Rahu and Ketu(Lunar Nodes)

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Rahu and Ketu-Lets talk about them;


1) They amplIfy the power of their depositor.

in their dasha antardasha.

(Lord of rashi in which they are sitting)

2)  They amplIfy the power of planets sitting with them or aspecting them.

so they are nothing but amplIfiers.

Some nadi rules related to them

If a planet is placed along with Rahu then that planet looses its strength. Even If it is an exalted planet

Rahu is taken as the karak for Paternal Grand Father and

for Maternal Grand Father Ketu is considered as the karaka.

Transits result for Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu’s transit over the following natal planets

Natal Sun: Ill health problem to son,

Natal Moon: Danger to mother, fear complex to native

Natal Mar: Accidents, blood defects, operation (surgery)

Natal Mercury: Skin diseases, purchase of new vehicle, fear complex to native

Natal Jupiter: Accident, death in the family, black mark develops on the face,

Natal Venus: Break in income, ill health to wife, hidden treasury

Natal Saturn: Performing lost rites, purchase of vehicle, laziness

Natal Rah: Stomach disorder

Natal Ketu: Obstruction in good deeds

Ketu’s transit over the following natal planets:

Natal Sun: Meeting holy persons

Natal Moon: Divine contemplation, ill health to mother, blood pressure

Natal Mars: Worries to brothers, blood pressure, nerves debility to brother

Natal Mercury: Dispute with girl friend/boy friend, litigation, poor memory

Natal Jupiter: Divine contemplation, nerves debility, ill health

Natal Venus: The native becomes victim to a lady

Natal Saturn: Litigation, dispute, aimlessness and quitting the job

Natal Rah: Loose motions

Natal Ketu: MiSunderstanding in family.

Few facts

1) When Rahu is located in 2nd sign from Kuja (Mars), native will have uneven teeth settings unless there is no other shubh prabhav.

(KUJA is a signIficant of teeth).

2) Whenever Ketu strongly influence Guru, native becomes religious minded, have an inclination towards attaining moksha.

He also gets involved in settling the disputes, (Ketu is a karaka for dispute).

3) Rahu is the mouth of Kala purush who can swallow the Jeeva karaka, Guru. Therefore Guru is afraid of Rahu.

Guru is the Karaka for Jeeva. Rahu is the karaka for Death.

a) The dIfference of Nakshatra Pada’s between Guru and Rahu will indicate the lIfe span.

b) If Rahu strongly influence guru, then the person is short lived, If friendly planets aspect Guru, then the lIfe span will be increased.

c) If Guru is hemmed between two enemy planets, then the lIfe span will be reduced.

d) If Guru is hemmed between Kuja and Rahu, then the person will die unexpectedly

due to either heart attack or vehicle accident.

e) If Shani is hemmed between Kuja and Rahu, then the person will die unexpectedly.

f) If Surya is hemmed between Kuja and Rahu, then the father of the native will die unexpectedly.

UNLESS THERE IS POWERFUL ASPECT OF specially JUPITER and other shubh planets


4) If Ketu aspects Sukra then there will be obstacles for marriage in case of males. Even If he gets married he will have miSunderstanding/disputes with his wife.

5) If Ketu aspects Kuja then there will be an obstacles in the marriage in case of females. Even If she gets married she will have miSunderstandings/disputes with husband.

6) If Rahu aspects Sukra, either marriage will be delayed or denied in case of Male.

Even If he gets married, the wife will not be truthful to him.

7) If Rahu aspects Kuja either marriage will be delayed or denied in case of Female.

Even She gets married she will not like her husband.

8) If Budha and Ketu are located in trine from each other, whether the native is male or female, they will fall In love with opposite sex. If this combination is aspected by either by Sukra or Guru then it will end in love marriage. Further, If this combination is aspected by Kuja, then there will be a failure in love affair or love marriage. If this combination is aspected by Chandra then the native will get ill famed in the society.

‎9) If Rahu aspects Sukra, then there is a possibility that wife will be physically

Handicapped. she may also be lazy, secretive, liar etc. on the contrary, If Ketu is aspecting Sukra, then the wife will be religious minded.

10) If Rahu aspects Saturn, then the profession will be connected to smuggling, secret

Organization etc, If Ketu aspects Saturn, the profession will be connected with religion.

The above results can get modIfied. If other aspects are also involved.

