars in lagan

Moon in 5th house (Parivartan between Moon and Mars)

Jupiter and Saturn in 12th house

Conclusion to be made only after appropriately judging the strength of all the planets, especially dasha lords.

If Moon is vargottammi. and all the planets are aspecting this Moon in lagan chart and navamsa chart.

The person will rule over entire earth.

For Aries lagan

If Moon, Mars and Jupiter are sitting in lagan in STRENGTH

then in the dasha of Jupiter, Mars and Moon ,the native will rule over entire earth.

For Virgo lagan

If Mercury is placed in lagan.

Venus in 10th house .

Jupiter and Moon in 7th house.

Saturn and Mars in 5th house.

the native will rule over entire earth.

Tremendous dhana Yoga

5th,2nd and 11th [ Houses and lords in Parivartan with each other, or lords present in these very houses aspecting each other with their strengths intact.]

Exchange of 2nd and 11th lords (2nd lord being Venus, 11th lord being Moon),

Exalted Mercury in lagan, Saturn exalted in 2nd house. Presence of Jupiter and Sun in 10th house will make the native an extremely powerful king endowed with many fine qualities

Sun is placed in 3rd house from lagan

Moon in 9th house

and Jupiter in 5th house

And If all three of them are in excellent strength then native would be a billionaire.


but I think for complete uninterrupted effects Lagan lord, 2nd lord, 11th lord, 5th and 9th lords should also be in strength both in lagan and navamsa charts.

Presence of Saturn and Mars in the Capricorn lagan

and Sun and Moon in dhanu rashi in 12th house.

rest all the planets should be present in 9th or 10th house.

This give rise to a king whose enemies would bend in front of him subjected to scare.

Another powerful Raj Yoga.

If the Atmakarka and Amatya karak simultaneously becomes the lord of 9th and 10th houses and are placed in Kendra or trikond (in strength).and If the other planets also give the adequate support, Then most definitely in the dasha of these lords. Native will ascend to the throne. There is no doubt in this.

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