Separation and Nadi Astrology

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Separation and Nadi Astrology

The word called separation though comes with a pain but the fact of the matter is pain is also the part of our lives. Hence we need to get accustomed to this pain and make this pain our fast friend, so that the pain itself counters your pain. Anyways please bear with my old habit of playing with words, cant help it, but don’t worry, take this article as the painkiller only as after going through this write up; you all would be in the position to know the root cause of you’re biggest pain i.e. separation,  in advance with the help of astrology. Remember, separation could be with anybody Father, mother, spouse, girl friend, boy friend, kids, servants or even Job etc.

I am not planning to write a lengthy write up nor does time allow me to have that kind of liberty, so just coming to the point.

So guys hold your belts, as these are extremely rare concepts which you would not find anywhere in this kind of summary format. I just hope that maximum of you gets benefited with this write up.

Here are the crisp concepts in steps:

Step 1: Identify the karaka corresponding to the parameter of which you want to check the separation possibilities in your chart.

Jupiter is for you, i.e. Jeeva karaka, In case of females, its Venus.

Sun is the karaka planet for father.

Moon is the Karak planet for mother, Elder sister, mother in law.

Mercury is for education, Maternal Uncle, girl friend, boy friend, father in law.

Venus is For Wife, Marriage, Finance, vehicles.

Saturn is For Profession, elder brother.

Mars is for husband in case of females, it’s also for immediate younger brother.

Step 2: Pick up the karaka corresponding to the parameter of which you want analyze the separation aspect.

For example if you want to see the separation possibilities w.r.t father, pick up sun, for mother choose moon, for wife or marriage choose Venus, females have to simultaneously choose both mars and venus in case she is looking w.r.t a relationship, as mars is the karaka for husband and venus is for marriage.

Like this, hope you all are getting me.

Now what to do after choosing the desired karaka? Simple… keep on reading!

Step 3:

See, whether this karaka which you have chosen has the simultaneous strong linkages with:

1)      Mars and Ketu or

2)      Saturn and Ketu or

3)      Mars and Rahu or

4)      Saturn and Rahu or

That’s all.

How to see the strong linkage:

1)      Use, Trine relationship [1, 5, 9] (degree wise, take both lagan and cusp chart into account, experienced astrologers can also take D-9 and D-60 into account). RETRO PLANETS SHOULD ALSO be checked for TRINE PLACEMENTS from its PREVIOUS BHAVA.

2)      Use, Strong Mutual aspect.

3)      Use, Exchange or Parivartan

4)      Use, Degree wise closeness.

Note: Remember involvement of Rahu gives the combination, much more intensity to do bad.

I.e. Rahu and Saturn or Rahu and Mars are more intense when compared to Mars and Ketu or Saturn and Ketu

Ok, so as soon as you see Karaka strong linkages with any of:

1)      Mars and Ketu or

2)      Saturn and Ketu or

3)      Mars and Rahu or

4)      Saturn and Rahu or

Come to step 4:

Check the auspiciousness of Karaka and set of planets involved from various angles (Placement, avastha, combustion, varga strength, shad bal strength etc).

If karaka and set of planets turns out to be inauspicious in the chart, a separation is certain w.r.t karaka parameter.

Like if sun has strong linkages with mars and Rahu or Saturn and Rahu or mars and Ketu or Saturn and Ketu.

Check for the auspiciousnes level of sun, Saturn and Rahu, if they are inauspicious, then separation from father is certain. In fact even if 2 of them are inauspicious, then also there is a high possibility.

Now come to the timing part, i.e. when exactly this event would occur.

So, that is also simple, interpret the dasha sequence of the planets involved. Like if Sun, Saturn and Rahu are involved, start analyzing the dasha sequences of Saturn, sun and Rahu simultaneously. How to do it exactly, well guys that’s a long and deep topic in itself. So will take that up next time

Till then take care and bye.

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