Saturn Stories

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To give punishment Saturn uses mercury as a tool to approach sun.

also It uses Moon as a tool to approach Mars.

So two weapons of saturn are SUN and MARS.

( And handle of these weapons are Mercury and moon)

In other words

Effect of saturn’s comes through SUN and Mars.

(saturn never effect directly)

Thats the reason saturn’s effect has “Agni element”/(shocking and sudden)

as Sun and Mars—–Are of agni tatva.

Since saturn makes his way through Moon and Mercury.

Both “jal tatva” and “bhoomi tatva” carves the way for saturn.

Vayu tatva(sat) always have dominance on Jal(moon)and bhoomi(mercury) tatva.

When saturn is exalted in the chart…specially near 20 degrees.

It can even make the native president of the country in its period

(considering that saturn is in strength in navamsa and shatyamsa chart and is not under any malefic influence in the mentioned charts)

But this is in isolation, whole chart has to be analysed for final results.

For anyone out there if saturn is appearing to be the reason for obstacle in marriage, then always remember that preaching of lord hanuman and shani itself could be extremely beneficial.

Though shani is considered to be very dreaded…an IMPORTANT FACT ABOUT saturn is,

IT is the only planet which could negate the negative effect of rahu and mars combination or rahu surya combination.

No other planet has the power to do this , not even jupiter

If native is a devotee of lord hanuman or shani itself and if in his chart combinations like rahu surya or rahu mars is appearing (simultaneouslly being aspected by saturn)…. then saturn if preached properly , it could just nullify the harmful effect of rahu mars by his very aspect.

This is a very very rare concept which you all should take into consideration

Always remember that the Aspect of Saturn always helps any planet to showcase it real and actual qualities.

Without the aspect of Saturn no planet can ever give its complete fal.

In other words , Saturn’s aspect provoke the native to work harder to refine his / her qualities corresponding to the planet receiving its aspect.


We all know that ,all the auspicious and inauspicious events in native’s life are totally moderated by saturn.

The effects of other planets are also finally moderated by saturn.

such is the might of saturn.

Here in this thread I would be describing few stories related to saturn.

Saturn mythologically is regarded as a son of sun.

Sun god has 6 children out of which 4 are females and 2 are males.

Saturn is the eldest son of sun.

Yama God(god of death) is the younger brother of saturn (son of sun)

River yamuna(originates from Himalaya) is also regarded as the sister of saturn.

Saturn in his childhood was a very naughty and violent child.

On account of his violent attitude, he used to always involve himself in frequent quarrels with his younger brother and sisters.

as a result there was always some kind of tension between sun and saturn.

as sun god used act as moderator in the fight and would always take the side of saturn’s brother and sisters.

The reason for this kind of attitude of saturn was only one.

Power of saturn was equivalent to the power of sun, still ,since there was no responsibilty on his shoulders, there was no vent for his energy.

this used to inculcate, frustation in saturn’s attitude.

Sun god used to always, console saturn that your energies will be utilized in a useful way but at the right time.

but all that was in vain for saturn.

Once apon a time.

After having a quarrel with his father(Sun)

saturn escaped to some jungle.

bacause of this sun god was in tension.

Just then lord hanuman(who was the student of sun god) came to give “guru dakshina” to sun god In return of the education , he has got from the sun.

When lord hanuman asked the reason of his tension.

sun told the him abt saturn.

so lord hanuman requested sun that he will do the job for him and will search for saturn.

After a long search Lord hanuman was able to locate saturn in a jungle.

When saturn refused to accomapany Lord hanuman to Sun’s place.

few arguments started between the two.

saturn said:- Why dont you escape from here otherwise my melific drishti will destroy you.

hanuman replied that you only know abt your powers …, but you must have knowledge abt others.

In the childhood itself I have Taken your father sun in my mouth.

so better come with me otherwise I have to use same kind of powers on you.

Saturn became more violent and hence fight started between the two.

As expected Lord hanuman defeated saturn.

and finally taken him to Lord sun.

But even after returning back, there was no change in the attitude of saturn towards

his younger brother and sisters.

To counter this problem permanently.

Sun God requested “Narad Muni” to get some solution from Lord Shiva.

