Pushkar Navamsa

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Pushkar Bhaga/ Navamsa-Auspicious ones(Division which nurtures)

Remember, Both Bhaga and Navamsa are different, bhaga are exact degrees and navamsa is of 03 degree and 20 minutes.

As per Jataka Parijata- Adhyaya 1 Shloka 58 gives the following degrees:

21º Aries (Libra Navamsa)

19º Leo (Virgo Navamsa )

23º Sagittarius (Libra Navamsa )

Venus nakshatras and Agni tatva or Fire signs

14º Taurus (Taurus Navamsa  and Vargottammi- Moon nakshatra),

9º Virgo (Pisces Navamsa – Sun nakshatra),

14º Capricorn (Taurus Navamsa – Moon nakshatra)

Earth signs or bhoomi tatva signs

18º Gemini (Pisces Navamsa – Rahu nakshatra),

24º Libra (Taurus Navamsa – Jupiter nakshatra),

19º Aquarius (Pisces Navamsa – Rahu nakshatra)

Vayu tatva or Air signs

8º Cancer (Virgo Navamsa )

11º Scorpio (Libra Navamsa ),

9º Pisces (Virgo Navamsa )

Saturn nakshatras and Water signs(Jal tatva)

The planet which is in Pushkar bhaga or navamsa, behaves in an auspicious manner, even if that planet happens to be in debilitated navamsa, as per some the result of such planet is equivalent or more than that of a Vargottammi planet.

For example: Just look at my birth details, where Saturn is placed in Pushkar bhaga and navamsa: 02nd Nov 1984, 09:11:18am, chandni chowk, Delhi, India.

Here the actual result of this fact will be experienced in the dasha of Saturn.(which in my case would start from 2019-20)

The result would further improve, since in my chart Saturn is also exalted in 11th house(as per the cusp chart) in exchange with Venus in Navamsa and in the nakshatra of Jupiter. The sign & navamsa depositor of this Saturn i.e. Venus is also very strong in the chart from many angles.

Even a Neecha planet start giving fal like exalted planet, if it simultaneously fall in Pushkar navamsa and Bhaga both.

There are total 24 Pushkar Navamsa (Every Sign has 2 Pushkar Navamsa), so 12*2=24

For Agni Tatva rashi’s(Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

7th and 9th navamsa

For Bhoomi Tatva Rashi’s(Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

3rd and 5th navamsa

For Vayu Tatva rashi’s(Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

6th and 8th Navamsa

For Jal tatva Rashi’s(Cancer, Scorpio, Pieces)

1st and 3rd navamsa

While doing strength calculation of planets, a Planet in Pushkar navamsa can be given, 1 Rupa-30 Virupa (i.e. 1 and a half Rupa) strength and a Planet in Pushkar Bhaga can be given 2 Rupa Strength.

In other words a planet in pushkar Bhaga is twice as powerful as an exalted planet.

Further, as per your freind Nikhil, you can allot 1 Rupa, strength to a Rashi Vargottam planet. (An exalted planet also gets 1 Rupa strength; a planet having Kendra bal also gets 1 Rupa strength)

So a Rashi Vargottam planet has the same power as an exalted planet have.

The above mentioned strength allocation concept is NOT mentioned in any Astrological book. I am telling you this as per my little humble experience by the grace of god.

Similarly moon getting complete Paksha Bal, i.e. 2 Rupa (during full moon and new moon), is twice as powerful as compared to an exalted moon (which gets only 1 Rupa strength).

These tips are especially important for those people, who are not aware of any concept of astrology except exaltation. Your friend Nikhil has seen many astrologers and beginners, who will automatically declare any planet very strong just by seeing them in their exalted signs. Obviously this is a completely wrong approach of handling astrology since 100’s of concepts have to be taken into account before declaring any planet strong or weak.

Strength and auspiciousness measuring of a planet is done with the help of all the shad bal and non shad bal factors, just a quick briefing for you all:

Strength through Shad bal consists of:

a)     Sthan Bal (contains Uchh bal, Sapt vargaj bal, Oja yugma bal, Dreshkana bal, Kendra bal etc)

b)     Dig bal

c)     Drik bal

d)     Chestha bal

e)     Naisargik bal

f)      Kaal bal (Contains Natonata Bal, Paksha bal, Varsh, Maas, Din, Hora bal, Ayan Bal, Yudhh Bal etc)

Apart from Shad bal you need to see many other Non-Shad bal factors like, determining:

a)     Strength of sign lord of a planet (sign lord has to be analyzed separately for strength with the help of 10’s of other concepts).

b)     Strength of Navamsa sign lord of a planet. (Navamsa sign lord has to be analyzed separately for strength with the help of 10’s of other concepts).

c)     Strength which comes from Vargottam (both Rashi and Bhava) concept.

d)     Strength which comes from Pushkar Navamsa and Bhaga concept.

e)     Strength which gets lost through Combustion.

f)      Strength which gets lost through bad Avastha.

g)     Strength which gets lost through Planetary War.

h)     Strength which comes from different house placements of the planet. (Like mth lord in nth house).

i)      Strength which comes from Argala concept.

j)      Strength which comes from Arudha concept

k)     Strength which gets lost through Marana Sthan concept etc

All these concepts are not part of Shad bal. All these concepts have to be applied w.r.t all the planets, only after that prediction should be made.

Hope this short article from your friend Nikhil would help you people to understand the importance of holistic analysis which I keep repeating on my discussion networks.

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