Color Science and Astrology

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This is again a very interesting topic which somebody requested to me today itself. In fact after giving it a full read to this article, you will find definitely yourself nearer to God, science and of- course Astrology.

We all know that the basic and root name of astrology is “JYOTISH”, which is a combination of “Jyoti” and “ish”, Jyoti means light and Ish means knowledge. In other words Astrology basically means the “knowledge of light”.

Modern science is miles and miles behind in understanding the accurate effects of light on the human life. The one who knows all the effects of light on human life is therefore called as the “knower of all” and that’s why this science of Astrology is called a divine science because of its transcendental application on one and all species of world.

Ok, so without boring you any more, let me straight away come to the point.

See, every thing in this universe is composed of Seven Rays of color. We can see these rays in Rainbow. We all know that whatever light is coming to us in the form of sun rays is actually the mixture of 7 forms of light. We all have studied the concept of VIBGYOR when we were kids. (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red).VIBGYOR is also known as meghadhanusha in India.

Modern science knows all about these colors of light, right from their wavelength, frequency, intensity, absorption, reflection, emission, refraction, perception (brain, eye etc), its constancy, its deficiency. Physics have named light as an electromagnetic radiation in the visible range this that bla bla BUT UNFORTUNATELY THE SCIENCE HAS NOT EVEN TOUCHED OR DON’T EVEN KNOW THE MAIN USAGE OF LIGHT.

I.e. IT’S IMPACT ON HUMAN LIFE…..which is nothing but Astrology.

As per the Ancient Indian text, the “KURMA PURANA“, the seven planets are to be seen as condensations of the seven cosmic rays. It was understood that our planet Earth is the epitome of the greatest condensation of the cosmic rays.

This is the reason why the first few stones of astrology are about the number of rays which each planet processes.

Sun has 5 rays, moon has 21 rays, Mars has 5 rays, Saturn has 5 rays, mercury has 6 rays, Jupiter has 7 rays, and Venus has 8 rays.

Similarly colors w.r.t planets can also be defined.

Color of the cosmic rays COMING from

Jupiter is YELLOW, Mars is RED, Sun is Dark ORANGE (close to red but not red)

Saturn is BLUE, Mercury is Green, and VENUS is VIOLET.

In color theory, two colors are called complementary if, when mixed in the proper proportion, they produce a neutral color (grey, white, or black).

RED AND GREEN colors are complementary to each other

Therefore mercury and mars is enemies, as red and green cosmic rays can neutralize each other.

Same is the case With BLUE AND ORANGE; both colors are complementary and can neutralize each other…

THATS WHY Saturn and Sun are inimical to each other (but remember that they may also neutralize the bad effect of each other or may purify each other)

Similarly, VENUS AND JUPITER ARE enemy’s, as yellow and violet are complementary to each other and can neutralize each others auspicious results.

Complementary colors when placed side by side make each other appear brighter. 

So for example if Jupiter and Venus are placed 2nd and 12th from each other, they will become temporary friends and will start promoting each other.

Same is the case when mars and mercury are placed 2nd and 12th from each other.

For your information, let me tell you that VENUS AND JUPITER TOGETHER CAN CAUSE BLOODY BATTLES

on mundane level especially when they are in trine to each other but this is only one of the many factors.

Ok so now let’s understand things more deeply that how exactly we can learn astrology through the colors of planets involved.

Consider the conjunction OF JUPITER MARS.



SO THIER PERFECT yog will result into orange color of SUN.

SO perfect yog of Jupiter mars will give the effect of SUN.

But here analysis would be different as sun lords over only 1 rashi that is Leo.

However when we talk of the Combined effect of Jupiter and mars then we know that they together lords over 4 rashi’s (Aries, Scorpio of Mars and Sagittarius, Pieces of Jupiter)

As a result the effect of the combination of 2 planets is always greater than the effect of an individual planet which is sun in this case.

Just for your information, let me tell you that combined effect of the Combination of Jupiter and mars is 72 years(the highest possible in any yog of in astrology); similarly that of Saturn and venus yog is 48 years as per the Lal Kitab.(you can refer Lal kitab for life term of other Yogas)

So I have given you one clue to interpret the abrupt looking conclusions Lal Kitab (Red Book).




So perfect yog of Jupiter and Saturn will work like mercury.

In fact more intense than actual mercury, reason you know, Mercury lords over only 2 rashi’s but Jupiter and Saturn when combined lords of 4 signs plus Jupiter also have 5th,9th full aspects to its credit and Saturn have 3rd and 10th full aspects in its lap apart from their 7th aspects which mercury also have.

We can also understand the process and effect of planetary combinations through the color of their cosmic rays with the help of color wheel where two equilateral triangles inverse to each other can be placed on a circle.

One equilateral triangle is formed by primary colors




AND SECOND inverse EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE is formed secondary colors




IN between secondary and primary color we have tertiary color

for example between blue and violet we have indigo (tertiary)

Just type color wheel on Google to know more about it

Moving ahead, we must remember that we all are nothing but a unique combination of 7 colors of light. I.e. at the time when we were born on a specific time at a specific location, a particular unique combination of 7 colors of light was available in that environment.

Scientists may call it as a different set of electromagnetic radiation field on a specific time and location defined/modified by different levels of wavelength, frequency, intensity, absorption, reflection, emission, refraction w.r.t light etc.

We astrologers are obviously are sitting on a much higher level of understanding when compared to the understanding derived from available scientific tools and can therefore take care of all the above mentioned aspects plus many additional hidden parameters which are not even known by science, through the concepts of astrology and are able to define levels of strengths of each cosmic ray by determining the strength of each planet. Not only this, but we are also able to time the effects of those planets through various dasha systems.

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