Very Important tips for reading charts

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Many a times, I have seen astrologers applying few concepts in a wrong way or not using “at all” few basic methods etc.

Here, I would like to list all those very important things related to falit Jyotish. (Predictive Astrology)

At times it happens that people visit an astrologer to just test his knowledge. They even present a chart of a dead man to an astrologer. So how to identify, whether the chart is of a dead man or not! Whenever you could smell something cooking, just apply this rule.

Add the rashi numbers of “Janma lagan, no. of the rashi falling in 8th house and Prashna lagan (At the time when question is asked)”

Multiply the resultant by 8

Divide the resultant by rashi number in which laganesh (lagan lord) is placed.

If the remainder is odd, the chart holder would be alive otherwise not.

How to identify that whether the chart is of a male or a female or a eunuch:

You have to just focus on these rules:

1) Identify the stronger Sign out of the sign which is coming in the first house and that occupied by moon. Then note down the gender of that stronger sign.

2) Note down the gender of the sign occupied by 1st lord.

If both are males=male
If both are female=Female
If one is male and other is female= eunuch

In above cases there are few exceptions that when Jupiter, Sun, mars(strictly male planets) dominate(through aspects or placement) the female sign(occupied by lagan lord or moon or lagan), then the net effect of that sign will be taken as male only and when male sign(occupied by lagan lord or moon or lagan) is dominated by Venus and moon(strictly female planets), then the net effect of that sign will be taken as female only.

Apart from this there is one confusion which is not clarified by any text, that what will happen in case, Rahu, ketu and Saturn dominate some sign. Confusion intensifies since some text takes Saturn as male and some take it as eunuch

Take another rule;

If a planet is placed in the rashi of any other planet (i.e. planet should not be swarashi) and if the rashi lord also aspect this planet. Then the said placed planet would be in full control of the rashi lord (or the aspecting planet) that is it would behave in a manner as the rashi lord wants him to behave.

Like suppose Jupiter is placed in kumbh rashi and is also aspected by Saturn (the rashi lord) then here Jupiter would give its fal as per the orders of Saturn I. e Jupiter has to take permission from Saturn before giving his fal.

Next Rule is very important;

Take any planet X, Now suppose Y planet is placed in the rashi of X.

Here the Fal of X (including its Drishti or aspect) would also have an effect of Y.

For example; suppose ketu is placed in the rashi of sun, now here sun’s aspect and general fal would also have an effect of ketu mixed in it as ketu is placed in the rashi of sun.

Coming to another vital Rule;

Just with the glimpse of a chart, an astrologer should be able to ascertain, that whether the native would have natural death or violent (unnatural death).

Unnatural death could be due to accident (Fire, air, water, earth (vehicle) related), suicide, black magic, In operation theater or murder etc.

To see the presence of unnatural death in the chart;

Just look closely these three factors, as they are sufficient enough.

1) Moon
2) 8th house
3) 8th lord

If there is a SIMULTANEOUS malefic influence of sun, Saturn, mars, ketu and Rahu on the above three factors (With no shubh prabhav) the native would face an unnatural death, in the dasha, antardasha of the planets involved.

Note: mars, ketu are specifically violent.

Few other Important Rules:

1) Suppose a planet is placed in the first house and a retrograde planet is placed in the 5th house, then though we also take the effect of the retrograde planet in its previous sign, but still we cannot Say that this retro planet is giving argala to the planet placed in 1st house. (Just because the previous sign of that retro planet is falling in the 4th house from the planet present in the first house.) [ For the beginners: Rule says that Any planet gives argala (negative or positive intervention) from the 2nd, 4th and 11th houses from the reference point planet]

2) Assume planet A is getting completely combusted and if this planet A is involved in the sign exchange with planet B, then though you will take the effect of planet B in the house occupied by planet A, but you cant consider Planet B as combusted (just because the planet A with which this planet B is in sign exchange; is itself in combustion.)

3) Suppose Saturn is placed in Leo ascendant, Sun, Venus and mercury are placed in 5th house in Sagittarius, Moon is placed in the 9th house in Aries, Mars is placed in 12th house in Cancer and finally Jupiter is placed in 11th house in Gemini.

Here Sun, Saturn, Venus, mercury and moon are DIRECTLY in trine to each other

Jupiter will also be taken INDIRECTLY in trine to Sun, Saturn, Venus and moon (due to the sign exchange happening between Jupiter and mercury)

Mars will also be taken INDIRECTLY in trine to Sun, Saturn, Venus and mercury (due to the sign exchange happening between Moon and mars)

BUT MARS AND JUPITER CANNOT be taken in trine to each other due to the application of the concept of Sign exchange. (Between moon and mars & between Jupiter and mercury)

4) We all know that planet imbibes the qualities of its sign lord but you must always remember that the planet which joins the said planet (degree wise closeness) or the planet which is in the sign exchange with the said planet or which is involved in mutual aspect with the said planet or is in trine with the said planet, HAVE A MUCH LARGER say in influencing the qualities of the reference planet. (When compared to the sign lord of the reference planet). For example, suppose Saturn is in the sign of Jupiter and is placed with Venus or is in sign exchange with Venus or is in mutual aspect with Venus or is in trine to Venus. Then this VENUS would influence the parameters of Saturn in a much greater way when compared to the Sign lord of Saturn which is Jupiter.

