Relationships and Palmistry

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Many palmists while predicting still do not take every factor into account.

For instance, if you want to predict anything with respect to relationships, then not only Vivah or marriage rekha or jaya sthan(mount of mercury) is important but you also need consider these factors simultaneously.

1) Jupiter’s or pithru mount- To see the wisdom( control on one’s sense) in the relationship, patience and perseverance are the pillars of any relationship.

2) Venus and Moon mount are also of extreme importance- excluding which prediction cannot be accurate, like horizontal lines from the mount of Venus which cuts atma rekha or life line can be very dangerous for the stability of marriage, like wise sign of serpent(snake), crosses, black dots etc can be a clear indication of bad relationships.

Small mount of Venus(with less area) is again a sign of lack or procreation

3) heart line or bandha rekha, again have extreme importance, any dropping lines or very thick line or discontinuous line or very light colored line especially yellow or white or black…are all bad for relationships, dont have time to right in full but want you to just understand the essence.

4) Small fingers(in proportion to the length of the palm) and weak thumb is again a very clear indication of stressed relationships.

5) In some hands fate line or indira rekha is completely missing, this again leads to bad relationships.

6) If all the 3 lines (bandha(heart line), dhan rekha(mind line) and life line(Atma rekha) gets converged, again shows depression through relationships.

7) Line which drops from Saturn Mount to the mind line(dhana rekha) again reflect termination of relationship to due to a tragic event.

8) Similarly line dropping from Life line towards the mount of Venus shows stress full time in relationships.

9) Missing Bhandha rekha or heart line, is again is a negative point for relationships.

10) Obviously Cuts and drops in Vivah rekha or marriage line casts bad light on relationships.

11) Yav sign on dhana rekha or mind line and on bandha rekha or heart line again cast a black cloud on relationships.

12) Moving ahead, the background and texture of the hand really holds the key in every part of the life, tough hands with pale yellow or very dark brownish or black background should be taken as a negative factor for every area of the life. The same hold true w.r.t lines.

13) Horizontal lines on the 2nd and 3rd phalanges of Saturn finger and 1st phalange of Mercury and Jupiter fingers, again shows stress in relationships.

14)  Broken or discontinous life line or Atma rekha is again just like backgroud of the hand cast evil aspect on every parameter, which deifnes the life as a whole, this obviouslly includes relationship.

There are many other points which demands attention, will continue later

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