Some very Rare concepts of Astrology

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So let’s start

  • IF the native have a strong influence of Saturn in 2nd and 8th house, money loss will be there till 36th yr, his health would suffer at the age of 19.
  • Placement of Mars in 5th and sat in 11th makes the native learn many languages.
  • If placement of Sun is in 12th house, native will have a black mark on the upper part of the body mainly above or on neck.
  • If placement of Rahu is in 2nd house native gets hurt by a stone, if Ashubh prabhav increases, he can even get hurt from a bullet.
  • Yog of Saturn -Rahu in 11th House gives the native huge amt of wealth in its dasha; good placement in navamsa will contribute more.
  • Effect of Mercury on 6th house makes the old age of the native comfortable…
  • Placement of Rahu in 6th and if Ashubh prabhav increases can even cause kidney transplant to occur in mild conditions kidney infections.
  • Placement of Saturn in 8th house contributes in problem of legs and veins etc and If Ashubh prabhav increases, this Saturn will lead to an accident
  • Presence of Rahu, sat, Mars in 2nd and 8th house with Venus, give rise to problems in sexual organs.
  • If someone has presence of sat, Mars in 8th house and if no shubh prabhav is there death of a life partner is in the chart and if any dasha of sat, Mars is around the period of marriage, death will occur soon after marriage.
  • If Venus is getting neech in 11th house and Mercury is sitting in 12th and there are Ashubh prabhav on 7th house.
  • Many marriages are indicated in the chart more than 3.
  • Yog of Sun and Moon generally in 3rd, 6th, 11th and 10th house makes the person to prosper in business of metals, minerals.
  • Aspect of Sun on 7th house makes wife of the native face problems in the 22nd and 23rd yrs and aspect of the Sun on 4th house give rise in the career in 22nd and 23rd yrs.
  • Placement of Moon in 3rd and 4th house gives rise in fortune after 24th yr.
  • Presence of Venus or Mercury in 4th house without any Ashubh prabhav gives a big house to the native.
  • Mercury in 4th house makes the native very learned.
  • Presence of Ketu in 10th house makes the person very religious. If proper support of planets like Saturn, Jupiter is there along with support of 9th, 12th, 8th houses is there, these can make the native to become Sanyasi.
  • Presence of Rahu in 4th and 1st house makes the person very selfish until planets like Jupiter and Moon are powerful in the chart and there are shubh prabhav on Rahu.
  • Yog of jup and Rahu in 5th house can easily make the native crime investigation officer for this 10th lord should be powerful and no Ashubh prabhav on Rahu should be there.
  • If 1st lord, 4th lord and 5th lord are simultaneously loosing their strength with MOON either by wrong placement or by tremendous Ashubh prabhav the above yog will definitely take the person to MENTAL HOSPITAL.
  • Placement of very powerful planets in 3rd house decreases the number of younger ones and friends that native has.
  • Saturn and Venus behave very auspiciously in 12th house irrespective of their placement but if they are placed in enemy rashi or having paap prabhav on them, then results will definitely change.
  • Shubh planets generally behave auspiciously in Kendra and trikond even when they are lord of paap houses.

We know that Saturn is good in 11th house but why Saturn in 12th house gives shubh effects? (In mitr rashi, shubh prabhav)


See we are destined to conquer over all five elements before the final Enlightenment namely (water, fire, earth, air, sky)



When our soul arrives on this planet, it is eternal, pure, light, and unconquerable (ALL THE QUALITIES OF SUN)

NOW after the arrival of soul in the mother’s womb, after 9 months the moment we come out in this world

all the planet or elements start effecting us.

The first element which we have to conquer is WATER (FIRST STEP on the path of enlightenment)

THAT IS MOON OR I CAN say that, WE HAVE TO conquer over our EMOTIONS, MIND first, HENCE MONDAY.

Then comes TUESDAY (mangalwar) that is controlled by MARS, MEANS IN this step, we have to conquer over FIRE OR I CAN SAY OUR ANGER.