When Narad Muni explained the whole senario regarding saturn’s powers(equivalent to Sun) and his destructive attitude to Lord shiv and his wife Godess parvati.

Lord shiv directed his devotee’s “Nandi” and “Veerbhadra” to bring saturn in front of him.

On this Narad Muni clarified a doubt from Lord shiva that .

Are “nandi” and ” veerbhadra ” capable of bringing saturn in front of him.

when lord shiva replied “yes”

Narad muni told Lord shiva that .

” I agree that “Nandi” and “veer bhadra” are very powerful but they cannot compete saturn…”

Finally Narad Muni was vindicated and Both ” nandi and veerbhadra” arrived over there after facing defeat in the hands of saturn.

when lord shiva, aspected the terrible condition of both “nandi and veerbhadra”

He decided to go and tame saturn.

As a result saturn was defeated by Lord shiva.

In the climax ,Lord shiva was about to kill saturn with his trishul

just then Lord sun came and requested Lord shiva to forgive his son saturn

and prayed Lord shiva to provide a Useful vent to the powers of saturn

Saturn also prayed lord shiva to forgive him.

On the request and prayers of Lord sun and saturn.

Lord shiva , Appointed saturn as a supreme Judge of the world.

He then said that

On the basis of the Good or bad karmas of any native…saturn will provide him auspicious or inauspicious results.

Lord shiva then declared that whosoever will receive the melific drishti of saturn(as a result of his or her bad karmas) cannot remain happy.

and Will get all kinds of comforts and priveleges in case of saturn shubh aspect.

Lord shiva continued and said.

Saturn’s judgement would be totally impartial and rational and would be applicable for all.

We all know that “Mustard Oil” is used to please saturn.

The story behind this was also very interesting.

Once Lord hanuman and Saturn were involved in a fight.

As a result of which Lord Hanuman , Gripped saturn in his tail and carried out 3 rounds of earth.

After which saturn prayed lord hanuman to leave him.

As a result of this saturn was injured due to the collision with trees, mountains etc.

Lord hanuman then accepted the prayers of saturn and applied mustard oil on his body to releive him from pain.


when saturn was captured by Great ravana.

It was lord hanuman who released Saturn from the prison of ravana….(After lanka dahan)

At that point of time ,saturn Declared that whosoever will pray Lord hanuman.

he will not throw his melific drishti on that native.

Once upon a time

On the birthday of Lord ganesh, Lord shiva invited all the god and godesses to kailash parvat(mountain)

On the event day, all the god and godesses arrived at the venue and started giving their blessing to the lord ganesha.

saturn was also invited.

when all the god and godesses were finished with the blessing ceremony.

Godess parvati noticed that only saturn was left to participate in the blessing ceremony.

She also noticed that saturn was standing alone in the corner.

Godess parvati requested Lord shiva to go and ask for a clarification for such a undesirable behaviour.

On lord shiva question, saturn humbly replied that “though I am giving all my blessing to lord ganesha from my heart , … I cannot physically give him the blessings”

when Lord shiva asked “why cant you physically give the blessings”

saturn replied that my melific drishti(aspect)i can harm Lord ganesha.

On this lord shiva replied that Your melific drishti(aspect) can only effect human beings.

it will not work on lord ganesha.

Saturn then said :- You yourself have given me the boom that , I have to give results without any discrimination, then how can gods escape from the effect of this boom.

I cannot discriminate between gods and humans.

Lord shiva replied in a very astonished manner

“can your melific drishti effect ME:”

Saturn said:- Yes my melific drishti can effect you too.

After this conversation saturn said I would be coming tommorow to meet you.

On the next day when saturn arrived at kailash as per his promise.

Lord shiva was not present on the kailash.

Lord shiva was very afraid that if at all , he stayed at kailash , he could be the victim of saturn’s melefic drishti…….thats why he escaped

when Saturn asked Godess parvati about the absence of lord shiva.

Godess parvati replied that, She has no idea of where Lord shiva has gone

Saturn replied, In that case , I would wait for lord shiva, here only.

There lord shiva went to the jungle

and then thought that ” saturn is in the habit of roaming around the three lokas”

so there is a huge possibility, that saturn may arrive here also….and locate me.

suddenly Lord shiva saw few elephants eating grass and leaves.