5) Involvement of Rahu and Ketu in a bad Yoga suggest that the bad karmas falling under that bad Yoga are being executed by the native since past many births. Like When Venus, Mercury and moon are STRONGLY involved with each other SIMULTANEOUSLY (through exchange or strong aspect or degree wise closeness or in trine to each other or after applying the concept of retrograde or from cusp chart etc).

Then native will simply be characterless and can sleep with anybody if given a chance (irrespective of whether the native is male or female), they can even have group sex just like chimpanzees have.

Now if Rahu and Ketu also get involved in the above linkages then that would mean that since past many births, native has been practicing extreme polygamy

If Rahu and Ketu are not involved then that would mean native is involving himself or herself in extreme polygamy since last few births only (i.e. this birth + 1 or 2 more births). Hence chance of revival for these natives to renounce the animal instincts is much brighter than the natives of above mentioned categories.

Moving ahead with next Rule;

Saturn in 7th house, 10th house, 11th house and 12th house is very strong (if not under any malefic influence) especially in dhanu (Sagittarius), meena (Pieces), Makar (Capricorn), kumbh (Aquarius) and Tula (Libra) and Rahu in 3rd house, 6th house, 7th house, 10th house, and 11th house is very strong especially in Vrish (Taurus), Mithun (Gemini), kark (Cancer), simh (Leo) and kanya (Virgo).

I hope you are enjoying reading these rules; anyways lets continue our journey.

If moon is under the SIMULTANEOUS influence of sun, Saturn, mars and ketu or any 3 of them without any benefic influence then NO RAJ YOG will fructify. There is no doubt in this.

Always keep the above rule in mind.

Do you know that Saturn is the only planet, which has the power and flexibility to give auspicious results by being placed in any house? Yes this is a fact believe it or not! It can easily project all the auspicious aspects which any bhava can provide like from 6th (removal of enemies and diseases). The only condition is, it should be in strength, without any undue influence of mars and Rahu and very important- KARM OF THE NATIVE should be in synchronous with correct DHRAM path.

One rule to ascertain the dhana or money prospects in the chart;

Dhana lagan (or special Chandra lagan) must be determined.

Sun- 30 kala
jupiter-10 kala
Moon-16 kala
Venus- 12 kala
Mars- 6 kala
Mercury-8 kala
Saturn-1 kala

1) Add the kalas of 9th lord from lagan chart to the 9th lord from Chandra lagan chart.

2) Divide the resultant by 12

3) Obtain the remainder.

4) Count the remainder number from moon lagan.

5) Bhava obtained is actually-Dhana lagan.

Shubh prabhav on this lagan or in Kendra/trikond from this lagan gives immense wealth.

The results should be modified as per the planetary strengths.

Planetary placements results should be further VALIDATED by relative placement of 2 lords involved in navamsa chart.

Like suppose if lagan lord is placed in 2nd house

Then lagan lord and 2nd lord should NOT be placed in 6th/8th/12th w.r.t each other in Navamsa chart to get the full auspicious results of that placement.

Or In other words lagan and 2nd lord should be placed in Kendra or trikond WITH RESPECT TO EACH other in navamsa chart (they may not be in Kendra of navamsa chart- emphasis is on relative placement)

So let’s move to another rule;

Many a times, very simple and elementary rules are neglected by astrologers.

Just like this one.

The rashi in which 7th lord is placed in Navamsa chart or trine to that rashi or the rashi aspected by 7th lord in lagan chart becomes the moon sign of your life partner or spouse. Ya this is true.

This rule also needs attention.

If a yogkaraka planet aspect the 9th house of lagan chart, then in the antardasha of that yogkaraka planet and in the mahadasha of 9th lord himself the fortune of the native would experience a boom.

Now the most important question for half of the world;

How to decide the year of marriage?

Whenever Jupiter transits the navamsa rashi’s of 4th and 7th lord or TRINE from those rashi’s!

How to fix the month of marriage?

Whenever sun transits the above mentioned rashi’s!

How to fix the day of marriage?

When moon transits the above mentioned rashi’s!

In addition to this, also consider the transit of Jupiter in the rashi which is being aspected by 7th lord in lagan chart.