If Rahu aspects a planet, then the part of the body indicated by that planet will be affected

If Saturn aspects a planet, then the part of the body indicated by that planet will not function properly

If Ketu aspects a planet, then there will be an extra growth in the part of the body indicated by that planet

If Rahu or Ketu aspects either Surya or Chandra, then the person will have defective eye sight (cataract, color blindness, squinted eyes etc )

If Rahu aspects Budha, then the person will have ear trouble

If Rahu aspects Guru, then the person will have ugly nose

If Guru is in retrogression, then the person will have ugly nose.

If Ketu aspects Guru, the nose will be small.

If Ketu aspects Budha, then there will be an extra growth in the throat

If Rahu aspects Kuja, then the person will have uneven teeth setting. The teeth will look ugly

If Rahu aspects Budha, then the person will have black marks on the body

If Ketu aspects Budha, then the person will have red marks on the body.

If Rahu aspects Kuja, then the person will have polluted blood

If Ketu aspects Kuja, then the person will have defective blood circulation

If Rahu or Ketu aspects either Guru or Saturn, then the person will be suffering from Rheumatic pain

If Rahu aspects Budha and Kuja, then there will be spinal cord disorder

If Guru, Kuja and Rahu are in trine to each other, then the Person will meet with an accident.

If Saturn, Kuja and Rahu are in trine to each other, then also the, Person will meet with an accident

If Chandra, Kuja and Rahu are in trine to each other, then the Person will have suicidal tendency.

If Chandra and Rahu are in trine to each other, the person will be suffering from mental hallucination.

If Rahu aspects Surya, then the person will not have male child, Even If he gets a male child, the child will be short lived.

If Rahu aspects Sukra, then the person will not have a child, Even If he gets a child, the child will be short lived.

If Ketu aspects either Surya or Sukra, then there will be an obstacle in having a child

If Ketu aspects Saturn, then the person will suffer without any job throughout his lIfe, Even If he gets a job he will not have Satisfaction. Often he is changing his job and he will have a dispute in carrier. The person behaves like a recluse.

If Rahu aspects Saturn then the person will undergo initial subordination, This is called the DARIDRAYOGAA in astrology. But in the later part of lIfe he will become an eminent personality with lot of experience.



NAMELY Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and no malefic aspects are there .

Then they can be very very auspicious.

as shubh prabhav will only increase.


THEN they are much more auspicious.


1) THIS COMBINATION CAN PROVE TO be highly auspicious for attaining political powers, When MOON AND SUN are not eclipsed.

(That is their degree should be less than Moon and Sun.)

The above Yoga are highly auspicious in 11th house, 10th, 9th.

1) Obviously Yoga of Rahu Sun will bring disappointment in 5th house.(for children)

2) Will result in pitr dosh etc.(If in grahand)

If shubh prabhav in increases on Rahu Sun Yoga (when Sun not eclipsed)

Then they can give extraordinary powers in government.

Similarly Yoga of Rahu Moon can give extreme fame, when not (eclipsed)


1) In Mahatma Gandhi’s chart present in 10th house.

2) In George Washington chart present in 9th house.


and no malefic influences should be there.

RAHU AND Ketu are very destructive with planets like Saturn and Mars.

PRESENCE OF Even one planet like Mars with them can convert them to strong malefics.

Yogas like






Still the final fal of the combinations should be said only after analyzing the whole chart.

For example; Yoga of Rahu and Saturn in 11th house can also give huge gains.

Yogas like;

Sun Rahu Saturn

Saturn Mars Rahu

Sun Mars Rahu

Are highly inauspicious in some or the other way in any chart, at any position, except 11th house

Degrees of Rahu and Ketu are very important when they sitting with only shubh planets like Venus.

Their closeness with Venus can increase affairs. In fact If Rahu and Venus are within 1 degree then character of the native can be questionable.

Mooltrikona rashi of Rahu is CANCER.




Rahu is uchh in Vrish or Mithun.

If Rahu is sitting alone and there is no malefic as well as benefic influences are present then it is auspicious If its Depositor is STRONG.

Generally speaking Rahu is very powerful in 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th.

BUT this can be modified with various conditions.

Rahu and Ketu fully aspects 5th and 9th houses from itself, some people also consider their 12th aspect

Actions of Rahu is like Saturn.

Action of Ketu is like Mars.

Presence of Rahu and Ketu identical with cancer can bring heart troubles for native and his mother.

Presence of Rahu and Ketu in cancer makes the native AFRAID OF Even minor things in life.

These native should be careful while going near to a water body.


RAHU AND KETU BECOMES FIERY they will take the nature of their Depositor and will act in a similar manner.






Anything which is not completely REAL comes under the scope of Rahu.

It has the power to hide the truth and create HYPE for any virtual thing.

RAHU gives attachment and Ketu gives detachment.

IN what respect they will give detachment or attachment????