NOW WHEN WE HAVE conquered over our emotions and anger (energy)

We are ready to become a student or to gain knowledge, As only then our learning starts, only then our intelligence develop (all qualities of Mercury)

Moving ahead, When WE HAVE GAINED ALL KNOWLEDGE, BEING A STUDENT only then we can achieve the post of guru that is Jupiter.


Here we have to conquer over (sky, aakash tatva) we have to develop all qualities of teacher (patience, perseverance, humbleness) but just being a guru ,will not give us enlightenment.



THAT is, true guru is one who is able conquer over all qualities of Venus.

HENCE SHUKRAWAR (Friday) so next step is control over worldly pleasure.


Saturn is TAP (penance), BAL (Strength), STRUGGLE, BEING HUMBLE WHILE having all the knowledge.


Coming back, 12TH HOUSE IS FOR LOSS, ENLIGHTENMENT AND THAT IS WHAT FINAL STEP (SATURN) TEACHES US THAT LEAVE EVERY THING. THERE IS NOTHING ON THIS planet which can match God; it gives us the foresight to distinguish between what is ours and what is not ours.

THIS WORLD CAN ONLY DEVIATE US FROM THE PATH OF SPRITUALITY, HENCE Saturn in the house of loss(12th) is very auspicious from every angle irrespective of its placement.

VENUS BEING THE REPRESENTATIVE OF worldly pleasure in 12th will deviate us from the path of enlightenment.

but WILL GIVE NATIVE ALL THE MATERIALISTIC COMFORTS. HENCE FOR WEALTH, VENUS OF 12TH HOUSE IS magical but if Saturn and ven are in paap prabhav (malefic influence) in enemy rashi or getting neech then none of the good results, will come.


  • Placement of Sun and Moon in 8th house is considered auspicious only when they are getting uchh or swarashi (without any paap prabhav)
  • Generally it is said that Moon in 8th house (with ashtami of Krishna Paksha) is very auspicious….
  • Saturn in 7th house is good but in 11th, 12th it is very good.
  • Jupiter in 5th, 9th houses is good but in 1st, 2nd, 4th and 11th it is very good.
  • Moon in 10th and Sun in 4th house makes the native work very hard.
  • Presence of Sun in 2nd, 5th, 11th, 10th, 9th, 7th and 12th makes the native with government, in the order 10th>>5th,2nd and 11th>>9th and 7th>>12th houses.
  • Venus and Mercury in 4th will straightaway give the native a bungalow or a kothi unless 4th lord, Moon (karak) are loosing their strength or ven and Mercury are loosing their strength in navamsa etc or are in malefic influences.

Native having SHUBH PLANETS IN 6TH HOUSE, SHOULD TACKLE THEIR ENEMEYS, with patience and perseverance whereas native having paap planets in 6th house should use his/her power to suppress them.