I.e. apart from the Jupiter’s transit in navamsa rashi of 4th and 7th lord or trine from those its transit in the rashi aspected by 7th lord (in lagan chart) should also be taken into account for fixing the year of marriage.

So now you know how to satisfy half of the world isn’t;

Don’t smile so much, be serious for next rule;

Simultaneous Influence of STRONG Mercury and Mars on the 7th house of Navamsa chart.

Note: – There should be no Ashubh prabhav (malefic influence) on the 7th house,7th lord, venus and UL of lagan chart.

These combinations, Gives a spouse from an extremely prosperous family!

Marching ahead!

Though everything is dependent in astrology still there are some planetary yogs which could be easily located consistently in good charts.

Note– All planets involved should BE in STRENGTH (Placement wise, D-9 wise etc)


(No other planet should combine them and these two/three should not be in planetary war)

Special Rule for KALYUG!

According to the Sage Garga, one born (Even) with 3 exalted planets will not beget Raja yoga effects until and unless there is a planet in simultaneous deliberation. This applies to Kalyug. In the said Yuga, without a debilitated Planet, an exalted planet will become ineffective. Only with simultaneous presence of exalted and deliberated planets, raja Yogas will fructify. Interesting right!

We all have heard of guru chandal yog (Jupiter Rahu Yoga, Intense when, Jupiter’s degree lesser than that of Rahu), but do you know how can it be nullified?

When Rahu is about to engulf Jupiter, this dosh occurs, It basically limits or reduce the powers of Jupiter (The most auspicious planet in Astrology).

It is said that Jupiter marks the presence of GOD in our horoscopes, Therefore the relevance of this dosh is much beyond our comprehension anyways, This Dosh can be fully nullified only when;

1) Jupiter becomes retrograde with shubh prabhav on Jupiter (Aspect of Moon, Mercury or Venus) and Jupiter is in at-least Gopuramasa, remember shubh prabhav would give best results only when there are shubh aspects NOT CONJUCTION.

This is because if Venus or moon or mercury conjunct Jupiter in the above case they will also fall prey to the wrath of Rahu.

2) The Degree gap between Rahu and Jupiter is more than 20 degrees.

Next rule in the line is;

If Saturn is placed in 7th house and Jupiter in Lagan

If mars is placed in 7th house and Jupiter in Lagan

The native would suffer from Windy complaints.

When Saturn is placed in lagan (ALONE+ Weak) and mars in 5th or 7th or 9th house (ALONE+ weak).

When waning Moon and Saturn together are placed in 12th house (with no other planet in conjunction)

The native will become insane or Idiot.

Last rule for this write up:

A Very important Tip which helps in identifying few strength giving factors for moon specifically with the help of Navamsa chart:

Generally we say that when any planet (except Sun, Rahu and ketu) is placed in 2nd house from Moon, it give rise to Sunpha Yog.

Similarly when planets other than Sun, Rahu and Ketu are placed in 12th house from Moon, it give rise to Anpha yog.

And when planets other than Sun, Rahu and ketu occupy both 2nd and 12th house from Moon then it leads to Durdhara Yog(A combination of both Sunpha and Anpha yogas).

In other words these 3 very basic Moon Yogas are seen strictly from D-1 chart only but a rare concept gives another definition to these yogas.

This rare concept says that.

Planets in 2nd and 12th house, from Navamsa sign of Moon, in D-1 chart, also give rise to Sunpha, Anpha and Durdhara yogas.

My chart:
02nd Nov 1984
Delhi, India.

Check in which sign moon is placed in D-9 chart.

My moon is placed in Scorpio sign in D-9 chart.

So just pick up Scorpio sign and check whether any planet or planets are placed in 2nd or 12th house from Scorpio sign in lagan chart(D-1 chart).

In my case, Jupiter and Mars placed in Sagitarius and Sun, Saturn, mercury are placed in Libra in lagan chart(D-1 chart)

Apart from this my ketu and Venus are placed in Scorpio itself.

In other words, In my case Jupiter(2nd from Scorpio), mars(2nd from Scorpio), Saturn(12th from Scorpio) and mercury(12th from Scorpio) are together causing Durdhara yoga.

When Moon in D-1 chart causes kemdruma malefic yoga, Then usage of this concept become very important as it would simply cancel the negative influence of Kemdruma Yoga and will convert the malefic influences of kemdruma Yoga into the benefic influences of kalpadruma Yoga.

Though In my chart Conditions of kemdruma malefic yoga are already getting cancelled due to the placement of planets other than Sun, Rahu and Ketu in quadrant from Moon but even in the presence of kemdruma malefic yoga in the D-1 chart, the above mentioned concept has the ability to cancel the evils of kemdruma Yoga in the chart and will convert the malefic influences of kemdruma Yoga into the benefic influences of kalpadruma Yoga.

Just shared this tip for the knowledge of you all.

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