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How does MARAK (which can Kill) PLANET FUNCTION?

In my discussions with many senior astrologers, I have noticed that very very few people have complete clarity in their mind w.r.t Marak grah i.e. How to use it?

Is it that Marak grah will always behave Like Marak? If Yes why, If No why?

If yes, is it more malefic than 6th or 8th lords? If yes why, If NO why?

What about the status of the planets placed with marak grah, yes they could also behave as marak, but question is when, why and how?

If both 2nd and 7th lords are Marak; who would be the prabal (Strong) marak?

Concept of Marak

Ideally, Lord of 2nd and 7th houses is known as marak grah.


Marak should be IDENTIFIED AS THE CUSP LORDS OF 2nd and 7th house RATHER than simply the house lords of 2nd and 7th house.

Though 2nd and 7th houses are good for material and relationships matter but are considered as Marak ( since can cause death)

Here I must tell you all, although out of context but still.

2nd house PROMOTES nature of lagan, 12th house SUPPORTS that nature and 7th house MODIFIES that nature.

Anyways coming back;

For Mesh lagan Venus becomes the prabal marak and for Tula lagan Mars becomes the Prabal Marak.

Though some take Saturn as the Prabal marak which is not true, Saturn believes in giving suffering to make native understand the rules of universe, Jupiter can kill but Saturn cannot.

Though 6th/8th and 12th houses are considered as bad houses, but when it comes to death, Marak lords (2nd and 7th CUSP lords) are also considered bad.

That is Marak grah has a definite role to play in the matters of death along with trik Lords (6th, 8th and 12th lords)


HOU MUCH ROLE or to what EXTENT a Marak will play in the matters of Death, has to be analyzed, by “How Much role”, I mean, at what slot in the DASHA sequence is Marak occurring to cause death (Maha dasha, antardasha, parayantar dasha, sookshma dasha) i.e. the role could be minimum when Marak lord is just occurring in sookshma dasha, while in the Maha, antar and parayantar dasha of 6th,8th,12th lords etc its role could be greater.

Marak planet would play his MINIMUM role when it is UNAFFLICTED and strong enough (Swarashi, Mooltrikona, exaltation or friends house without any malefic influence)

Similarly it would play a greater role by appearing in maha, antar dashas etc or may occupy even 2 slots (Like Maha and paranytra dasha) simultaneously, WHEN this MARAK PLANET is afflicted or WEAK.

CRUX of the Matter is the strength of the marak planet (As per the CUSP lord of 2nd and 7th lord) will decide the level of interference of marak planet.

If he is strong placement wise, rashi wise, shadvarga wise etc. without any malefic influence.

then he would play limited role in causing death or I should say , he will just give the final FINISHING TOUCH(that’s why I said SOOKSHMA dasha) while the major role would be played by 6th,8th and 12th lords.

If he is not strong or afflicted Marak could be the primary reason for death instead of 6th, 8th and 12th lords.

Note : ROLE of MARAK planet will always be there, it could be less or as I said last finishing touch BUT WITHOUT MARAK role death could not occur, irrespective of the fact whether marak is powerful or not THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT POINT.

Here, I am again repeating my words that CUSP LORDS OF 2ND AND 7TH house should be TAKEN as MARAK grah this is very important as otherwise the whole calculation will go wrong.

NORMAL lords of 2nd and 7th house as per the lagan chart WILL NOT DO THE TASK.

So KP or cusp chart is very important.

For the matters other than death, marak planet should not be considered as BAD, like trik lords are considered generally bad.

Here, always remember that 8th house/lord is most malefic, after that comes the 6th house/lord and then comes the 12th house/lord (which is somewhat neutral, its effect is dependent on the malefic or benefic influence on it).

If sun or moon is the 8th lord then both 6th and 8th lords are equally malefic (that is 8th lord is somewhat lesser malefic)-this is again very important.

But when we come to death matters, marak grah is equally bad as 8th lord is, this is extremely important to understand but as I said only when it is weak of under malefic influence.

Most of the astrologer’s just mix things in a wrong way, like while seeing death, if you start giving more importance to 12th or 6th lord and less importance to marak and 8th lord, you are actually committing a BIG BLUNDER or even less importance to marak and more importance to 8th lord which is wrong.

Many astrologers, without ascertaining the general age, just jump to see the effect of Marak which is also wrong.

One should first have a clear idea that whether the person has madhyaaayu or chiraayu etc also one should see that whether or not the native has unexpected death (aakal Mrityu)

Just with the glimpse of a chart, an astrologer should be able to ascertain, that whether the native would have natural death or violent (unnatural death or aakal Mrityu).

Unnatural death could be due to accident (Fire, air, water, earth (vehicle) related), suicide, black magic, in operation theater or murder etc.

To see the presence of unnatural death in the chart;

Just look closely these three factors as they are sufficient enough.

1) Moon

2) 8th house

3) 8th lord

If there is a SIMULTANEOUS malefic influence of sun, Saturn, mars, ketu and Rahu on the above three factors (With no shubh prabhav or benefic influence) the native would face an unnatural death in the dasha, antardasha of the planets involved.

Note: For determining the kind of death, the nature of planets should be seen like mars, ketu are specifically violent, so can give violent death.

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