  • Wife from foreign land is expected on few conditions.
  1. 7th lord in 12th house.
  2. Placement of Rahu in 7th.
  3. 7th lord in moving rashi.
  4. 7th lord from Venus in moving rashi.
  6. Exchange between 7th and 12th lord.
  7. Exchange between 11th and 7th lord and 12th lord sitting in 3rd house.
  8. 7th lord in3rd, 3rd lord in 12th, 12th lord in 11th and 11th lord in 7th or directly 12th lord in 7th (after 3rd in 12th)
  9. 9th lord in 12th, 12th lord in 9th and 7th lord is sitting in 9th house.
  10. 7th lord, 12th lord and 11th lord in 3rd house (all three).
  • If Sun, sat and Mars occupy movable navamsa, Jupiter and Venus occupy fixed navamsa and the Moon and Mercury are in dual navamsa the native lives up to 100 yrs.
  • Death in the 9th yr occurs if Sun, Moon and Mars are in the 5th house, lagan lord being malefic is placed in 12th house from Moon and Moon under malefic influence.
  • If the 1st and 7th lord be in depression or occupy an inimical sign or be eclipsed in navamsa the native will have another wife while the first is still living….
  • If the 7th lord be weak and the 7th house is aspected or occupied by a malefic or if malefics occupy 7th and 8th houses and Mars is in 12th or if the 2nd lord be weak while the 2nd house is occupied by a malefic…the native will have another wife during the lifetime of the first wife.
  • Venus alone in 3rd house generally, gives TOO MANY FREINDS
  • Yog for adoption, Presence of sat and Mars in 5th house & Laganesh sitting in rashi of Mercury or with mercury or aspected by Mercury, paap prabhav in 5th house can occur from other conditions as well.
  • JUPITER IN 7TH HOUSE makes the native a much respected personality. Again this is a general statement, which can be modified by several factors; the most basic condition for this yog to fructify is there should be shubh prabhav on Jupiter or 7th house and condition of 1st and 2nd (both bhava and lord should be very strong.)
  • Mars in 10th house in any rashi except cancer on 28 degree is very strong, sat in 7th house in any rashi on 20 degree (no Ashubh prabhav, should not be deliberated) is very strong.
  • Moon in 4th house in any rashi between 3-6 degree is very strong (Should not be deliberated in lagan kundali or in navamsa)
  • Jupiter on 5 degree in lagan (in any rashi, should not be deliberated in lagan or in navamsa) is very strong.
  • Venus in 4th house on 27 degree in any rashi is very strong (should not be deliberated in lagan kundali or in navamsa)
  • Sun in 10th house on 10 degree in any rashi is very strong (again no Ashubh prabhav should be there, and no deliberation in lagan kundali and navamsa should be there)
  • If malefics occupy the signs of cruel planets and are in the 7th, 9th or 5th from the Sun, the father WILL BE IMPRISONED when child is born, the sign occupied by the Sun determines the locality of his bondage.
  • If the Moon or the Sun is in the 9th or 5th from Saturn and Mars (sat and Mars should be in a yog)
  • The child will be FORSAKEN BY HIS MOTHER. IF in this combination aspect of Jupiter is involved, the child lives long and prospers although forsaken by his mother, IF IN the above combination Saturn and Mars (yog) is in 11th or 7th from Moon, Sun, and THE CHILD WILL PERISH AFTER BEING FORSAKEN. (IF NO SHUBH PRABHAV is involved)
  • If the Sun occupies a quadruped sign (MESHA, VRISHABHA, SIMHA, the 2nd half of dhanu and first half of Makar) and if other powerful planets occupy common signs, TWINS WILL BE BORN COVERED WITH A COMMON HOOD.
  • IF JUPITER DOES NOT ASPECT SUN, LAGAN, MOON AND Sun is in conjunction with Moon (AMAVASYA) AND IF SATURN, Rahu OR MARS OR any two aspects Moon, THE CHILD IS CERTAINLY BORN TO ANOTHER PERSON or of adultery, this is bound to happen, if Venus and Mars are in exchange in navamsa or aspecting each other or sitting with each other in navamsa.
  • IF lagan is in dhanu (Sagittarius), or falls in that amsa, if all planets are powerful and occupy that amsa and if they are aspected by powerful Shani( Saturn) and Budha (Mercury), then PREDICT MANY CHILDREN AT ONE BIRTH.
  • If BUDDHA is in trikond, and other planets are powerless, then child will have two faces, four hands and four legs.
  • Saturn is a kind of planet, which gives its auspicious effects only after tremendous hard work.

HENCE IF DASHA OF SATURN IS COMING IN THE LIFE SPAN OF 1 yrs to 36 yrs, EVEN WHEN IT IS UCHH, it will not prove to be very beneficial.


SO taking an example;

If Saturn is getting exalted in 5th bhava and its dasha is ending for the native at the age of 34(lets say)

Then this Saturn will not prove auspicious to the native as the native is not yet experienced as demanded by Saturn.

