WHY saturn is exalted in Libra?

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WHY SATURN IS EXALTED IN LIBRA, various reasons, but let’s understands basics first

About Tula rashi

Tula Rashi-Vayutatva sign-Venus lord (Jaltatva, Jalgrah)-Padjal(25% water content)- Chara rashi(movable)-The Balance-Air with 25% moisture content-Rules Winds above high population density areas, male sign, southern sign, semi fruitful, human representation, has the age of 33 and a half years, have 2 rays, sirashodaya rashi, biped sign(2 legs), a surya sadga sign, represent entrance place, money lender caste, kama rashi, west direction, place of business, ruled by goddess saraswati, it’s a rajsic sign and rules cold disease, have variegated color, a long rashi, it is deaf during the day, rules bhutkal (past tense), a fast moving sign, rules dhatuu, of a balance shape, rules trader caste(vysya),a violent sign, in body parts rules hip, responsible for brain fever and typhoid.

Profession ruled by it:

Jewelry shop, fancy shop, handicrafts, perfume shop, cloth merchant, money lending, commission agents, bank, Life insurance , law dept., hotel business, bar and Restaurant, Dancing Hall, Beauty parlor, Music, Dance ,Cinema.

General character of rashi:

Good talker, judicious in dealings

Saturn’s two rashi’s are of Bhoomi (earth) (makar) and vayu(air) tatva (kumbh).

Venus two rashi’s are of Bhoomi (vrish) and vayu tatva.(Tula)

Mercury two rashi’s are of Bhoomi (virgo) and vayu tatva.(mithun)

Hence Saturn, Venus and Mercury are friends

Like wise;

Sun’s Leo is of pure Agnitatva.(fire element)

Moon’s Cancer is of pure Jaltatva.(water element)

Jupiter’s two rashi’s are of Jal and Agni tatva.

Mars two rashi’s are of Jal and Agni tatva

Hence Jupiter, mars, sun and moon are friends.

But still all Rashi’s are different w.r.t to their water content.


Makar – Bhoomi (earth) tatva- 100% Jal(water), Kumbh – Vayu(air) tatva- 50% Jal.


Vrish – Bhoomi tatva – 50% Jal, Tula – Vayu tatva- 25% Jal.


Kanya – Bhoomi tatva- 0% Jal, Mithun- Vayu tatva- 0% Jal.


Dhanu – Agni tatva- 50% Jal, Meena- Jal tatva- 100% Jal.


Mesh- Agni tatva- 25% Jal, Vrishchik- Jal tatva- 25% Jal.


Simh- Agni tatva- 0% Jal.


Kark- Jal tatva- 100% Jal.

Before going ahead lets also understand that.

Grah gives rise to “Iccha Shakti”

Rashi gives rise to “Gyana Shakti”

Nakshatra gives rise to “Kriya shakti”


1) Saturn has control over Air, so primary significator of the Air; hence called as Vayu tatva grah (Mithun (Gemini), Tula (Libra) and kumbh (Aquarius) are the Vayu (air element) tatva rashi therefore falls under the jurisdiction of Saturn).

As a result Saturn is more comfort table in Vayu tatva rashi.

Now why Saturn is not exalted in other Vayu tatva rashi’s like Mithun and kumbh?

2 basic reasons:

a) Relationship of Saturn with Venus is stronger than Saturn’s relationship with Mercury, though Saturn is friendly to both but Venus is the favorite chap of Saturn, hence Saturn is not exaltated in Mithun. As per lal kitab, there is an inherent connection between Saturn and Venus, they both comes to each other rescue when caught in a problem. You all must have seen that the most eventful antardasha dasha in the mahadasha of Saturn is that of Venus, now whether it’s GOOD or BAD, it depends on many factors.

Kumbh is Saturn’s own and Mooltrikona sign, hence this possibility is also ruled out for Saturn’s exaltation.

So Saturn is exalted in Tula.

Note: Saturn is not exalted in Venus other sign, i.e. Taurus because that is a bhoomi tatva (earth sign) and also not the Mooltrikona sign of Venus.

b) Another reasoning is, Mithun rashi is a nirjal rashi (0% water content), kumbh is a ardhjal rashi (50% water content) and Tula is a padjal rashi (25% water content), Tula is preferred by Saturn also because Saturn is the enemy of moon i.e. jal tatva planet, since kumbh has 50% water content, it manages that by owning it but is not completely delighted over there, on the other extreme Mithun is a nirjal rashi which is also not preferred by Saturn. Hence exalted in padjal rashi tula….now why exactly Saturn does not prefer Nirjal rashi (0 % water content sign) the answer lies in the formation of our planet where water’s share

is itself 70 % only few planets like sun(which itself is fire element) prefer the Nirjal sign and that is the reason why Moon gets uncomfortable in Mithun and Virgo sign if not aspected by shubh planets more so because for moon mercury is the enemy, anyways lets move ahead.

2) General character of Libra rashi matches with that of Saturn i.e. both are judicious in dealings, hence Exalted in Tula.

3) Libra is the sign of balance and Saturn is the Planet of balance or Justice, hence Exalted in Tula.

4) Libra rules the west direction and Saturn gains Directional strength in 7th house which coincides with west direction. This could be understood as per the kalchakra too, hence exalted in Tula.

5) Libra is the southern sign and Saturn’s both rashi’s Makar and kumbh coincides with south direction (10th house and 11th house) as per the kalchakra system, hence exalted in Tula.

6) Both Tula and Saturn rules dhatuu (or metal)

7) Libra rules past tense and Saturn is famous for giving the results of the past karma bluntly.

Note: Icha Shakti of Saturn (Planet) gains maximum Gyan Shakti in Tula Rashi.

There are many other reasons and point of views, for instance;

1) Saturn turns exalted where sun turns neech, to understand this is deep, I have to write another article on why sun gets neech in Tula…again there are many reasons…but main ones are Swati nakshatra ruled by Rahu (most dreaded enemy of Sun) lies in Tula rashi, lord venus is the Shatru of sun (this shatruta aggravates in the Mooltrikona sign of Venus) etc anyways lets remain focused on Saturn exaltation factors.

2) For many the answer lies in the nakshatras of Tula rashi, 2 padas of chitra (lord mars), 4 padas of Swati(lord Rahu) and 3 padas of vishakha (lord Jupiter) will explain from this angle in detail ASAP

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