This will depend on the planets which are sitting with them ,or aspecting them and will depend on the nature of their depositor.

In 7th house it will give attachment with wife.

In 4th, with mother

In 9th, with father, dharma etc

In 2nd. With money

And Ketu is vice versa.

Person with strong Rahu can excel in politics as Rahu gives the insight, in the matters of enemy.

this native will have a 6th sense, that what his enemy can do or will do.

Rahu and Ketu acts immediately or in a sudden manner.

They will not give you the time to think.

(This can be dangerous for relationships).

Whether you talk of sudden gains or sudden loss they come under the scope of Rahu and Ketu.

Ketu believes in cutting, operations etc

When Ketu acts likes this it gives native extraordinary PAINS (accidents, bullet, missiles, firing etc)

Rahu will not act like this.

It does not believe in giving sudden pains it can kill you without any pains (poison etc)

Rahu runs after materialistic comforts.

Ketu runs after spiritualistic comforts.

(Therefore can give moksha in 12th house)

Native with strong Ketu can detach himself from each and every comfort.

WHETHER its money, bungalow, girl, sex, cars, Ketu can leave them all, in a moment.

Therefore in the dasha of Ketu one should not desire anything.

Otherwise it will take away everything (name fame, wealth) all will go in a moment.

Special point with Ketu is, it can give you whatever you want but the condition is .native should remain detached with whatever he wants.

Rahu and Ketu don’t waste any time in giving their effects.

Ketu gives detachment with wife in 7th.

But as I have written

If Venus, Mercury or Jupiter are aspecting 7th

Then its detachment effects would be nullified to a great extent.

Combination of JUPITER AND KETU CAN do wonders. It goes by the name of Ganesha Yoga.

Especially in 1st, 2nd, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 5th houses

Ketu is regarded as right hand of Jupiter.

This Yoga can even make the native an astrologer who has inherited astrological science from his past birth.

Yoga of Ketu with Sun and Mercury in 10th, 5th or 11th houses can give you extreme political powers.

“Sonia Gandhi” is having a combination of Sun, Mercury and Ketu in 5th house.

“Dr. Kalam” is also having same combination in 10th house.

Ketu in 3rd, 6th and 12th and 9th houses is very strong If no malefic influence is present.

Lord Krishna was having Ketu in 9th house and in Ketu dasha; Bhagwat Gita was narrated to Arjuna.

Ketu in 8th house if under shubh prabhav will make you a great speaker native would be interested in occult sciences such native can be great psychologist and very logical but can cause big accidents or incurable diseases If under malefic influences problems in sexual organs can also occur.

Ketu in 10th house will make person very religious for them recitation of shiva mantras are highly beneficial.

Presence of Rahu and Ketu with Mercury (when closely associated degree wise) give rise to skin related problems.

Yoga of (Rahu Venus), (Venus Mars), (Ketu Venus) all have a different aspects that i am explaining how???

but one thing which you must always remember is that closeness between the planets involved in the Yoga

For example; Rahu and Venus are in the same bhava (take lagan for instance) but in one case they are 20 degrees apart and in another case they are less than 5 degree apart now the results will change drastically,

As the closeness increases

Good as well as bad effects of Venus would amplify.

Good—-fame, luxury, vehicles, singing, dancing, modeling, fashion designing etc.

Bad—–over indulgence in sex, addiction of drugs, alcohol, arrogance etc

Same is the case with (VENUS MARS), AS the closeness increases, auspicious results of Venus would be harmed



so whenever in any combination ,there is a simultaneous involvement of Sun and Jupiter along with Ketu ,Rahu and Mars IT PREVENTS THE NATIVE FROM ILL EFFECTS OF VENUS.


HAS a special picture to present, Ketu brings detachment when it is with Venus, person though likes to live the life of comfort but simultaneously HE HAS CONTROL OVER ALL COMFORTS (or he can easily live without them.)

Yogas like (Rahu Jupiter) chandal Yoga forms only when degree of Rahu is greater than

that of Jupiter but in that case also this Yoga is neutral.(nether very auspicious nor harming)

IF this Yoga happens in dhanu (pieces) surely in dasha, antardasha of Jupiter you will face auspicious results.

but there should not be any influence of Mars and Saturn .

Yoga of Rahu and Jupiter has a very peculiar thing attached to it.

Jupiter depicts knowledge and Rahu volatility with desires

IF your mind is volatile, you can’t gain knowledge this is how Rahu harms the auspicious results of Jupiter.

