Hidden Fortune(D-81)

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Again you would not have read anything about this chart and yes please don’t ask me to give you any sources w.r.t this article…as all these information about D-81 chart, which I am giving you right now or about D-108 chart (which I have given you earlier in an article named “how to see the next birth”) are part of my research materials which I am sharing with you all. Though I was having some reservations in sharing all these secret information because people find it difficult to absorb and assimilate such deep information and some people also asks for source and irritate me but then that almighty ordered me to just float this information so that Vedic astrology can gain its earlier prominence in terms of accuracy and all of the general public and astrologers can benefit from it.

So, be ready to get stumped by another great secret of this ancient science, which may take you to the next step towards god as with the help of this kind of secret information one can slowly realize that how meticulously and systematically god has defined the limits of our breadth and lives.

so lets not waste any more time and allow me to hold your hand to take you forward in yet another next level journey of D-81 chart (after D-108 chart which I have deeply described in my earlier article) of Vedic astrology.

This divisional chart has a great word to say about the HIDDEN fortune of the native. I have highlighted this hidden word because I really want all of you to stabilize your minds on this very word to understand and feel the essence of this chart. Hidden here could also mean some unexpected or unknown force or could be a divine force too.

Before posting whatever little knowledge I have about this very important chart (due to the blessings of God) would like to mention to my readers few very useful points.

Navamsa chart or D-9 plays a significant role in correctly ascertaining and modifying the final prediction results for any native.

Having said that, we must also remember that the Atmakaraka position (planet with highest degree in lagan chart in any sign) in D-9 and the strength of the 9th house of D-9 chart are the most IMPORTANT parameters to analyze in a navamsa chart. (D-9)

Or in other words the strength/soul of the navamsa chart lies and rests in 2 parameters

a) In its 9th HOUSE and

b) The strength/influence/position of the atma karak.

Therefore both 9th house and the Atmakaraka are the Treasure points of the navamsa chart.

Here it must be remembered that although each single bhava and planet has its own importance but still 9th house & Atmakaraka in the navamsa chart are above all.

Just Like the an Elephant in animals,

Ganga in the rivers,

Himalayas in the mountains and

Sun in the planets

The above mentioned introduction was absolute necessary to make a dive into D-81 chart treasures.

Now coming back to point of our focus

D-81 just acts like a navamsa of the navamsa chart (that’s why it is called Nav-Navamsa chart)

or D-9 of D-9.


Hence in brief, D-81 is the Hidden FORTNE WINDOW present in the 9th house of navamsa chart.

Having said that, it also brings to the surface the hidden nature of Atmakaraka and dharma (another name of D-9 chart) both.

That’s why I have explained the importance of the 9th house & Atmakaraka in the navamsa chart earlier.

Remember no where I am saying that other factors are not important but the above 2 parameters are very important.

Ok so let’s move ahead.

Take one concept very straight


For example 2nd house of D-81 chart- will show the hidden money, add the parameters of planets which is placed in or aspecting the 2nd bhava, and the strength of those planets. Obviously when we say Strength of the 2nd lord or planets placed in 2nd house then by strength we not only mean the strength of the 2nd lord in D-81 chart but also mean the whole shadbala of that planet and how exactly it is working in Lagan,D-9 and D-60 charts( the 3 most important charts)

similarly 11th house will represent hidden gains through hidden fortune, 12th house hidden losses through hidden fortune, 8th house hidden ideas or hidden struggle or hidden long term disease, hidden knowledge etc through hidden fortune, 4th house may tell you about hidden general happiness through hidden fortune, 7th house-hidden happiness from spouse, business, long term partnership through hidden fortune, like this.

Start the analysis of D-81 chart by judging the strength of the Atmakaraka and obviously its placement. This would be the first parameter indicating the strength of the general hidden fortune.

Also notice its position in the chart as that particular bhava qualities would be significantly visible in the natives fortune.

See the aspect and conjunctions which are influencing the Atmakaraka, also look which all planets are in Kendra with Atmakaraka.

The above is necessary because the planet, aspecting/conducting/or in Kendra with Atmakaraka would manipulate the effects seen from Atmakaraka about the hidden fortune.

Presence of shubh planet in a particular bhava will show the sources of hidden fortune with respect to the qualities of that bhava.

Remember we are not looking at RAJ YOGAS and any materialistic aspects from this chart, this is just to see the divine push in the form of planetary qualities of planets influencing those bhavas and w.r.t the parameters of a particular bhava you have to just see, in which all bhavas planets are placed whether those planets are comfortable over there or not if yes that planet will confer hidden fortune to the native w.r.t that bhava(according to the qualities of the planet involved) and if not no hidden fortune will be experienced by the native w.r.t that parameters of that bhava, so keep it simple and for GOD sake do not complicate the things. I have seen that people find it difficult to apply the simple things and then fall prey to the concepts by complicating them.

For example if somebody have Jupiter and moon in 11th House (being the lord of 9th, 2nd and 5th houses) for Scorpio lagan

Now how to interpret….in very brief…so that you all can understand the gist of things….

Jupiter and moon in 11th house in Virgo: 11th house represent hidden gains through hidden fortune, i.e. hidden gains through speech, family, available money in hand (Jupiter being the lord of 2nd House), education, job, romance, Kids , past merits etc (Jupiter also being the lord of 5th house), divine grace, religion, father, fortune(Moon being the lord of 9th house)

Further results will be modified by analyzing the lord of 11th house and planet aspecting the 11th house….and the strengths of all the planets involved(also thier orientation in D-1,D-9 and D-60 charts)

Here, also add the qualities of the planets involved to the result like here we have to take qualities of Jupiter and moon also in consideration.

This analysis will give the complete analysis of the hidden gains through hidden fortune.

Like wise hidden fortune w.r.t all the bhavas can be determined….and then the sum results could be declared after analyzing all the 12 bhavas of D-81 chart. This sum result should be finally interpreted in the light of the results coming from Lagan/cusp chart, D-9 chart and D-60 chart.

Om tat Sat.

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