  • IF the placement of 6th or 8th lord is in lagan, height of the native cant be more than 5 feet 9 inches (but laganesh should be strong) same will be the case if laganesh is placed in 6th or 8th house but there should be

Occurrence of shubh planets in lagan, (Venus, Jupiter, mercury) or if Sun, sat or Mars are getting exalted or swarashi in lagan, with laganesh in 6th or 8th house. IN THE above cases height can stretch max. Up to 5 feet 10 inches. The height which i have mentioned is the maximum limit (so it can very well under 5 feet 9 inches, depending on various strengths of planets influencing lagan)

ONE MORE THING I WANT TO MENTION OVER HERE considering above mentioned points in consideration, this is A SECONDARY POINT, FIRST YOU HAVE TO CHECK ABOVE CONDITION AND THEN THIS POINT should be checked.

2ND HOUSE LORD and planets placed in 2nd house do play a very important in deciding the height of a person.

In some cases planets like Sun and sat in 2nd can even lead to abnormal Heights (more than 6 feet 1 inch)


For females, Consider average height as 5 feet 6 inches (Considering country as India, otherwise average height should be taken as per the country the native belong to) and then above rules should be applied.

  • Mahadasha of 8th lord is always troublesome even when 8th lord has no Ashubh prabhav and in strength) “VRY IS A different scenario” where 8th lord can give huge profits.

Now how 8th lord creates problems….???? See 8th house is basically for hidden things, DARKNESS etc, native under the influence of 8th lord cannot enjoy any kind of success (unless there is some very auspicious antardasha)

For him, everything is static (not moving). He will see success coming to him, but that success will not reach him.

AS if, it has suddenly disappeared (without any reason) he would work very hard, but success will disappear in the darkness of 8th house, IN case of any accident (THERE WOULD BE NO IMPROVEMENT in his/her health, for long time.) drag ness and dryness becomes part of his life. No one can help him and then comes the” tendency of suicide” but death will also stay away from him, as 8th lord is not “MARAK”


If 8th lord, House is under benefic influence then, for research, ideas, dasha of 8th lord is very good, native can be a very good scientist, can excel in occult, win a lottery during the span of 8th lord.

  • Relationship (aspect, yog, paraivartan) between 12th and 11th lord is auspicious in the 11th, 3rd and 12th house. 12th lord in 11th house, 11th lord in 12th house is auspicious but (11th and 12th lord) navamsa strength, shubh Ashubh aspects on them will change the final results dasha under influence will also matter a lot.
  • Placement of 9th lord in 8th will not confer any fame but if Jupiter is the lord if 9th and placed in 8th, it will definitely confer fame and prosperity…
  • Person gets heaven, if Jupiter is strong in 12th house.
  • Rahu in 7th will certainly confer fame and prosperity (SHOULD HAVE SHUBH INFLUENCE ON IT)
  • SATURN in 3rd and 9th also gives yoga (SHOULD HAVE SHUBH INFLUENCE ON IT)
  • Rahu in 4th (no Ashubh prabhav) will make mother long lived.
  • Rahu in 5th makes person expert in understanding the inner meaning of things.
  • Sun and Mars are strong in the first 10 degrees of rashi, Venus and Jupiter in the middle 10 degrees
  • Saturn and Moon in the end 10 degrees of rashi/Sign and Mercury is always strong.
  • To see the bondage for the native, 5th lord and house, 9th lord and house, 2nd and 12th lords and house, should be under malefic influences.
  • When 8th and 9th lords are together good results would be observed in the dasha of 8th lord.
  • For Sagittarius ascendant, Sun being 9th lord placed in 11th, will do no bad (even after getting neech)

Favors from father are still indicated.

