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Kashinath Hora chart & Narayan Dasha

There are 11-12 different forms of Hora chart, each signifying a different aspect But when we talk about Hora chart in general, the first thing which comes to our mind is “WEALTH”, Kashi Nath Hora is the best form of Hora chart to peep into the wealth aspects of the native.

Some would know about this chart, for others, this may be a new concept anyways. In any case, we all are aware of the normal Hora chart, so let me first explain the difference between the two and then I will come to the importance of this chart.

General Hora Calculation

Sage Parashara taught that the first halves of odd signs and the second halves even signs go into Sun’s Hora. He also taught that the first halves of even signs and the second halves odd signs go into Moon’s Hora.

For example, suppose Jupiter is at 15 degree’ 23 minutes in Dhanu in my chart. Dhanu is an odd sign. The given longitude is in the second half (15 to 30 degree) of dhanu. Thus it goes into Moon’s Hora. So Jupiter is in Moon’s Hora.

As another example, suppose in my chart Venus is at 22 degree 3 minutes’ in Scorpio. Scorpio is an even sign. The given longitude is in the second half (15 to 30 degree) of Scorpio. Thus it goes into Sun’s Hora.

Hora Chart Construction

If a planet is in “Sun’s Hora” or “Moon’s Hora”, astrologers normally use an interpretation that puts the planet in Leo or Cancer respectively. As per this interpretation, Sun’s Hora means Leo in Hora chart and Moon’s Hora means Cancer in Hora chart.

This results in a Hora chart that has all the planets in two signs – Cancer and Leo.

Now the question is, Is it correct to place all planets in just two signs always? How can such a chart be interpreted?

Some astrologers disagree with this interpretation and therefore use alternatives that utilize all the twelve signs.

Kashinath Hora Chart

The real Hora chart variation that shows wealth, as taught in the tradition of Sri Achyuta Dasha, is known as “Kashinath Hora” chart, and named after Pt. Kashinath Rath. This chart is based on the classification of signs into signs that are strong during the day and signs that are strong during the night.

Sun represents day-strong signs, i.e. Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces. Moon represents night-strong signs, i.e. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn.

It may be noted that each planet owns exactly two signs owns one day-strong sign and one night-strong signs. There is a fable that says that Sun and Moon originally owned six signs each and gave away one sign each from their six signs to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Thus, Sun’s Hora and Moon’s Hora refer to the day-strong and night-strong signs among the two signs owned by a planet. For this purpose, Leo and Cancer form a pair, even though they are not owned by the same planet.

An example, suppose Jupiter is at 15 degree’ 23 Minutes in Dhanu in my chart. Dhanu is an odd sign. The given longitude is in the second half (15 to 30 degree) of dhanu. Thus it goes into Moon’s Hora. So Jupiter will go its night strong sign which is dhanu itself in Kashinath Hora.

As another example, suppose in my chart Saturn is at 24 degree 20 Minutes in Libra, now Libra is an odd sign,  The given longitude is in the second half (15 to 30 degree ) of Libra. So Saturn will go in Moon’s Hora. Now search for the night strong sign under the lordship of Venus, which is Taurus, So my Saturn would be placed in Taurus in Kashinath Hora chart.

Another concept.

The second lord of Rashi chart is the karyesha for Hora chart. This placement and strength in Hora chart is a key factor, even though not the sole factor, in determining one’s wealth.

Sun, Mars and Jupiter are strong in day-strong signs. Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are strong in night-strong signs.

Hora Narayana Dasha

Narayana Dasha of the Hora chart is the best tool for timing events related to a native’s finances. This shows where Narayana (effort) is at a given time, in the financial environment in which one’s physical existence takes place.

Calculation of Hora Narayana Dasha is simple. Mark the 2nd house in Rashi chart. Find the position of its lord in Hora chart. Take that sign as Lagan and find Narayana Dasha of the Hora chart just like that of the Rashi chart.

For example, suppose in my case Scorpio rises in Rashi chart and again Scorpio rises in Hora chart. The 2nd house of Rashi chart is dhanu. Its lord is Jupiter. Now Jupiter is placed in Cancer in Hora chart. Take Cancer as Lagan. Start Hora Narayana Dasha from the stronger of Cancer and Capricorn (its opposite sign) and find Dasha sequence and Dasha lengths treating Hora chart as Rashi chart.

Each Dasha is judged by examining the Dasha sign (or the 7th from it, if Dashas were initiated from the 7th). The placement of Dasha sign and its paaka (sign containing Dasha sign’s lord) from Lagan and its bhoga (Arudh pada of Dasha sign) from AL are examined.

How to use it effectively?

1) Select the period for which you want to see the money aspects say in 2020.

2) See, which Narayana (Rashi) Dasha (For D-2 charts) is under progression in that period.

3) After identifying the concerned rashi, just note these factors.

a) Check, In which bhava from the Hora lagan, this rashi is occurring (like Kendra, trikond, 2nd and 11th are good).

b) Check the placement and strength of that Rashi lord.

c) Check the placement of this rashi lord with respect to the AL of Hora chart….

d) Check the Arudh of the house in which that rashi is coming. (Malefic and benefic influence there).

e) Check, what is the placement of the above mentioned Arudh with respect to the AL of Hora chart. (Like if it is 2nd, 11th, 7th its very good…in Kendra or trikond it is good).

f) Also check which House Arudh is occurring in the identified rashi (Like suppose if AL6, AL8 etc, are occurring then it is bad for the results)

In the ancient time this form of Hora chart was extensively used with NADI Jyotish to identify the lagan of the native (as in nadi Jyotish – bhavas are not given importance)…

They used to take Hora lagan as lagan of rashi chart and say the results.

Rest all things were seen as per Nadi Jyotish.

Like Venus Jupiter conjunction in nadi Jyotish (Irrespective of the bhava) shall be interpreted as.

Venus is bhoga (It also signify wife, elder sister, daughter, daughter in law) and Jupiter is jeeva ( I )

Therefore it could be said that Wife would be Noble, spiritual, virtuous etc Elder sister, Daughter, Daughter in law would be fortunate(because of the influence of Jupiter on venus)

and also vice versa…due to the influence of venus on Jupiter , jeeva would experience bhoga, affluence learning in many areas including (that of healing) as venus represents mritsanjeevani booti).

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