He thought that , I should transform myself into an elephant to fool saturn….(and escape from his drishti) even if he arrive here….He just would not be able to identify me.

Thinking this ,Lord shiva transformed himself into an elephant and started eating grass and leaves.

He stayed there for a whole day in the form of an elephant. when satisfied that now Saturn will not trouble him, lord shiva again came back to his original form. Then while returning to Kailash, he encountered Saturn who was returning from kailash. Lord shiva said that…see, whole day went by and you could not harm me.

Saturn laughed and said “Devadhidev Mahadev” or lord of lords great shiva was in the form of elephant for a whole day, still saying , he was not affected by me.

Due to the effect of Saturn melific drishti

Lord shiva was for forced to go in a “pashu yoni”

When lord shiva returned and asked saturn about the reason behind this.

saturn replied that.

Since you were not invited in the ceremony conducted by Himalaya

raj “daksha”

you had created lot of chaos over there.

” can you recall”

Lord shiva then smiled and accepted the greatness of Saturn.

Once upon a time saturn and Godess laxmi(goddess of wealth) were travelling.

Incidently they met each other on the way.

After some initial conversation and exchange of whereabouts, they bagan to contradict each other by words.

Saturn said:- I am much better than you, as I am responsible for maintaining justice

in the world.

Lakshmi said:- thats not true, I am better than you, I give happiness, wealth and prosperity to the world.

Satrun then replied:- By nature itself ,you are very volatile….you never stay in a place for long and therefore always in a state of migration

also you dont discriminate between bad and good souls….you can even stay with bad souls

On this lakshmi countered:- Stop commenting on my nature, first see yourself.

Whole world is afraid of your melific drishti(aspect), no one wants to invite you.

everyone prays of your departure….you can only create sense of terror.

Since the arguments were never ending.

they both decided to ask this question from “Lord brahma(creater of the world)”

So they went to lord brahma:- and asked.

O lord who is better between us ?

Lord Brahma thought…that if my answer is in the favour of Laxmi

I would not be able to escape from the melific drishti of Saturn.

And If I favoured saturn.

Laxmi will get angry on me.

so he diplomatically said.

The answer of this question can only be given by lord Vishnu(Sustainer of the world)

Kindly ,Go to him.

This game of, pass the ball in others court continue from “Lord vishnu” to “Lord shiva” (the destroyer of the world)

and then from Lord shiva to “Narad muni” (Most praised devotee of Lord vishnu and son of Lord brahma)

Then ultimately Both of them went to “narad Muni” and repeated the question.

Who is better between us…?

Narad Muni then replied

I have the answer of this question.

but for that you both have to simultaneously walk till that point and then have to come back here.

Both saturn and godess lakshmi followed the orders of “Narad muni”

and done the exercise as it is.

When both of them were doing this.

Narad muni started uttering Very good, very good…. you both are equally powerful.

saturn then shouted….Nard Muni …. just tell me , Who is better between us.

Narad muni replied … for that you have to again repeat the same exercise.

Go and come back from that point..

On this Saturn angrily said.

What do you think of us…….. are we small kids ,….who will keep on doing this kiddish exercise.

Narad said … sorry but to get the answer ,you have to do this

Narad Muni then replied softly.


You both are equally good.

Saturn looks good when he walks away

and Laxmi looks good on vice versa condition.

” AAp jate hue ache lagte hai … or aap aati hui”

On listening this answer both saturn and godess laxmi were convinced.

Once , There was a poor brahmin(preacher)…who used to live in a small hut with his wife.

One day…. Saturn came In his dream ….and said.

“soon , I will come to you”

Next day brahmin described the dream to his wife.

On this his wife replied:-

when Shani dev has asked to come, He will definetly come to give punishment.

but you can do one thing.

If next time saturn comes in your dream …request him to come for a very short duration.

Next day ..saturn again came in his dream.

And as per the advice of her wife…, he requested shani dev to come for a short duration.

Shani dev said.:- Ok Instead of 7 and a half years,I will come for 5 years.

Brahmin counter replied:- O lord shani, See my poor state , do you think I have a capacity to bear you for 5 long years.

Saturn again replied :- After a thought , Ok then I will come for only 2.5 years.

