How to see the next birth(D-108)

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Only few know about this, this is indeed the rarest concept of Vedic astrology. No astrological text had ever disclosed this.
Yes we have all read that 5th house represents future birth, some say that 8th house has some clue, some say without 12th house ,this judgment cannot be made and other go to judge these houses in navamsa. Few regard, 5th house of dwadasamsa chart (D-12) as the clue for this.
Keep all the above, tits bits of information aside and just read the following posts.
Firstly just go through this.
If you have gone through above articles, you would agree that, There is not a single number which has more relevance than 108.
In our Vedic astrology too, Chart D-108 is not an ordinary one. It varies every minute and only after the rectification of D-60, it can be fixed.
Have YOU EVER thought why every thing stops at 108???
Life begins at dwadasamsa chart (D12) (first trikond), so it is analogous to our lagan chart.
12* 5= 60 (2nd trikond)
So D60 relates to our past birth karmas (or past birth chart)
12*9 = 108 (3rd trikond)
So D108 definitely relates to our future birth.
The above concept should be taken for understanding purpose, not for calculation purpose.
In most of our ancient text, D-108 is regarded as the last chart.
Horoscope reading oscillates between these three trikond charts.
D12—-D60—-D108 and as, I said Lagan chart is analogous to our dwadasamsa chart and navamsa is a supporting strength for both lagan and dwadasamsa charts.
Now I would be explaining all the aspects of D-108 chart.
Lagan, 2nd, 3rd and 4th houses of D-108, gives information about our past life, next four houses gives information about our present life and last four about next life in particular.
Hence 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th houses of D-108 are of utmost importance as they are the houses of next birth in our Next birth chart or they are pure reflection of our next birth, without any mix up, before going ahead Note that Increase / decrease in the strength of each planet from shatyamsa (D-60) chart to D-108 chart can be used as a mirror, to see nature of our karmas in this life.
We can easily make out, in which aspect of life, we are going wrong.
If somebody is having uchh mercury in 7th house of shatyamsa and swarashi Venus in 8th house there!
In D-108 chart if the native is having mars in 7th house in kanya and neech sun in 8th, It gives very clear picture that the native has got very nice wife in this life but due to his bad karmas in context of wife he has spoiled the vitality of his 7th house which is reflected in D-108 house, with the placement of mars in 7th house in kanya in D-108 and deliberated sun in 8th house.
12th house of D-108 is the will give you the final decision as that will the native receive “moksha” or not.
Few conditions;
1) If Atmakaraka is placed in 12th house of D-108 chart (in strength) with sun. (Atmakaraka should be in strength, swarashi, uchh or Mooltrikona)
Moksha is due in this life.
2) If 12th lord is placed in 12th house of D-108 chart with Atmakaraka in strength (there should be no other aspect) and sun is in its swa or uchh rashi.
Moksha is due in this life.
3) If all the planets are present in their own or uchh rashi’s, moksha is due.
4) If suppose 4 planets are exalted or swarashi in D-108 chart.
Then 3 births are still left for native to experience similarly if only 2 planets are not exalted or swarashi, 2 births are still due. If 12th lord is placed in lagan of D-108 chart, One birth is still left for the native to experience, if placed in 2nd house, 2 births are left similarly in this manner if placed in 11th house, 12 births are still left to experience.
Planet aspecting or present in lagan or 7th house of D-108 chart, Will give information regarding the qualities of the native that dominated him in this life Or about the qualities which were most visible to the external world in this life and the strength of that planet will determine that, how well he has carried those qualities in this life ( If the native has misused those very qualities, then strength of that planet will show a decrease as compared to shatyamsa chart). 2nd and 4th houses of D-108, will give a very clear indication about the family, we would be getting in the next birth.
Presence of mercury, Jupiter, Venus and moon in 2nd house (in strength), Presence of Venus, Jupiter, moon in 4th house (in strength) will clearly indicate the royal next birth.
Exalted planets will also show the same thing.
Number of planets placed in 11th house of D-108 chart will account for number of births left for the native.
2 planets— 2 births
3 planets— 3 births.
Here i want to clarify that actual count of number of births would be obtained only after the application of all the conditions (which I am describing in different posts).
We all know that 3 gund dominate us namely tamsik gund, rajsik gund, satvic gund. Placement of dual rashi’s in the Kendra of D-108 chart will represent the dominance of satvic gund in our next life. Similarly, chara rashi means tamsik gund & Sthira rashi gives rajsik gund.
After applying, above mentioned condition, also check the strength of the corresponding planets.
