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These kinds of people most generally have some visible factors attached to them:

First of let me make a very straight statement applicable to them:

They are like stretched strings of guitar which can ether make noise or music.

1) fails to have a broader mind, in the sense; they are least sensitive to the feelings of others.

2) Many a times these people have disturbed childhood because of either struggle in the life of their parents, both in terms of relationships and finance or because of the frequent bad health phases in their parents life.

3) Faces problems in adjusting with the outer world as they have their own world of Do’s and don’ts.

4) Possibilities of heart attacks, migraine and depression are higher in these cases.

5) If their energies go misdirected then only god can save the world from them…

6) Will always suffer in at least 1 necessity of life that could be Profession or relationship or Health.

7) Their children face a difficult upbringing and the power of procreation is also limited.

8) Do not know how to relax and therefore have very limited enjoyment in their life. They are like stretched strings which can ether make noise or music.

9) They are in a habit of looking everything very closely to such an extent, that they may not understand anything.

10) Flexibility is not their cup of tea.

11) Dragging and stretching matter beyond a point is in their habit.

12) These people should not choose any profession related to secrecy and diplomacy.

13) Possibilities of doing Business is much more than doing a Job.

14) Health of their spouse always suffers, come what may.

15) Career related to sports, defense, selling, social services and education are ideal for them.

16) Teachers hold an extreme importance in their life and these people should in fact choose a mentor for them ASAP or in the initial stages of their lives.

17) The siblings of these people are generally lucky.

18) If they have a daughter, then her married life would most definitely be troublesome, no doubt in this.

19) Body aches and stiffness are there common problem.

20) Health problems in long trips is also indicated.

21) Vaastu Dosh in the eastern direction of their home is always evident in these cases.

22) In some cases these people suffer with split personality disorder.

23) 34th, 38th, 51st and 63rd years of their life are not auspicious.

24) Music therapy can simply work wonders for them, so they should be advised to learn music.

25) Sudden Gains or sudden loss in financial matters will also be seen in their life, Therefore Share or stock Market is not meant for them, they are bound to make losses there.

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