There are few odd dharma gurus, having this Yoga in 7th house. (THESE GURU doesn’t have that purity of knowledge, which they should have) but because of RAHU, amplification of (LIMITED KNOWLEDGE OF JUPITER TAKE PLACE)

IN CASE OF MEN, PRESENCE of Saturn in 8th or 2nd house with Rahu, Ketu with no shubh prabhav whatsoever

then person is inclined towards same sex.

If ASPECT OR PRESENCE of Mars and Sun is also there, then THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE. (You can’t escape)

Rahu in its dasha is bound to give very auspicious fal, If it is simultaneously aspected by all the trikond lords when Rahu himself is placed in 7th house. The results would be further accentuated If Rahu is placed in Mithun or Vrish rash in 7th house.

For example. Jupiter, Mars and Moon are placed in vrishchik lagan aspecting Rahu in 7th house.

or Sun, Jupiter and Mars placed in dhanu lagan aspecting Rahu in 7th house.

Only condition is planets aspecting this Rahu should be in strength.

Always remember that when Rahu and Ketu give the effect of the lord of the rashi in which they are placed, they also simultaneously transfer their basic qualities to that rashi lord.

Rahu is always associated with fortune and Ketu with education(as well as sudden gains)

If Rahu is placed in lagan for the female natives the characteristics of that female would resemble males.

Just like when Ketu is placed in trikond houses from lagan and navamsa charts for the female natives, it gives them capabilities to carry out huge tasks (could be negative or positive depending on the shubh or Ashubh prabhav on this Ketu)

Generally 8th Rahu is not good.

Aspect of Saturn on this Rahu is also not desirable.

but If Rahu is getting neech in 8th house(in vrishchik) with no malefic influence ,It would also give extreme gains. If Mars is devoid of any malefic influence and is placed in 10th house. In other words, .Rahu would be giving neechbhang Raj Yoga.

Similarly. When Rahu goes exalted in 8th house (Vrish).with no malefic influence on it and assuming that its rashi lord Venus is also well placed and in strength then this Rahu would be extremely beneficial.

Always remember.

GENERALLY .MERCURY and VENUS gives extreme gains in 8th house (No malefic influence).

The placement of Venus and Mercury in 8th house would be much MORE beneficial

If Venus and Mercury are the lords of 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th and 12th houses

Also when Venus and Mercury has KENDRAADHIPATI dosh

In some conditions like Jupiter in 8th house being the lord of 9th house is also very good. (But NO malefic influence should be present on this Jupiter)

Saturn and Mars are generally very bad in 8th house.

Unless Saturn or Mars is strong (in mitr rashi, uchh rashi etc) in 8th and have an aspect of strong Jupiter on it.

also remember when Sun and Moon are the lords of 8th house, they becomes Neutral(neither good nor bad).

If Sun or Moon is strong in 8th house with no malefic influence, they can also confer huge gains.

Suppose Rahu is in mesh in 2nd house and Mars is aspecting it from 8th house in Tula rashi.

Now, IF there is no shubh Drishti on this Rahu of 2nd house as well as no other shubh Drishti on 8th house.

And If Jupiter, Moon and Mercury are weak in chart then.

Following results will follow corresponding to above conditions.

1) Indulgence in activities like smoking and drinking.

2) Clashes in family

3) Staying away from the family.

4) Short tempered in the speech (will even abuse frequently)

5) In the dasha or antardasha of (Mars) loss of fortune and some long lasting health troubles. (Related to legs If Saturn is also afflicted and sexual organs If Venus is also afflicted)

6) Being an non-vegetarian.

7) Problems in primary education (1st class to 7th or 8th class)

8) Health and financial problems to father in the dasha or antardasha of Mars.

In the dasha of Rahu, money will come due to the aspect of Mars.

but the above points will also follow.

In this dasha the native would run after money.

There is a strong possibility that money inflow, will be there from wrong sources.

ALL these results are SUBJECTED TO above mentioned conditions.

Rahu and Ketu gives the effect of lord of the rashi in which they are sitting, as well as planets which are conjucting them as well as the planets aspecting them.

We all know this, Point is, when Rahu and Ketu amplify the effects of the planets aspecting them.

They do not amplify the effect of their placement in the chart. They only amplify the qualities of those planets aspecting them.

Always remember that Saturn, Venus are friends of Rahu.

Point to remember is Rahu, Venus and Saturn give concessions to each other in each others dashas and antardasha as when required by them, they always compromise in each other results to benefit each other.

Rahu and Ketu always have the power to give the effect of more than one planet simultaneously.

I.e. the lord of rashi in which they are sitting as well as results of planets aspecting and conjucting them

Hence they can very easily create Raj Yogas by giving the simultaneous effect of two or more Raj Yoga karak planets.

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