Jupiter and sun for satvic gund, Venus, mercury for rajsik gund and Saturn, mars, Rahu, ketu for tamsik gund.
Or you can say if satvic planets are weak and Kendra has dual rashi’s then satvic gund will not dominate.
On the strength of sun, moon, Jupiter and lagan and satvic rashi’s (satvic gund) and weakness of rajsik and tamsik gund, we can decide that whether person will go to “uchh loks” after death or will again take birth on earth.
“Remember there is a difference between getting moksha and going to uchh loks”
After getting moksha, soul goes to “Param dham, vaikunth lok”, uchh loks Can be dev lok, Brahma lok etc.
If atma karak is getting exalted in D-108 chart and lagan is having, very strong shubh mala yog (like placement of uchh planets in 2nd, 12th and lagan) and also sun and moon have good strength, then the soul would most definitely go to uchh loks (in next life).
Influence of sun, Jupiter, Saturn, ketu and moon (in strength) on 9th house of D-108 clearly shows that native would follow spiritualism in his next life.
Nature of Lord of 6th house in D-108 will show the nature of kind of enemies you will face in your next life and its placement in D-108 will show, that on what cost you will defeat him or you loose to him.
For example if the lord of 6th house is mercury- enemies in your next life would be intelligent and would be an expert in planning as Mars- shows ,they would use their muscle power, Jupiter- shows ,they would be very knowledgeable and calm. Similarly nature can be determined.
Now if suppose 6th lord in D-108 is placed in 2nd house.
It would give an indication that your family member is involved in the conspiracy and his aim would be your family or money and to defeat him, your speech and money power would prove beneficial in the next life.
(Paap prabhav on this 6th lord would mean your defeat)
If suppose 6th lord is place in 5th house, It would mean that enemy will have a direct impact on your mind.
He can ruin your mental peace and progress of your kids in next life and to defeat him, your intelligence would prove beneficial.
Similarly results can derived!
Placement of uchh or swarashi planets (should include Atmakaraka) in the 4th, 8th and 12th houses of D-108 chart is a clear indication of liberation from birth death cycle after this life.
Note that no planet should be in deliberation in D-108 for the fulfillment of the above condition also the 3 planets in 4th, 8th and 12th houses should not enter in a planetary war.
Nature and strength of the 10th lord of D-108 chart indicates the nature and strength of karmas we are doing or going to do, in this life.
Placement of the 10th lord in D-108 will signify the qualities or parameters involved in carrying out those karmas. For example If 10th lord is sitting in the 7th house, It would mean that karmas have an attribute of business, foreign travel, reputation building, Involvement of females etc.
If 10th lord is sitting in 2nd house, It would mean that karmas are linked with money (w.r.t qualities of that planet), family, speech (public speaking etc), teaching etc.
Few more concepts about D-108 chart, through which our current life could be neatly sketched.
Just learn this;
1st house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 5th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and Lagan chart)
2nd house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 6th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and Lagan chart)
3rd house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 7th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and Lagan chart)
4th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 8th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and Lagan chart)
5th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 9th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and Lagan chart)
6th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 10th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and Lagan chart)
7th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 11th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and Lagan chart)
8th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 12th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and Lagan chart)
9th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 1st house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and Lagan chart).
10th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 2nd house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and Lagan chart)
11th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 3rd house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and Lagan chart)
12th house of D-108 chart is the sum outcome of 4th house of (shatyamsa chart, Navamsa and Lagan chart)
Presence of strong lagan adhi yog in D-108 chart will surely reflect.
That native will become an emperor in the next birth.
For example; If moon, Jupiter, mercury and venus are present in 6th, 7th and 8th house with strength in D-108 chart like;
Venus exalted in 6th house, moon exalted in 8th house and Jupiter in 7th house.
Jupiter exalted in 6th house, mercury exalted in 8th house and moon in 7th house.
Moon exalted in 6th house, Jupiter exalted in 8th house and venus in 7th house.
11th house of D-108 will account for net result of all the accumulated desires in all the previous births.
For example; Presence of uchh ketu in 11th house will show that all the desires of native all fulfilled and therefore will become one of the indications for final “moksha”
Presence of uchh Saturn in 11th house will show that, path of meditation on which native was walking in his past births is still left unexplored, which would take one more birth to be explored completely.
Uchh Jupiter in 11th— would mean native has acquired all the knowledge in his past lives, and will enter in a phase of meditation in next life.