  • Mars in 3rd reduces the longevity of the brother, Venus in 7th reduces the longevity of the wife,  Jupiter in 5th reduces the longevity of the son.
  • If lagan adhi yog is present in any chart, for example shubh planets(with strength) in 6th,7th and 8th houses and if bhagayesh(9th Lord) is involved in that yog sitting in 8th house then dasha of this 9th lord would most definitely be auspicious. The condition is the yog should be proper adhi yog.
  • Sun and Saturn in 4th house from Moon always gives struggle even when they are strong and planets in 10th from Moon always give strength to Moon. In fact any planet in 10th house gives bal to lagan.
  • Sun and Saturn never acts as vedhak to each other, Moon and Mercury never acts as vedhak to each other  “Father and son relationship”
  • Yogs which can give ocean of wealth in the form of grains

1) Jupiter in lagan, Moon in 4th, Saturn in 7th, Sun in 11th

2) Saturn in lagan, Jupiter in 7th on the day of “purnima” (Full Moon)

  • Jupiter alone in Mithun lagan (Gemini), Yog of Saturn, Venus, Mercury in 2nd house(in strength) and Sun ,Moon in 11th house (in strength)Mars in 3rd house (in strength), ketu in 12th house, Rahu in 6th Will definitely give rise to the ruler of this entire world, planets should not loose their strength in shatyamsa and navamsa.
  • Combination of Jupiter and Ketu is being constantly endured since centuries. Some regard this, better than Gaj kesari yog. Lal kitab describe it as “guru chela” Ketu being chela also this yog goes under the name of “Ganesha yog” and if aptly present/placed in Karkamsa chart- gives abundant knowledge and that too from past birth.

In second house Jupiter gives very good fal, but if it is alone then it is not considered auspicious therefore as soon as Ketu joins Jupiter in 2nd house, Jupiter feels very comfortable Also there should be no other malefic influence on this Jupiter Ketu yog.

There are 4 ways of classifying body parts; one is the general way which is 1st house-head

2nd- face and neck


4th- chest and heart


6th-waist and intestines

7th- part between “navel and sexual organ”

8th- testis and penis



11th- part between knees and feet

12th- feet.

This is only one way, there are 3 other ways in which Body parts should be categorized as per the Dreshkanda of the ascendant

For 1st Dreshkanda

1st house-head

2nd and 12th houses-eyes

3rd and 11th- ears

4th and 10th- nose

5th and 9th -cheeks

6th and 8th- chin

7th- whole face

For 2nd Dreshkanda

1st- neck

2nd and 12th- shoulders

3rd and 11th- arms

4th and 10th- lungs

5th and 9th- heart

6th and 8th -stomach


For 3rd Dreshkanda

1st- area between navel and sexual organ

2nd and 12th- sexual organ and “gudamarg”

3rd and 11th – dono andkosh

4th and 10th-thighs

5th and 9th- knees

6th and 8th -part between knees and feet

7th- feet.

  • Planetary combinations for patches on face, eyes

The color of our skin is because of melanin that is produced by cells called-melanocytes. These melanocytes sometimes get destroyed (that is producing no melanin) or get hyper active and produce much more melanin than needed. This activity can be triggered by some phototoxic allergies, hormonal imbalance (like thyroid hormonal imbalances), pregnancy, birth control pills etc. If you use a product that is photo toxic there are very good possibilities that you will develop melasma (could even cause melasma skin cancer). Photo toxic means that the product is safe for use if no Sun is present, but will produce allergy as soon as Sunrays strike it. Hair dyes are a good example of this. In women during pregnancy and while taking birth control pills, hormones activate the melanocytes in the skin and produce more of melanin-the skin color. You will therefore get the colored patches on the facial skin.

This brief biological introduction was necessary to understand the planetary effects behind this phenomenon.

Brief concepts:

Primary planets involved

Mercury- Natural karak planet for skin

Sun- source of Sun light (initiates photo-toxic reaction)

Moon- Primary Karak for fluid in our body (hence acts as a base for any reaction causing hormonal imbalance in our body, also helps in aggravating the malefic effect of such reaction and manifesting its effects on other parts/location on our body or face).

