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This topic was long awaited, anyways got some 1 hour free, so thought of just fulfilling this obligation as many people have personally requested me to post this vital information.
I have seen that many palmists worldwide just fail to notice anything beyond triangle or square or trident or cross. The crux of the matter is that the reality is way beyond these signs, just like there is a river beyond a pond and ocean beyond rivers.
So again let me not just wait any time and take you all through the deep side of this unseen ocean.
1) Chattra or the Umbrella or the Canopy.
This is considered a very rare sign and is symbol of attaining spirituality to the maximum extent possible. This sign also gives kingship of the whole continent.
Such is the power of this sign. It can be found on the hands of great yogis or kings.
2) Dhwaja or Pataka or the Flag.
Again a rare mark denotes an impeccable character of the native, in front of whom victory always bends its head like a servant do it in front of his master. No work is difficult for these people.
3) Khadag or Talwar or the Sword
This mark is reserved for the Vidhya sthan (Sun’s mount) only and is an unfortunate sign which denotes struggle and challenges in life.
4) Devalaya or Mandir or the Temple.
A very rare marking which reflects that the native would achieve the highest possible post in the world, these people could even become the president of the whole country.
5) Vriksha or ped or the tree.
It enhances the powers and parameters of any line it is found on. Give great results when found on Indira Rekha (fate line), Atma Rekha (life Line), bandha rekha (Heart line) or kamala rekha (sun line). In short a very positive sign.
6) Trikond or the Triangle
When found on Bandha rekha (heart Line), denotes that an individual will earn success through his own efforts.
When found on dhana rekha (Mind line or head line) signify that the person would become royal and will therefore come into inheritance.
On Pithru Sthan (mount of Jupiter) – person would be a great diplomat, can establish peace between countries just with the help of his dialogues.
On Mathru Sthan (Mount of Saturn) – The native would be an expert in occult sciences and would be having occult powers too.
On the Vidhya Sthan (Mount of sun) – The native would be extremely talented in arts (music, dance, painting etc)
On Jaya Sthan (mount of mercury) – The native would be having acute business sense, very intelligent and would also be a diplomat.
On Dharma Sthan (mount of upper mars)- The native would be an expert in martial arts, kung fu, Tykwandeo or use of weapons etc.
On Bhatru Sthan or Bandhu Sthan (both these mounts are found on the mount of Venus as I have explained in my earlier articles) – The native would deeply fall in love with his mate.
7) Trishul or Trident
It’s a sign of extremely good fortune when found on the Pithru of Vidhya sthan, i.e. should be searched only on the mount of Jupiter or Sun.
It straightaway gives fame and celebrity status.
8) Yav or an oval shape sign.
People have many misconceptions w.r.t this sign.
When found on the lower phalange of the Thumb, it indicates wealth and overall success in life.
If located at the base of the thumb then it denotes a son
If located in the beginning of Indira rekha (Fate line), it signify the death of parents in the early age.
I remember, few people have pointed out that, this sign is present on my palm, while some were also of the opinion that it is a fish sign.
To those people who were calling it a Yav, let me remind all of them that my parents are still alive.
If this sign is found on bandha rekha then it declares that the person will die on a holy place.
9) Matsya or the Fish Sign.
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I think I am going slowly, signs are many and I have just mentioned few anyways, now I will go fast:
10) Kamal or Lotus Sign
Extremely rare sign found on hands of an emperor and the person who really enjoys his life. It also reflects purity of character and spiritual nature of the person.
For lotus formation on Pithru Sthan (Jupiter mount):

a) Starting from Atma rekha (Life line) 5-10 fine lines will reach the Pithru Sthan (Mount of Jupiter)

b) 2-5 fine lines initiating from Mathru or Matri sthan (Saturn mount) will reach Jupiter mount, cutting the lines which are coming from Atma Rekha (life line)

c) On account of point a, b, several squares will be visible on the Pithru Sthan (Mount of Jupiter). (these formations will completely cover whole of the Jupiter mount and will even extend towards the middle Portion of the hand)

d) The lines coming from Atma Rekha (Life Line), IN THE END, will join each other to form mountain like peaks on Pithru Sthan (Jupiter mount). (These peaks will touch the base of Index finger or Jupiter Finger)

e) Bandhan rekha (or heart line) will reach the Pithru Sthan (Mount of Jupiter) and will form the part of this Lotus formation.

f) On account of points c and d, several petals of lotus would be visible.
11) Rath or a chariot Sign:
Again found on the hands of a king, who enjoy all sorts of comforts in life.
12) Kachua or Tortoise Sign.
Make the native very lucky.
13) Swasthik Sign
Very auspicious sign, which denotes righteous and virtuous path of the native
These people sit on the highest possible posts. He is even worshipped by the people, what more can I say.
14) Dhanusha or Bow sign.
Denotes a very noble man whose whole life is dedicated for doing good to people. He receives a support of a beautiful and virtuous spouse and his fortune shines after marriage. His married life remains peaceful.
15) Singh or the Lion sign.
It makes the person extremely brave and courageous. He is always full of energy.
16) Chakra or the sign of wheel
People generally search this sign on the finger tips on skin patterns but actually it’s a full fledged sign which can be found on the hands of great people endowed with all sorts of comforts, wealth and good qualities. He is a great devotee of lord Vishnu.
They are no less than a king of Kings.
17) Gaj or elephant sign.
It gives the native a throne of a king or makes him a king.
18) Jalashaya or the sign of a pond
Makes one extremely prosperous, but this native also suffers a lot because of troubles in stomach, intestines and gas etc.
19) Kalash or metal vessel/urn or a full pitcher
All the desires gets fulfilled for this native
20) Ankur or seed sign (some also call it as Corn seed)
It gives luxurious and comfortable life.
21) Sign of a Plank, makes one a beacon of his family.
22) Sign of a Tomb, denotes that the person has full control over his senses.
23) Sign of a Begging bowl, gives rise to a loner or an ascetic.
24) Sign of a mountain or Parvata makes the person very valorous and courageous.
25) Sign of an Ox or bull makes the native a landlord who is also a farmer.
26) Sign of a mirror, gives the native an honest and transparent nature.
27) Sign of a garland of flowers makes the native respectable, honorable, wealthy and reputed.
28) Mor pankh, sign of peacock feather denotes that the person will get inheritance from his maternal side.
29) Sign of God’s foot- shows the native towards god.
30) Chandra or sign of a moon denotes courage and honor.
31) Singhasan or sign of a throne simply makes the native a king.
32) Bandd or teer or an arrow- Give rise to a successful speaker and scholar.
33) Sign of a snake is a very unfortunate sign, as these kinds of people are full of bad qualities.
34) Mukuta or CROWN- makes the native an emperor.
35) Magarmach or crocodile- makes the native extremely wealthy and courageous.
36) Sign of a spear gives the native lasting victory.
37) Shankh or conch Sign
Extremely rare and auspicious sign, these people incarnate on earth to accomplish special divine purpose. They are extremely fortune and famous.
38) Chamar or long soft brush
This sign denotes the royal powers at the disposal of the native.
39) Gadaa or a kind of a heavy weapon
Signify great courage, charisma and authority.
40) There are few other signs too like that of damaru, bell (ghanta), square etc.

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