Right time for intercourse

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Astrologically-Right Time for intercourse

This being an extremely sensitive issue, is rarely discussed in astrological conferences and communities therefore I want to take it up and discuss the concepts related to it in detail.

In the modern times, because of the “ignorance factor” astrological knowledge is continuously getting confined to its lowest level.

This has in turn resulted in the degradation of the society as whole.

The reason for “why I have used the term – degradation” lies in the fact that the time when the couple have intercourse plays a huge role in deciding the characteristics and fortune of the unborn child.

The tithi, Hora, lagan, nakshatra etc (at that time) all plays a huge role in assessing the qualities of the unborn.

In other words. If the time is not apt then the child will only bring harm to the society as a whole (he would not only indulge in bad habits but would also prove malefic for the people in vicinity)

This is what is happening in today’s culture, Most of the teenagers are in a habit of drinking /smoking etc and not only this, they consider it to be as a status symbol too.

To prevent this degradation, I would urge all the consulting astrologers to just focus on this issue and include this aspect of Jyotish in all your future consultations to your clients or would be clients.

So now I would be listing all the malefic indications/combination, when ideally intercourse should be avoided.

1) Gandant Dosh

This could be of 3 types..

a) End of one “tithi” and beginning of another tithi.

b) End of one nakshatra and the beginning of another nakshatra.

c) End of one lagan and the beginning of another.

End of Ashlesha (last 2 ghatika) and beginning of megha.

End of jyeshtha and beginning of Moola.

End of revati and beginning of Ashwini.


End of cancer lagan and beginning of Leo

End of vrishchik lagan and beginning of dhanu

End of pieces lagan and beginning of mesh

2) Native’s birth nakshatra should be avoided

3) 7th nakshatra from the birth nakshatra should also be avoided

4) Ashwini, bharani, megha, revati, and Moola should also be avoided.

5) The day should not be under the influence of sun or moon eclipse.

6) First half (poorvardh) of yog vyatipat, vaighriti, parigha.

7) “Shradh din” of parents

8) 8th lagan from the birth rashi and birth lagan.

9) Lagan in which paap grah are placed also should be avoided.

10) Nakshatras in which malefic planets are placed.

11) Rashi in which malefic planets are placed

12) 6th tithi of Shukla and Krishna Paksha.

13) Chaturdashi, ashtami, amavasya on any festival and full moon of Surya sankrati.

14) On Sunday, Saturday, and Tuesday.

15) First 4 nights of the monthly periods of the women.

Now before going further would like to focus on this 15th point.

As per our texts the women could be declared pure enough for intercourse (In modern language, the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases will not be present) only after the 4 nights of the monthly periods.

However There may or may not be the possibility of successful intercourse( which makes the woman pregnant) but in case it results into pregnancy then the following results concerning with the child will take place with respect to the night of period in which an intercourse is happening.

(These nights have to be counted from the day of the commencement of the month’s menses of the woman)

On the 4th night itself- Will result into a male child of short life span.

On the 5th night – Will result into a normal girl child.

On the 6th night- Will result into a male child who will expand the family.

On the 7th night – Will result into a girl child who would not be capable of conceiving.

On the 8th night – Will result into a male child.

On the 9th night – Will result into a very beautiful girl child.

On the 10th night- Will result into a male child who will lord over many and will acquire very high stature.

On the 11th night – Will result into a ugly girl child.

On the 12th night- Will result into a well respected and rich male child.

On the 13th night – Will result into a girl child who will execute bad deeds in her life and her character would be questionable.

On the 14th night – Will result into a male child who will follow righteous (dharma oriented) path in his life and will try to seek god himself.

On the 15th night- Will result into a girl child who will be become very very rich in her life. She would analogous to goddess laxmi in terms of money.

On the 16th night – Will result into a male child who would be the knower of all things (very knowledgeable and respected) will seek god in the end.

here you could well notice that male child is resulting on even nights (4th,6th,8th,10th,12th,14th and 16th) and similarly on odd nights-girl child…

Coming back to the topic.

16) The Evening time.

17) The nakshatra or rashi or day which had witnessed some inauspicious event in the family of the native should also be avoided.

18) “rikta tithi of chaturthi (4th), navami(9th) and chaturdashi(14th) tithi

Now I will list the right time for intercourse…

1) In the nakshatra of Rohini, mrigasira, uttrafalguni, hasta, swati, anuradha, uttrashadha, Shravan, Dhanishtha, shatabhisha, Uttarabhadrapada.

2) Presence of auspicious planets in Kendra and trikond..

3) Presence of malefic planets in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses from intercourse lagan.

4) When male planets aspects the lagan.

5) Moon should be placed in visham rashi (odd-1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11) in lagan and navamsa charts.

6) Intercourse lagan and navamsa lagan at that time should also have a visham rashi (Odd)

7) Presence of moon, Jupiter or mercury in lagan is an ideal condition.

If the rashi’s mentioned in the above points are odd then male child would be born and girl child would be born in the vice versa condition.

Note: he last 2 Ghatika (48 minutes) of Poorna Tithi (5th, 10th, 15th) and the first 2 Ghatika (48 minutes) of Nanda Tithi (1st, 6th, 11th) are known as Tithi Gandant.

The last half Ghatika (12 minutes) of Meena and first half Ghatika (12 minutes) of Mesh, the last half Ghatika (12 minutes) of Kark and first half Ghatika (12 minutes) of Simh, the last half Ghatika (12 minutes) of Vrishchik and first half Ghatika (12 minutes) of Dhanu are known as Lagan Gandant.

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