Why the charts of kids should not be seen

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Today someone asked me this question, so I thought; why not write an article on it.

See there are many reasons:

1) The 1st and 2nd dasha of any chart gets moderated by the 3rd and 4th dashas of the parents; this is an established fact as per the nadi texts. Hence reading should not be made precisely on the basis of kids chart who are under 12 years.

2) Secondly For any chart the first transitory cycle of Jupiter which is of 12 years, gives the maximum auspicious effects (more than what is destined by the Jupiter in the chart) when compared to following cycles, this HAPPENS by DEFAULT and there is no ifs and buts on why it happens, Jupiter is a kind of planet which represent God in the chart, so you can say that it’s the god extra blessing on the kids (till 12th year).

Some astrologers reason it out like this; they say that till the time the natal Jupiter does not fully take the command into his hands, god himself protects the child.

Now I know you can say that then why child labor happens if god protects all kids, so the answer lies in my first points.

  • a) There is always some effect of 1st and 2nd dasha of the chart
  • b) Things get modified by the 3rd and 4th Dasha of Parents chart

The cases where child marriage happens and the native become the father even before the completion of 2nd dasha, those are the unfortunate cases as astrologically in those cases the planets in the chart of a kid becomes more vulnerable to outer malefic influences since the shield of parents dasha gets missing.

Anyways let’s move ahead.

3) In the Vedic period parents were not told about the fortune of the kid in the initial years of the child, there was the parampara that till the native completes his education in gurukul in the feet’s of his guru till that time nothing should be declared about the child as it was believed that the fortune of the native could be changed by the guru himself.

On the other hand, Both the pre awareness of the Raja Yogas or adversities vitiates the perspective of the parents towards the kids as either they get proud of the raja yoga present in their kids chart or they get depressed about the adversities in the life of their kid since the parents all always very concerned about the child.

Ancient Vedic gurus, does not wanted that any of the above mentioned things to happen.

INSTEAD ALL THE DETAILS OF THE CHILD were given to the gurus as they used to perform any “dosh nivaran” if required on their level people used to trust gurus a lot in those times.

4) In the cases where the kid under 12 year gets ill or is fighting death due to some ailment in those cases child’s chart can be analyzed but as I said parents chart should also be analyzed in those cases.

5) It becomes difficult for an astrologer to combine the effect of parents chart with native chart and then to declare results. So the possibility of making errors increases and hence the wrong predictions could bring defame to the science.

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