Purpose of Astrology

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People generally ask …..What is use of astrology…..How can a common man take benefit from Astrology….. If every thing is predefined……?


Astrology or Jyotish is a Divine science of Light,here first of all we need to understand that why Jyotish is Divine.

The answer is simple

It is applicable to all the yonis(Humans & All species of animals,birds,insects,plants,Grass and trees etc) which exist on this planet.

God himself cannot escape the effects of planets,in case of his incarnation.

Now as soon as we say that a particular science is applicable to all living beings….and therefore we are giving it a stature of DIVINE then then then INDIRECTLY we are accepting Jyotish as an Ultimate or Universal standard or Reference to give a rational basis to all the possible questions which a human mind can think of.

Why somebody is a politician,scientist,beggar,soldier,teacher,sportsman,singer,dancer,laborer, pilot.etc?

Why this event(Good or bad) happened in his or her life or in this country?

What kind of person he is,his nature,character etc.?

What is there in the future of an individual or country or world.?

JYOTISH has the answer to all,no other science can claim this.

Now when a leaner of astrology start learning Jyotish step by step….slowly and steadily….he also start getting the answers to all the possible questions in the world.

and THEN he start REALIZING that what a magician that GOD is….how meticulously he is managing this world and universe,he also realizes..that nothing lies in his hand & he is only subjected to action…but has no control over its consequential actions.(Message of Gita)He understand the importance of purity of actions…and all that is mentioned in Gita.

Apart from this an astrologer can also learn the PAST,PRESENT and future path of his soul which is actually indestructible…hence he can change the course of his actions to align himself with that path of divinity..meant for each soul.

And therefore above all….the native can realize GOD himself and get liberated from this never ending cycle of birth and death…what else a human can want.?

Common man…due to his ignorance…only look at the materialistic part of the Jyotish..and fails to look at actual motive of this divine vidhya.

Instead of asking the astrologer….”who am I”

“What have I done in my past lives because of which I am here”

“What can I do to purify my soul”

“How can I realize god through Jyotish”

people are only concerned about…

“when will I get a Job”

” tell me something about the looks of my spouse”

“Tell me whether my girlfriend will come back to me or not…”

“Can I invest my money here or there”

“should I do business or Job”

bla bla bla……they fail to understand that results of all these things are beyond the control of a human being.

Human Mind is developed in such a manner …that whatever or anything which is beyond its comprehension…the mind outrightly rejects it….instead of accepting that his/her mind can also have some serious limitations because of which he may not be able to see what it should see.

We Judge everything on the basis of our logic….but neglect the fact that …what is the limit of our logic….In other words fails to measure the level of our logic.

Jyotish or Astrology..if understood correctly and deeply….can satisfy all the logical temptations of a Human mind…..and in the end…native or person realizes that his logic is actually an ant in front of the eternal truth or God himself….since God can defy any logic…he is beyond the scope of time,space and dimensions….never started and therefore can never end.

Finally when the faith substitutes this rascal logic….native finds himself in the ocean of peace.

We need to understand that …we cannot measure GOD through the instrument of logic…thousands of such instruments will break…in front of your eyes….and as soon as you surrender yourself onto his divine feet with full faith….you will find that logic along with all the powers of this universe will start serving you considering you as their master

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