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In my last 3 articles, I have covered Eyes, Neck, ears, Lips and now coming to Nose as after this we have to move to basic structures of face and lines on forehead:

My basic objective is to share all that which I have by the grace of god.

In the span of centuries this divine knowledge has lost its prominence and importance; hence want to revive all that.

Time is less and knowledge is vast so we have to move faster:

Note: People, who had undergone nose surgeries, should not apply these rules as it is.

1)      Beautiful, straight, well proportioned, nicely inclined, shining nose belongs to a fortunate person.

2)      Very elevated nose which appears to be quite asymmetrical and which have big holes is not considered auspicious.

3)      Strong, straight and the nose which has round ending represent the people who are hard working traders.

4)      Pointed nose give rise to people who are careless, do things quickly in a hasty manner instead of doing it meticulously. This person does not like to think much and can therefore be disposed to anger and selfishness.

5)      Rishi Parashar has mentioned in the Hora Shastra that, females who have symmetrical, round ended nose which has small holes are very fortunate.

6)      If in the front part nose is thick and gets flat in the middle part, then this is not a desirable feature for good fortune.

7)      Flat and small nose makes the person poor.

8)      Very Longish nose makes the native quarrelsome.

9)      Dry and rough nose, with round holes and which has thick hairs on the edges of holes depicts that though person is easy going but will never trust others, he always feels that other person is doing something fishy. Hence these kinds of people should make their careers in investigating agencies.

10)  If the front part of nose is flat and holes are round then the person will be disposed to anger, courageous, hard working and would like to struggle hard and give his best.

11)  The people who does not have a very distinguished nose with round holes are only concerned about their own work, they will not get involved in others work, even if others are doing something good. They want to remain in their own peace.

12)  If the initial part of the nose is elevated, middle part is squarish and holes are also elevated, then this nose belongs to a person who is very ambitious and who is a person of details. They are in a habit of criticizing others and hence also attract criticisms.

13)  If the upper part of nose is thin and middle part is very strong then it equips the native will lot of will power, optimistic and hard working, on the contrary people having nose which are flat downward from the base of holes are very selfish and do not trust others(in fact they not even trust themselves).

14)   If the middle part of nose is very elevated then the person is disposed to anger, fool, and do not respect his elders especially his parents.

15)  If the nose is elevated till eye brows, then it makes the person has self respect, is an artist, famous, intelligent and selfish.

16)  If the nose is very broad in the last part and thin at the upper part then this native is arrogant, irritated and proud.

17)  The people, whose nose is very flat from middle, suffer a lot on account of diseases and after suffering a lot, they die.

18)   Nicely inclined, round ended nose makes the person very fortunate.

19)   If the spread area of the base of holes on the nose is very wide, then the person becomes very lazy and leads an unstable life.

20)  If the nose if pointed, nicely symmetrically inclined with oval shaped holes then the person would lead a happy life.

21)  If the nose very longish, straight from the front, then the native will experience all the pleasure of life(including marital life)

22)  Slightly thick and bent nose from the front makes the person an intelligent and thoughtful minister.

23)   Pointed but round and elevated nose belongs to a very intelligent person whose is courageous. He would love his kids and spend his life with peace and happiness.

24)  Small and pointed nose gives long life span but they suffer a lot in their life span.

25)  If the nose is tilted or bent side ways in the last part of nose, then this person would ear wealth through questionable means. He is an excellent strategist but he uses those strategies in the execution of bad deeds.

26)   If an elevated nose is bent side ways then the person is a thief who would also gets convicted.

27)  A person with very flat nose suffers a lot on account of their married life.

28)  Pumped nose makes the native excited and courageous.

29)  Broad base of the holes of nose makes the native hungry for pleasures.

30)  In case of females if the nose is longish and pointed at the end, then she would be disposed to anger.

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