Brahmin was still not satisfied…so he replied.

O lord Saturn , Please see my poor health, lean body…how can Bear you for 2.5 long years.

Saturn angrily said.

Then you tell me the duration.

On this brahmin happily said…I would like you to come for only 1 hour 15 minutes.

Saturn declared:- OK, Then I will come tommorow for 1 hour 15 minutes.

But remember , That 1 hour 15 minutes will carry the Inauspicious effect of whole 7.5 years.

Brahmin said ,OK

Next Morning.

Brahmin got up early, collected his lunch from his wife and left the home.

He started walking towards Jungle.

On the way, one traveller asked him….O brahmin,why are you looking so disturbed…?

Brahmin told him abt the dream.

and then said:- Thats why, I have left home to do some praying in the jungle, How can the shani dev(lord saturn) come in the jungle.

Traveller replied:- Tell me one thing, What exactly shani dev has promised ?

Brahmin replied:- He declared that he will come tommorow for 1 hour 15 minutes.

Traveller:- Has he specified, the exact place of his arrival?

Brahmin:- NO, nothing of that sort.

Traveller:- Then, you may go anywhere, there is no escape from shani dev(lord saturn)

Ignoring the traveller’s voice.

Brahmin, started reciting Lord Vishnu mantra:” Om namo Bhagwate vasudevaye namah” after idenfying a lonely place under a tree in the jungle.

He kept on reciting the mantra ,till the evening….and then decided to move towards the home…thinking …since the day has passed, Now shani dev will not come.

As he started moing towards the home, he noticed 2 fresh watermelon lying on the field.

Since he wanted to purchase those watermelons and was not able to locate the gardner, he thought.

Why not ,keep the due cost of the watermelons here only, for the gardner

and take these watermelons with me.

Moving as per his mind.

He Lifted those watermelons, kept in his bag and started walking towards home.

After walking a mile, Brahmin found the gardner.

Gardner angrily asked the brahmin, what is there in your bag.?

Brahmin softly replied that , I have taken 2 watermelons from your field and kept the amount there only…you can go and check.


reacted even more violently:- Why are you lying, there is something else in your bag, which you don’t want to show….what is there in your bag?

See some red liquid is leaking from your bag…. come on show me your bag…open it

And as the Brahmin opened His bag.

Both of them were shocked to see , HEADS of two Rajkumars(Prince) in it.

Brahmin in a state of shock had no idea, of How the hell those watermelons got transformed into Human Heads.

As a result the brahmin was taken to the court of king..and was regarded

as the murderer of his two sons.

The Next very moment, the king, Ordered death for the Innocent Brahmin.

Now the brahmin was able to recall the voice of the traveller, his dream.

and started crying.

O lord saturn, why have you done this to me.

I am innocent, I am innocent.

Looking at the whole senario from the sky.

“Narad Muni” asked “lord saturn”

O bhagwan…o lord

“Is nirdosh brahmin ki ye kaisi dasha bana di aapne”


” He is innocent still in such a miserable condition, what have you done to him”

Shani dev replied:- I am bounded by the karm chakra, Thats the result of his own karmas(actions)….don’t blame me

but Dont worry … have patience, 1 hour 15 minutes are about to end.

As soon as the due duration was over.

Both the sons of king entered in the king’s court( as they were alive)

And as soon as the king realised his mistake

He ordered the release the Innocent brahmin.

The king was feeling very guilty and hence prayed the brahmin to forgive him

Brahmin replied:- O great king , It was not your fault, whatever happens

happens with the desire of Lord shani.

The brahmin was then rewarded with huge amounts of gold, silver coins, jwells etc.

We all know that shani dev is known for his “Slow movement”..takes 2 and half years in one sign.

Him name also suggest the same.

“shanae shanae”…”slow slow”

There are two very interesting story behind this fact.

first was:-

Once in his childhood, shani dev was very hungry.

So he asked for the food from his mother “Chaya, the shadow”( Who was actually the virtual image of “sandhya or evening” )…. sandhya was the actual wife of Sun god, but due to the heat of sun god, she left her husband and went to do “tap or penance”

sandhya did not wanted to disclose her absence in front of lord sun , so she created her virtual image —-“chaya”)

coming back.