Uchh venus in 11th— It would mean that all the worldly desires for the native are fulfilled, and will now start acquiring supreme knowledge in his next life.
Similarly results for other planets could be derived, ABOVE results are applicable only when there is no malefic influence on the said planets.
Any relation between trikond lords and 11th lord in D108 chart would most definitely mean that native is not following spiritualism in this life and he is moving away from satva gund.
Similarly relation of trikond lord with 12th lord would mean that native is on the path of spiritualism in this life.
Above results are conclusive only when the involved planets are free of malefic influences
Strong relations between 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 10th and 11th lords in D-108 chart is a clear indication that native would lead a very luxurious life in his next birth without following the path of dharma.
Strong relations between 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 12th lords in D-108 chart is similarly a clear indication that native would be devoted to the path of dharma in his next life.
If the D-108 chart have uchh or swarashi planets in 1st, 2nd, 12th, 5th, 9th houses with no malefic influence
on 4th ,6th,8th and 10th houses then native will acquire a seat of Indra in his next life and would mean that Lord Indra has taken incarnation on earth due to some curse.
If all the planets are present in the 12th house of D-108 chart, It would most definitely assure him, next life in vaikunth lok (Lok of lord Vishnu).
If all the planets are placed in 3rd, 7th and 11th house of D-108 chart, with Venus and mars conjuncting each other. It would mean that Native will earn money through prostitution in his next life.
Facts on D-108 may look less relevant and may appear to have a tenuous basis but the case is just reverse.
Only few people in India, know about the correct usage of shatyamsa chart (D-60) with the help of Moola dasha and let me assure you that if someone knows about the same , THIS D-108 chart will turn out be the Platinum chart of the whole Vedic astrology.
You must be wondering how?
From the ancient times itself, astrology is used as the prime tool, which could help us to understand the karma cycle of the nature.
The above understanding involve a very close tracking of the strengths of planets present in our charts and then as per that to , bring a change in our day to day deeds
so that we can achieve our final destination (Attainment of enlightenment).
CHANGE IN THE STRENGTHS OF EACH PLANET FROM SHATYAMSA TO D-108 is the final verdict of that understanding.
D-108 is the first rough sketch of our next birth chart.
So if the strength of the venus is decreasing from shatyamsa chart to D-108, we very clearly know where to improve as it would mean that, we are not on the right track as far as the qualities of venus are concerned hence we have a reasonable chance to alter that rough sketch ( and This very knowledge is the purpose of the whole astrology)
Lagan and navamsa charts can tell you nothing concrete about these most important aspects of astrology.
Hence D-108 is the most important chart- to see the progress of our soul.
You can derive the conditions of moksha from 2 ways
1) D-60, D-108
2) Death chart.
Both will give the same result and both can be independently analyzed
Whatever rules I have listed in this thread have to be applied simultaneously.
For example; let me first list all rules concerning calculating number of future births, once again.
1) Number of births left as per the placement of 12th lord.
2) Number of birth left as per the, Number of planets who have not gained “swarashi, and exaltation strength”
3) Number of birth as per the No. of planets placed in 11th house.
See whether rule no. 3 is applicable or not (like if the 11th house is empty apply the first rule)
Find out the number out of the rule no. 1 or 3(which ever applicable)
Then add the Number derived from rule no. 2, you will get the no. of births left.
If rule 3 is applicable then add that no. also to the final number.
POINTS TO BE NOTED or exceptions;
1) All the rules which I have mentioned for giving MOKSHA preside over above three rules.
2) If a planet is getting swarashi or uchh in 11th house, DO NOT the count that planet for deriving no. of births left.
I don’t know whether I have mentioned this earlier or not.
Atmakaraka, sun and moon are very important planets in D-108, If all three are either swarashi or exalted and If any one out of these 3 gets exalted in 12th house of D-108 with no malefic influence, then it confirms Moksha
Further any paap prabhav on a grah further adds to the number of births equivalent to its Maximum rays.
Sun = 30, Mars = 6, Jupiter = 10, Moon = 16, Mercury = 8, Venus = 12 & Saturn = 1
Here point to note is, any planet could prove malefic as per its placement and conjunction in D-108 chart.
like if exalted venus is aspecting Jupiter placed in Virgo with its neech aspect then no. of births from Jupiter would become 3(6-7,7-8,8-9)+12(contributed by venus rays)
Also remember that if a planet is exalted or swarashi then the added births due to planetary rays SHOULD NOT be taken into account.
Like if the same Venus in pieces aspects exalted mercury in Virgo then there would be no added births from venus rays.
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