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General Rules

1) The Moon is the body, while the ascendant (i.e. Ascendant degree) is its breadth.

2) Conjunction Saturn and mars in Libra ascendant will lead to loss of father in childhood, difficulties to mother and birth of no after born.(My maternal cousin have this yoga in his chart and I have lost my mama in 2009, My maternal aunt is facing lot of difficulties since then)

3) When Saturn Joins mars in cancer sign in 8th house, the native will see his spouse and sons in sickness and physical decay according to sages.

4) The Moon in the close company of ketu denotes that during childhood the subject will be breast-fed by another woman (than the mother). He will not have just one step mother (i.e. will have many) out of whom this subject will be dear to one.

5) If Saturn is in 7th house without the aspect of a benefic planet joins an exalted planet, a yoga called “Nara” is produced. The native will be, as a result a great sinner, will torture and cheat others, will do base acts and kill Brahmins. On account of these diseases and loss of sons, he will be emaciated.

6) Should Saturn be in Cancer and join ketu in navamsa the person will get disorders of excretion and urine but will have an early cure.

7) Saturn in own sign, own navamsa or in exaltation in aspect to mars will cause happy childhood. The person will be happy after 8, in particular. He will eat limited food (quality of a Yogi or sadhak),be charitable, famous devoted to lord shiva, be skilled in writing and learning, be fond of panchakshari mantra, be disposed to sing in the praise of lord and be honorable, be more intelligent than his father. He will have 2 maternal uncle, 2 paternal uncles,1 paternal aunt who will have a long living husband.

8) Should 7th lord be in lagan, the dasha of 7th lord will cause happiness part from marriage to his son.

9) In case of immovable ascendants (Vrish, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius), if moon is placed in Scorpio navamsa. Happiness will come to the native after 35 years. The native obtain wealth and increased prosperity.

10) Rahu in the 3rd house and its depositor in the lagan in the aspect of Jupiter will make the native devotee of lord shiva and Vishnu.

11) If the Arudh pada of the 12th house counted from the moon is occupied by malefic, the native will not be happy. If Jupiter aspects the said pada, some happiness will exist.

12) The conjunction of the lords of 9th and the 10th in the 8th from the ascendant will be a reason for obstacles to prosperity which will be limited as such. This yoga will give fortunes after the age of 24 for a period of 6 years following which grief will come to pass.

13) Jupiter in the Arudh of 7th house, with a navamsa of his own and in full strength will contribute to acquisition of conveyances.

Navamsa Rules

1) Even the son of the ruler of the whole earth will earn a meal by beggary and will be chief among naked ascetics when all the planets are in exaltation signs with corresponding debilitation navamsa.

2) Planet becomes powerful if placed in navamsa owned by a yogakaraka( eg for Taurus lagan, Saturn becomes the yogkaraka, so planets placed in the navamsa of yogkaraka will be rendered powerful provided that yogkaraka planet is in strength)

3) If a planet is debilitated in rashi chart but begets his exaltation navamsa, the person will be rich and will enjoy many pleasures. If the said debilitated planet is in the navamsa of a Yogkaraka, birth in a prosperous family is denoted.

4) A planet in exaltation sign and debilitated navamsa will be grievous. The one in debilitation sign with exaltation navamsa will be source of happiness. Pleasures and raja yoga will follow a planet that is Vargottammi in its own sign.

Raja Yogas

1) Matta Matanga Yoga: The lords of angles and trines should be in their own signs, or in a sign that exalts the lord of the ascendant or should be in angles/trines. This yoga will get nullified if the lord of the ascendant occupies an inimical sign or the sign of his debility. One born in the said yoga will be wealthy owing limitless sums.

2) Chandradhi Yoga results when moon is all powerful with full rays, with benefic in 7th, 6th and 8th houses from moon. The person concerned will be the ruler of the earth with all kind of pleasures at his disposal. NOTE: In this yoga benefic in 7th from Moon will produce an army chief, in 6th will produce a minister and in 8th will produce a KING.

3) Should Venus be in the 11th from Arudh lagan in strength, or aspect the said 11th or should the Venus be in lagan with the moon, it will grant conveyances, Ministership, elephants and headship of an army.( Got this yoga, AL falls in 3rd house and venus is present in lagan)

4) One will enjoy prosperity and fame if the Arudh pada for the ascendant or for the 9th is in relation with Venus either by aspect or association.

5) Maha Pandita Yoga: If sun and mercury join in a sign which is the ascendant and is the place of exaltation for one of them or if Jupiter alone is in the ascendant in exaltation the said yoga is produced. Person would be scholar, ruler of men and land, wealthy, will be scientific, learned, good speaker, protector of secrets, wise and virtuous.

6) Raj pooja Yoga: If 9th Lord is in exaltation with exceeding strength (strong in shadbala and otherwise), in aspect to moon, while an angle or trine is occupied by mercury, this yoga is formed. Native will be very very rich, be famous, long lived and endowed with sons.

