Betting and Astrology

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I was reading somewhere that the money involved in an unethical and illegal business of Betting worldwide can give a complex to the whole GDP of a well established Nation.

It may appear shocking to some, but this is the truth and we cant deny it.

But what does Astrology has to say about it.

Though Astrology is the holistic science but still people involved in this kind of a business can be easily identified with the help of their birth chart(if correct).

You all must be wondering that what could be the combinations for the same:

So for you all, here is the list.

Main Planets Involved: Rahu, Saturn

Main Houses Involved: 6th, 8th and 11th, 12th (in case foreign transactions are involved)

Additional Involvement of planets as per the area in which betting takes place:

Any Kind of Sport like cricket, football, basketball etc: Mars

Betting Related to Governmental ups and down: Sun

Betting w.r.t Stock Markets: Mercury+(planet representing the stock type)

Similarly things can be understood.

Apart from the planets and houses under scanner, the charts of the people who are involved in betting must satisfy these basic parameters:

1) Moon under malefic influence.

2) Lagan under malefic influence

3) Jupiter (Jeevakaraka) under malefic influence.

Remember in the above cases, malefic influence doesn’t mean that the lagan house, moon and Jupiter are losing their strength but the point is their power should be directed in a wrong direction…and that can be seen from malefic influence on it.

Now Why Rahu, Saturn, 6th house, 8th house, 11th house and 12th house.

Rahu: This planet is most famous for giving sudden gains and losses and that too the gains and losses which are HUGE.

Saturn: This has the power to change the life of a person within a day(for good or for the bad), most of the times, its in the strategy of a Saturn that it can do anything to teach native a HARD LESSON which may sometimes turns very hard. Saturn has one motto for the corrupt: IT abundantly GIVES to TAKE AWAY much more.

6th House: House of Debt

8th House: House for all kind of hidden activities which have a sudden parameter attached to it, UNDERWORLD resides here only.

11th House: House of Desires and Gains

12th House: house of Loss.

Though 5th house is also for speculation but that represent legalized speculation like that in stock market.

Saturn is a planet of discipline, but Saturn has different ways to bring in discipline Saturn being the karmakarak always has a major role to play. If under the influence of Mars (sports) and Rahu and is simultaneously linked with 8th, 11th house (especially), keeping in mind that moon, lagan and Jupiter are getting tamsik through certain undesirable influences then the combined effect will most definitely force the person to get involved in betting

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