Mars-Provides necessary energy for any reaction (sustenance and promotion)

Primary Sources of hormonal imbalance (if exists)

Thyroid gland

Adrenal gland

Primary Houses involved

2nd house- Represent eyes (regions near eyes), face (regions on face like cheeks etc), Neck(where thyroid gland exist)

6th and 8th house- Represents kidney location and also the location of adrenal glands.

(the adrenal glands (also known as suprarenal glands) are the star-shaped endocrine glands that sit on top of the kidneys; their name indicates that position (ad-, “near” or “at” + renes, “kidneys”; and as concerns supra-, meaning “above”).

7th house- Also represents face along with navel and feet.

5th house- represent female’s womb

Secondary houses involved

Houses lorded by Mercury, Moon and Mars from kaal-purush sequence.

(1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th)

  • When Jupiter is placed in 12th house being the lord of lagan and simultaneously if 3rd lord is placed in 11th house. Then as per Jaimini, This constitutes a Raj yog. Here point to note is Saturn can only serve the purpose of being 3rd lord. If Saturn is not the 3rd lord as in the case of meena lagan…then Sun should be placed in 11th house instead of Venus(3rd lord) to constitute the Raj yog.
  • If both Saturn and Mars are placed in cancer identical with lagan bhava, they would ONLY BOOST the auspiciousness of 7th house with their aspects.

For interest in animation both Venus and Mercury should be considered.

Few Additions:

Apart from the above two planet RAHU and MOON plays an integral role in animations.

In Action Animation- Mars would also be involved (Like if the topic is superman, Batman etc)

In Knowledgeable or spiritual animations: Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter would also be involved. (Like on Hanuman, Ganesha)

Similarly as per the nature of animation, planetary influences should be derived and ascertained..

Whenever there is a yog of Rahu and Moon in a Kendra or trikond or in 2nd or 11th house, when Moon is not getting eclipsed by Rahu and when Moon is very strong.

Then the extremely auspicious results of this combination would be experienced in the mahadasha of Rahu. Moon mahadasha would also prove auspicious but the intensity of auspiciousness shall be much higher in the mahadasha of Rahu.

We all know that when the planet is in its full strength, only then it give its full auspicious fal and then we start defining strength with the help of various bal derived by it…in the form of :

a) Sthan BAL (swarashi, exaltation, Mooltrikona, friend’s house etc)

b) Dig BAL (direction strength. like Jupiter and Mercury in lagan, Sun and Mars in 10th etc.)

c) Drik BAL (In case a planet receives some shubh aspects of planet like Jupiter, Venus etc)

d) chestha bal ( like when Sun and Moon are placed in any rashi starting from Makar to Mithun or when any planet except Sun is placed with luminaries like Moon) and many other bals like some planets are powerful in night or some are powerful in day, some have Hora bal etc

e) Many consider SHADVARGA BAL as an important BAL etc

f) Functional nature of the planet.

But in the midst of above mentioned facts or concepts we forget few very important concepts of Vedic astrology which have the power to alter the effects of above mentioned concepts and for this very purpose I am writing this point

REMEMBER, this is extremely important and next time if you see an Exalted Saturn or Jupiter and are just about to declare result as positive at that time just hold a bit and check the below mentioned points.

a) If Mars is bad in strength or in malefic influence then Venus can never give its complete auspicious effect even if it is exalted that means Venus is dependent on Mars.

b) Mercury is very much dependent on both Mars and Venus.

c) Moon auspiciousness depends on the well being of Mars, Venus and Mercury

d) Sun’s, In addition to Mars, Venus and Mercury is also dependent on Moon’s well being

e) Jupiter will be completely auspicious only when all of Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury are under no malefic influences

f) And last but not the least, If you want Saturn to be completely auspicious, you need to have all the planets in power with no malefic influence.

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