Since the time was not apt for food, chaya(shadow) refused to give food

On this shani dev said:- what kind of mother you are? you cant even provide food to your child?

So shani angrily kicked her virtual mother “chaya”.

In return Chaya gave “shraap or curse” to saturn that

” The leg which you have used to kick me….will break…”

The leg was finally cured by Lord sun, but some defect remained in saturn’s leg

Another story was:—–

Once upon a time ,A rishi (his name I am not able to recall) used to live with his mother.

His mother used to always cry, cry and cry

she never used to describe the pain behind her state to the rishi.

One day rishi anounced to his mother.

” I want to know the reason behind your pain otherwise I will leave food and water”

On this her mother replied:-

O son, Lord shani had given Great tortures to your father.

He was reduced to a penny and on top of that saturn made him a permanent patient.

Your father was given all kinds of Body pains by Shani dev…..And finally your father died

Whenever I Remember those tortures.

I am not able to stop my tears.

On listening the reason.

Rishi angrily declared….Shani dev have to bear the consequenses of his hard act

I will teach him a lesson.

So he went to do Brahm tap to acheive , A weapon called “Brahmdand” from lord brahma.

The strike of this weapon , could never ever go waste.

After conducting a great tap(penance) , he was able to get ” Brahmdand” from lord Brahma.

And as planned , he went to shani dev.

Invited him for a fight.

And left Brahmdand on “Shani dev”

Brahmdand repeatedly striked on the leg of Shani dev

Just then …. lord shiva appeared and requested the rishi, to forgive lord shani

Lord shiva then said.

Whatever shani dev has done to your late father, was purely karm based.

Its not the fault of shani dev…..(it was his duty)

obeying the orders of lord shiva…..rishi halted the strike of brahmdand

and prayed for forgiveness from lord shani and lord shiva.

And then rishi expressed his desire.

for the establishment of “pipleshwar” temple of lord shiva.

and asked for a boom from lord shani….that whosoever will pray lord shiva

in the “pipleshwar” temple …. you will not trouble him.

On the request of Rishi and Lord shiva.

Lord shani granted the boom to Rishi.

Saturn’s effect on LORD ganesha..(son of lord shiva and goddess parvati)

This is the most famous katha of saturn.

which clearly establish the might of Lord saturn.

Once Goddess Parvati did a tough tapasya, due to which she got a divine child as her son. She asked the child to guard the entrance and do not allow any male to enter in while she had a bath and rest. The child obeyed His Mother’s command. After a while Lord Shiva came. The child asked him not to go in, since He wasn’t aware of Mahadev being his Father. On refusal by the child, Shiv was furious. The child said to Shiv that he may not move in unless he defeats him. A fierce battle broke out. At first Lord Shiv tried moderate measure to defeat the child, but the child was a divine one and he proved to Mahadev the toughest opponent. At that time all Gods rushed to be at the side of Shiva. While Goddess, due to their natural motherly affection, supported the child.Goddesses knew very well that if Shani favoured Lord Shiva and cast his malefic vision over the child, the child will be hurt. So they asked Shani not to take part in this battle. Shani gave the word that he will not participate in this battle DIRECTLY. When the child’s side appeared to be stronger, Gods asked Shani dev to help them. Shani dev was bind by his promise to all Goddesses, but at the same time he did not want to offend the Trinity(Lord brahma,vishnu,shiva), told them that though he cant participate in the battle directly but can cast his malefic drishti on the trident (trishul) of Mahadev(lord shiva)

Now when Lord Shiv threw the thrisul at the child, the child was immediately beheaded. Hearing noises outside, Goddess Parvati too came. Seeing the condition of her son, Goddess Parvati cried and asked Mahadev(shiva) to alive their son else she will never forgive the Gods and Mahadev and will destroy the whole world. listening this,

All the Gods started thinking of a possible solution as once someone is beheaded , it is not possible to alive him,…then Lord brahma suggested that there is only one way ….all the gods desperately asked….what is that….then lord brahama said….If there is any child who is sleeping with his mother with his face opposite to his mother and if his head is in the east direction…then the head of that child could be used to fix on the body of Ganesha, Then immediately all the gods, set off in search of such a child. After great search, they found a baby elephant who was in curse of being beheaded by a rishi ( ascetic) and was also sleeping with head in east with his face opposite to his mother. lord Vishnu sliced the head of the baby elephant with his chakra, and took it to lord Shiva, who transplanted it over the child’s body and made the child alive.