7) Moksha yoga: If Jupiter or Venus is in an angle or a trine, attaining the 12th sign counted from navamsa ascendant, the subject will be relieved of mundane bonds, i.e. will attain moksha. Note: If Jupiter is in Sagittarius in 10th house and 12th lord Saturn in 7th house in his own navamsa, then native will attain heavens due to the mercy of lord shiva. Later on he will have an excellent rebirth.

8) For Scorpio Ascendant, should Venus be in trine from the ascendant, Jupiter in the 2nd or the 6th and moon is free from malefic conjunction, the subject will have a pure history, be ever considerate, helpful to others, passionate and famous in the world

9) Special Rule of Kalyug: One born with even 3 exalted planets will not beget raja yoga unless there is a planet in simultaneous debility which has Neecha-Bhanga Raj yoga to its credit.

10) Sri Gauri Yoga: Venus in the 4th with the moon causes Sri Gauri yoga. The subject will have symbols of fish, barley and Ankusha (elephant Driver’s hook) on his palm. He will be interested in honoring Gods and Brahmins and saints. Further, he will have special symbols on the back and sides of the body, be of sacrificing mind, attached to yoga systems, be lordly, will have a small hump on the shoulder(shoulder may be bent a bit) and will have attractive spouse and progeny. He will be head of an army, be happy, will have strong limbs, be lustful, endowed with great physical strength. He will be knower of everything, be discriminating in taste and will enjoy pleasures.

Though I have moon in my 4th house and Venus in lagan, don’t know whether this yoga is applicable in my chart but I clearly have Fish, flag and Conch marked on my hand.

11) The lords of the 9th and 10th counted from 9th should join in a sign which is own or exaltation sign for one of them. The ascendant lord being in strength should be aspected by a benefic planet. As a result, the subject will be kingly and will enjoy the status due to an emperor. He will be endowed with many gems, riches, grains, gold and be a lord of wealth.

12) Mandara Yoga: The Lord of the moon sign in exaltation while the moon sign is in aspect to a benefic and moon should be in 2nd house. He will be wealthy, munificent, will own elephants and horses will perform good deeds and be highly virtuous. He will earn merits by worshipping Gods and Brahmins.

13) Parijata Yoga:

a) The navamsa depositor of the 9th lord should be in an immovable navamsa.

b) The depositor of the 9th lord should be in exaltation.

c) The depositor of the depositor of the 9th lord should be in angle w.r.t Moon, Venus and ascendant.

Just for your understanding, I have got this yoga clearly present in my chart.

9th lord moon placed in 4th, its navamsa depositor is Mars who is placed in Scorpio navamsa (Immovable navamsa). Depositor of Moon i.e. Saturn is exaltated and further the depositor of Saturn i.e. venus is in lagan ( in Kendra from Moon, lagan and Venus itself)

The native will be a king (till date I am not), Knowledgeable in the branch of Justice, be honored by kings, skillful in archery and astrology. A repository of mercy, modest, endowed with virtuous sons and wealth and be charming as the moon. Further his fame will start spreading in the world from the 20th Year. Prosperity will knock his door from the 27th Year.

14) Venus in 2nd and Jupiter in 11th house will mitigate 100 evil combinations at birth. They should be in strength.

15) Indra Yoga: The conjunction of Venus, Saturn and mercury in 11th house for Libra ascendant. Venus should however be in the 9th house of navamsa chart. Such a native will enjoy material pleasures, be liked by the ruler, will take to right path of living and will enjoy illimitable wealth. He will construct temples, towers etc and would be charitable.

16) The native of cancer ascendant will enjoy raja yoga if the lords of 9th and 12th are aspected by or conjunct Venus. The will be king. He will be courageous, valorous and fond of drama, rhetoric, poetry and music, be eloquent, truthful and fond of scents and garlands.

17) Venus in Gopuramasa, Jupiter in Paravatamsa and moon again in Paravatamsa will case hari hara Brahma yoga. The native will be the ruler who will have all good qualities and will enjoy all kinds of pleasures.

18) Another form of Shri Matsya Yoga: Jupiter and Venus should be in the navamsa occupied by the 9th lord. Results are same as mentioned elsewhere.

19) Sun in Vargottammi, the lord of the ascendant in a benefic sign and mercury in the 10th from lagan will produce chamara yoga, results are same mentioned elsewhere.

20) Rudrasana Yoga: If the 6th, 8th and 12th from lagan simultaneously contains planets in exaltation, this yoga is formed. The native will simply be the ruler of the earth.

21) Neecha Bhang Raja yoga: When Saturn is debilitated in 11th house simultaneously being Vargottammi while its depositor mars in placed angle to moon (especially 10th from moon in my exp). The subject will be equal to an emperor. His prosperity will rise after 25th year. This yoga will be felt throughout his life.

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