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The motive of this write up is to give you all a very wide and unobstructed imagination w.r.t directions which forms the most essential component of Vastu and I will be presenting that imagination in such a manner that those people all over the world who do not even know the ABCD of Vastu, would be the first one to learn something new and that too in a most meticulous manner.  In return I just want that all of you should pray for your friend Nikhil. Remember only your prayers and blessings forces me to share some information which god has given me. The purpose of my life is to keep on collecting never ending blessings.

So, as always let me come straight to the point.

See; understand like this, Vastu is science through which we can live in an absolute synchronization with the Mother Nature and its laws.  Now the question is how?

The other day, a person was asking me that Nikhil, this world is the gift of God to us humans, then how come few places could be auspicious and few are inauspiciousness. Does god believes in doing partiality. I smiled and just told him to read my next article on Vastu and that’s why I am writing this article.

So dear all always remember that no place is inauspicious in itself but the movement of earth, dynamics of wind, and most important, the movement of sun w.r.t earth does create some rules of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness and those very rules are studied under the preview of Vastu.

All in all we have 10 directions, North, South, east, west, north east, south east, south west and North West and the last two directions are up and down. Now to under stand those rules which I was talking about we need to take the help of these directions along with the net movement happening between earth and sun.

In simple words, sun rises from east and sets in the west. This concept is taught to all of us in 1st standard but still hardly anyone of you knows to correctly apply this rule for our benefit. Ok now don’t feel embraced just keep in your mind that Whole Vastu is based on this rule only.


Sun moves from east (where it rises in the morning) to (south east) to (south-mid day) to (south west), to (west-evening time) to (North West) to north (mid night) to North east to east (where it again rises in the morning).

Hope this is very clear.

Now our basic purpose in Vastu is to get maximum benefits of these sun rays.

Since ancient times it’s a well known fact in all cultures of the world, that when sun rises, it marks the start of a new day, a new beginning, a new life, a new energy and you know that we humans have always strived for NEW ENERGY IN OUR LIFE, so where to get that NEW ENERGY from, answer is simple, THE RISING SUN, which brings new zeal of rejuvenating ENERGY WAVES along with it.

Now don’t wonder that what is this confusing concept of energy waves which Nikhil is talking about, just keep on reading, I am explaining. I know some of you are also very smart who already know everything, but dear friend, you will also learn something new, hence you should also keep on reading.

Sun starts preparing for its rise from NORTH EAST and actually rises in east; hence these vital energy waves which are very important for us actually start their Journey from North east direction only making north east the most auspicious direction.

These energy waves which comes out from rising sun are named as prand Vayu in our texts (LIFE ENERGY) is basically divided into 2 types, Saur prand urja(solar life energy- some also call it solar electric life energy) and jaivik prand urja (solar magnetic life energy). Without these Life energies no human being could survive.

So basically from North east electromagnetic waves begins their journey.

Magnetic part or jaivik prand urja take the path from North east to North to North West to west and finally to south west.

Solar Electric part or Saur prand urja takes the path of north east to east to south east to south and finally to south west.

So both these energies/parts starts from North east and finally reach to south west THROUGH DIFFERENT PATHS mentioned above.

Therefore dear all, now you all must be getting some idea that how flow of energy waves due to the net movement of Sun w.r.t earth makes North east direction as the most auspicious direction and since they end their journey in south west direction, so south west become the most inauspicious direction.

I have seen that many people face problems in the understanding or identifying these basic 10 directions.

So, let me clear the mind of those people for whom recognizing directions is an alien kind of a task. They say that Nikhil though we know that sun rises from east but still, what next, where are the other directions. The question sounds stupid but I feel that the most stupid people are actually the most intelligent ones, since there is very less difference between very intelligent and very dumb people.

So friends just read the words of your friend Nikhil very carefully, point both your hands towards the rising sun, now take your right hand in the right direction away from your left hand, as soon as both your hands are at right angle (90 degrees) to each other, your right hand will point towards the exact south direction.  Now just opposite to your left hand is your west direction and just opposite to your right hand is your north direction.

One more exercise which will help your understanding.

Indian subcontinent is present in the south of Asia. I stay in Delhi which is in the north direction of Indian subcontinent. Moving ahead, I stay in the eastern part of Delhi; my colony is in the North eastern part of east Delhi; my building is in the northern part of my colony and finally my exact local address is in the north western part of my building. Right now I am sitting in the western part of my house facing east direction.

Do you understand what I am trying to do? No I am not confusing you nor I am telling you my address. Please don’t laugh, its serious.

I am telling you how play with directions, THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF VASTU.

You must understand how to derive directions, though you all know that sun rises from east but still can you do this activity w.r.t any location on earth.

If you can do this, then you would automatically become half Vastu expert.

So let’s revise again:

India- south Asian country (with reference to Asian continent)

Delhi- North of India (with reference to Indian subcontinent)

My colony:  eastern part of Delhi (with reference to Delhi city)

My building: northern part of my colony. (With reference to my colony)

My local address: north western part of my building. (With reference to my building)

I am in the western part of my house. (With reference to my house)


Hence basically, point which is to be noted is that you can derive 10 different directions w.r.t any point or location. So whether it’s Asia or India or Delhi or your colony or your building or your house, any point will have all the directions. Though this is a very basic point still I am mentioning it because some people do get confused.

Another VERY important point which is to be noted through above example is the importance level of various directions.

FOR ME or FOR MY HOUSE, Direction of Asia will have the maximum importance followed by the direction of India (w.r.t Asia) followed by direction of Delhi (w.r.t India) followed by the direction of my Colony (w.r.t Delhi) followed by the direction of my building (w.r.t my colony) followed by the direction of my house (w.r.t my building) followed by my actual location (w.r.t my house).

Generally Vastu experts do not consider the directions of the continent or sub continent or city or colony since these directions CANNOT BE ALTERED, but since I am teaching you the concept, hence I have mentioned this methodology.

If you can derive your current position through directions, then you only need to know few additional 1000 Vastu rules, to become complete Vastu expert.

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