The Child was named GANAPATI as the head of all ganas of Lord Shiva. And was blessed by Gods to be first worshipped in the world, even before the Trinity. Goddesses blessed him with intellect, wisdom and asked to be their companion, like wise all the gods..blessed him some or the other boom.

This was the impact Shani’s drishti(aspect)

Brihaspati(JUPITER) suffering due to saturn

Once ,Saturn wanted to learn the dharma shastra and approached Brihaspati. Initially Brihaspati explained the system in his ashram and the dakshina would be based on his judgment. On learning of the latters identity as ‘Sanideva’ Brihaspati was shocked and was prepared to teach everything and would not take any dakshina and begged that he be spared from sade-sati, kanataka and all those effects. Sanidev was adamant and insisted that he would give dakshina. So it was finally settled that the dakshina would be in the form of a reduced term of sadesati. Brihaspati taught him all the dharma shastra and Sanidev became the Dharmaraja having the complete knowledge of the implementation of justice (that is why the balance Libra is the ninth house from Aquarius).

Brihaspati knew that Sani would pay his dakshina within the year as was the practice then, and as was his practice, always protected his body, mind and soul with the three mantras of the Näräyana Kavacha. One day as he plucked flowers for his daily worship, the royal couple were in the neighborhood and the prince (Mercury) entered the garden to play. The prince was missing after sometime and a frantic search yielded nothing. The guards reported to the king that a divine person, glowing with spiritual light was collecting flowers and they saw blood dripping through the basket. The king ordered that the person (Brihaspati) be brought to him and told the guards not to harm him as it would be most unwise to even touch such a personality before ascertaining the truth. The wise king knew the danger to his kingdom if such great spiritual personalities are hurt. The severed head of the prince was in the basket and blood was dripping from the neck (note: chinna mastaka or cut-head is the mark of Rahu). Brihaspati was shocked and truthfully pleaded his innocense.

But the evidence clearly visible pointed against him, so he was held captive but was not tortured and the search continued. Brihaspati realized that this was the effect of his sade-sati saturn and made a silent prayer to the deity of Saturn (Lord Shiva here as the great destroyer {One vesha is Nataraja – the destroyer of the demon Maya or illusion and untruth). The period ended then and there and suddenly everyone saw that what looked like the head of the prince was just the watermelon and the red fluid was not blood and instead was the red water melon juice. The prince was found.

Now look at the Jyotish lessons in this: 

When Saturn causes sade-sati, or kantaka or has a bad dasa, and the dosha (error) is to be caused by the hand of extra-terrestrial forces, then it is called ‘Adrista agantuta roga’. Prasna Marga advises us to look at the badhak for this (as the object or the cause). For the signs of Jupiter, Mercury is the badhak lord (Pisces – Virgo badhak, lord Merc and Sagittarius – Gemini badhak, lord Merc). That why the problem cause was related to Mercury the PRINCE. This can also be related to planets in badhak house. The difference is that in the case of badhak lord, we take the natual significations whereas in the case of planets in the badhak house, we see the lordships of there planets w.r.t. lagna.

The *visible* or produced evidence against Jupiter shall be seen from Rahu. In general Rahu indicates a severed head, and that evidence was shown to the king against Brihaspati. Look at the sign occupied by Rahu to see the nature of the evidence as dhatu, moola and jiva as well as the the chara karaka status of Rahu. The Arudha Padas conjoined Rahu shall indicate the people who will give the evidence.

Parasara teaches that if Jupiter is strong and alone in Lagna, then a single bow to the weilder of the Trishula shall destroy a thousand sins. In this episode narrated in the Purana we see how such a prayer (to the lord of Sani – Vayu tatva- Lord Shiva) by Brihaspati ended the entire problem.

Kalyana Verma teaches that if Jupiter is strong in Lagna then the native is always protected by the ‘Chakradhara’. In this episode we see how Brihaspati is always proteced by the three mantras of the Narayana Kavacha. This is the abhedana kavacha.

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