Third Eye and Astrology

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Third Eye and Jyotish/MAHA BHAKTI YOGAS

We all believe that Lord Shiva has three eyes, It also is believed that at the time of destruction, Lord shiva opens up his third eye which actually becomes the source of energy that causes destruction of this world.

As per the basic concept

1st house represent Lord Brahma (Creation)

5th house represent Lord Vishnu (Sustenance)

9th house represent Lord Shiva (Destruction)

Keeping the above scenario in mind

12th house represent “loss of creation”

4th house represent “loss of sustenance”

8th house represent “loss of destruction” or “loss of everything” or “zero or the Origin as well as end of everything”

Indeed 4th, 8th and 12th house are also known as Moksha trikonas

You must have got, why they are called so?

You may also observe that

Both 4th house and 12th house rashi’s (That is cancer and meena as per the kalpurush sequence) are “poorna Jal rashi’s” or “Poorna ras rashi’s”(100% water content) -In synchronization with loss of only our sustenance and creation.

8th house rashi (vrishchik) – “pad Jal rashi” or “pad ras rashi” (25% water content)-That is in synchronization with Loss of everything-zero

This connection of Scorpio rashi with zero, make it a mysterious or occult rashi and also represent our internal sexual organs- The primary cause of origin…

Anyways, the above basic introduction was necessary to understand few other concepts.

Third Eye

That is nothing but 8th house, In other words our third eye lies deep inside our 8th house.

The secret of activation of our kundalani energy also lies with this house

Third eyes also have its association with our “Intuition Power”

All in all, 8th house is the most powerful and simultaneously the most dreaded house in Falit Jyotish.

Out of the 12 houses in “falit Jyotish”…8th house is actually the house which is “INVISIBLE” to the Materialistic world and most visible in the Spiritualistic world..

In short, Yogis or muni’s or natives who can make their 8th house turn visible from invisible becomes “INVINCIBLE”

RaVan was one of the greatest personalities who had this power at their disposal.

Conversion of “Invisible to Visible” basically means a very strong connection between materialistic and spiritualistic world- The prime motive of our human life.

As Trust on God increases, 8th house starts vibrating, and native starts experiencing unprecedented power.

As per our texts, Human has the power to increase the span of his life to 10 folds with the help of “yogic powers”

These Yogic powers are the fruits of 8th house.

Modern science is now looking in the possibilities of dimensions other than 3 dimensions,

This concept of multi dimension or in other words, power to defeat space and time constrains is the subject of activating this 8th house.

As per my own little humble experience we have to cross At least 7 Main dimensions (Each dimension may have several hundreds sub dimensions) to attain moksha, these seven dimensions are represented by 7 chakras in our body.

Therefore when we talk of crossing the above dimensions, It Involves activating 6 dimensions in the form of 6 lower chakras namely-Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha and Ajna chakra itself (Third eye-8th house, the second last destination before moksha, before Sahasrara chakra)

Any person, who is able to activate at least 3 chakras out of 7, becomes devoid of diseases, extremely famous and wealthy.

This journey of activation process begins from 8th house.

RaVan had the power to activate all 7 chakras and hence was invincible.

Our galaxy to our lives everything is in the form of a spiral shape and way out of this spiral is none other than our 8th house.

In our palm 8th house is also represented by the 3rd region of our thumb.

Assume our palm as our life and the way out from this life (Palm) is our thumb (8th house)

This is reason why Thumb has so much of importance in palmistry, many of the palmist can predict the fortune just on the basis of One’s Thumb.

Thumb can easily distinguish between a mad and an healthy person.

Nadi Jyotish too, rely on the Thumb print, This is because our thumb print has a direct connection with D-150 chart- that is nadi amsa.

Ancient rishis, used to fix the birth chart to the accuracy of 24 seconds (Half of nadi amsa) just with the help of Thumb print, for this very reason only.

Now lets come to the ACTIVATION part of 8th house, which is certainly the most important part.

Let me take this golden opportunity to REVEAL in front of you all, this MIGHTY MIGHTY SECRET of ASTROLOGY/Jyotish

This Secret strictly should not be revealed in front of the people who have no faith in Jyotish or God. In fact people who have no faith in GOD or in this science WOULD NOT BE ABLE to read this thread under any circumstance. So all those people who are still reading this article are the blessed ones, I can assure you this.

I am revealing it over here with the orders of that almighty and for the well being of human race, so do read it very carefully.

Remember, the process of activating Third eye is even beyond “mastering Jyotish”

Its about whether the person has the ability to predict any thing on this planet without even analyzing or observing astrological concepts. Hence even if you are not an astrologer, you remain eligible to achieve success in this process.

Therefore it’s about reaching that Utmost level of intuition by establishing direct connection with god.


Saints have said that through hard work, will power anything in this world could be attained because they were well aware that will power is the fruit of “bhakti” and as we know that “even BHAKTI requires god’s will “, nothing supersedes his orders. If you are able to take his name, that’s his will and his will could be seen through PLANETS.

If any native has these yogs in his birth chart, He or She can take his /her steps forward in becoming a “super human” with “Mystical powers” at his disposal.

Before listing these yogs, I must clarify that whole chart should be analyzed first.

So let me first start with the PRE-CONDITIONS of the actual Yogas.

1) Chart should be Devoid of Saturn mars yog (If present should be nullified by Jupiter’s conjunction or his powerful aspect should be present)

2) Chart should also be devoid of Rahu-mars, rahu-saturn, Mars-mercury, Rahu-mercury, moon-mercury, guruchandal yogs.

3) Shani Chandra yoga if present, should not be malefic that is chart should be devoid of vish yoga, in other words “Amrit yoga” of Shani Chandra is most welcome.

4) At least Jupiter, Saturn, sun, moon and ketu should be very good.

5) Mahadasha’s of Atmakaraka, Amatya karak, Jupiter, Saturn and ketu must occur in the life time of native.

6) Kendra should not be empty and must have overall benefic influence (Malefic planets if exalted, swarashi etc in Kendra -would be considered as benefic only)

Note: Any very good chart has at LEAST 21 Raj yogs present in it.


If any chart satisfies all precondition mentioned above, then check for these condition.

The Yogas which, I would be listing down now, if they functions in full swing gives;

1) Everlasting fame (from centuries to centuries)

2) Moksha (Attainment of enlightenment)

3) Many mystical powers like power of Intuition, power of controlling five elements within our body etc

4) Living in more than 3 dimensions.

Next one would be the post for which I have started this thread.


Just read this very very carefully.

We know that 1st,5th and 9th houses together form Agni Trikond(Also called Dharma Trikond) and 4th,8th and 12th houses together form Moksha Trikond( Also called Jal trikond).

Therefore to completely connect our materialistic lives with our inner spiritual power and then to bring that spiritual power in our materialistic lives that is to activate our AJNA chakra or 3rd eye.

The yog goes like this 🙁 THERE SHOULD BE NO MALEFIC INFLUENCE WHATSOEVER w.r.t the planets involved)

1) “lords of FIRST TWO Agni trikond should either be powerfully placed in THIRD Agni trikond(Or THIRD dharma trikond) or powerfully aspect the Third Agni Trikond, The lord of the 3rd Agni Trikond should be powerfully placed in the First MOKSHA Trikond , the Lord of the FIRST TWO MOKSHA TRIKOND should either be powerfully placed in the THIRD moksha TRIKOND or Powerfully aspect the Third Moksha Trikond and the Lord of the 3rd MOKSHA TRIKOND should be placed in the FIRST AGNI TRIKOND(or First DHARAM TRIKOND).”

The above mentioned yoga if happens to occur in the charts having Cancer, Scorpio or meena lagan, then It would be further fortified as these 3 rashi’s are actually the Moksha trikond rashi’s of Kalpurush.

Remember Planets involved in the above sequence should be powerful enough.

2) “If all the three lords Agni trikond are placed in or aspects the Moksha trikond powerfully, and all three lords of Moksha trikond are placed in or powerfully aspects the Agni trikond”

3) “If all three lords of Agni trikond are placed in or aspects the Agni trikond rashi’s of the kalpurush(Mesh, simh, dhanu) and all three lords of Moksha trikond are placed in or powerfully aspects the moksha trikond rashi’s of Kalpurush(that is Scorpio, cancer and meena)”

Note: For mesh lagan Agni and Moksha trikond as per the lagan would be same as that of kalpurush.

NOTE:-The last 2 Yogas are little less powerful than the first ONE.

I think with the above Yogas if , Atmakaraka and ketu establishes some connection with the 12th house that would be like pineapple and cherry on the cake, right.

The yog which I had mentioned in first point will fructify most perfectly when kalchakra moksha trikond signs rises in lagan i.e. Scorpio, Cancer and pieces.

(Note: This should be seen in synchronization with Cusp chart, kalchakra and moon chart and of course lagan chart.)

For example take Scorpio lagan.

When Jupiter and Venus are placed in lagan, mars in 2nd house, Moon in 4th house, Saturn and Mercury in 12th house.

(As Jupiter and mars being the lord of 1st and 5th i.e. first two dharma trikond will powerfully aspect the 9th house (3rd dharma trikond) lord of this 3rd dharma trikond i.e. Moon is placed in 4th house(1st moksha trikond) lord of 1st and 2nd Moksha trikond ..4th and 8th house i.e. Saturn and mercury is placed in 12th house (3rd moksha trikond) and the lastly the lord of 3rd moksha trikond 12th lord Venus is placed in 1st dharma trikond i.e. 1st house)

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