Unique relation between sun and moon

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Degree gap between Sun and Moon

The Moon represents the mind and the emotions and therefore plays a big part in describing the person as a whole. The stronger the Moon, the better chance the native will have a happier life. If the Moon is bright, (ie. opposite the Sun although the general rule of thumb is the further from the Sun, the better, particularly where the Moon is more than 90 degrees away), then the person will tend to stand out in a crowd or have a more pleasing manner about them.. A Moon in the first house often confers this quality and can make the native physically attractive. A Moon associated with Jupiter is usually good for success and can make the native generous, and interested in following society’s conventions. A Moon with the nodes, Rahu and Ketu, on the other hand, can make the native unconventional and in some cases, mentally unbalanced. More generally, the Moon associated with the nodes will make a person sensitive and perceptive to the people around them. The Moon is dusthana houses (i.e. 6th, 8th, and 12th) will generally make the native shy or retiring and will often make them prefer their own company. Aspects to the Moon are also important, as is the Moon’s depositor (i.e. the ruler of the sign the Moon is placed in).

The Sun shows vitality and ego and where energy is used to project the self onto the world. And strong Sun confers confidence, good health, and leadership. A Sun with problems such as dusthana house placement may show lack of self confidence. If the Sun is afflicted by malefics (Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars) may be aggressive or egotistical. Since the Sun represents the father, a Sun with afflictions and otherwise bad placement may also show difficulties with the father, either through the native’s relationship with him or more specifically, hardships borne by the father such as bad health, poverty, or criminality. As with the Moon, aspects to the Sun help to describe the essence of the person. A person with a close Saturn aspect to the Sun will display many saturnine qualities such as being methodical and pragmatic and desiring order and control. Similarly, the Sun’s depositor also provides an important clue about the kind of Sun the person has.

This basic introduction was necessary to understand the importance of one of very rare concepts of astrology.

i.e. to how much degree Moon has drifted away from sun.

This aspect has a direct link to the “extent of advent of Moon qualities for the native”

As I have already said that ” If the Moon is bright, (i.e. Opposite to the Sun or general rule of thumb is, More the distance of Moon from the Sun, the better, particularly where the Moon is more than 90 degrees away), then the person will tend to stand out in a crowd or have a more pleasing characteristics about him”

Now the question arises, is it right to classify the “more than 90 degree” positioning of moon good for all the cases or there is something missing in this concept?

Before moving ahead.

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As per my little humble experience by the grace of god, there are 4 points for moon with respect to sun where the moon gains special powers.

These points are; When Moon is exactly:

1) 18 degree

2) 90 Degree

3) 108 degree

4) 180 degree

Away from Sun.

Further out of the 4 special points, the point where Moon is exactly 108 degree away from Sun has special Divine significance to it, hence Most Auspicious.

On the other hand, on the day of full Moon, there would be a gap of 180 degrees between Sun and Moon as they would placed exactly opposite to each other.

When Moon is 90 degree away from Sun, either sun could be placed 10th from Moon or the case could be vice Versa, In both the cases, they compliment each other with Maximum Kendra bal (Involving Bal of 10th House- Most powerful Kendra)

When we talk of exactly 18 degree difference between the two, Moon has just stepped out of the Combustion effect of Sun, therefore assumed to gain its full consciousness at this point.

Specialty comes in terms of PAKSHA Bal or strength of moon.

For example when moon is 108 degrees ahead of sun, Moon is said to have achieved a perfect trikond from sun. (Between 90-120 degree)

In case if Moon is 90 degree ahead of sun- perfect Kendra from sun

In case moon is 180 degrees from sun- Perfectly opposite

In case moon is 18 degree ahead of sun- perfect conjunction of Moon with Sun.

Its all about striking synchronization between Sun and Moon.

Like if you notice:

Sun and Earth: The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth. The distance from the Sun to the Earth is 108 times the diameter of the Sun.

Moon and Earth: The average distance of the Moon from the Earth is 108 times the diameter of the Moon.

Similarly when Moon and Sun are 108 degrees apart, they come in natural synchronization with other. In other words a perfect synchronization between Mind (Moon) and Soul (SUN) will be achieved.

Take for instance the mala, many yoga students wear around their neck. Since these rosaries are used to keep track of the number of mantras a person is repeating, people often ask why they have 108 beads instead of 100. Part of the reason is that the mala represent the ecliptic, the path of the sun and moon across the sky. Yogis divide the ecliptic into 27 equal sections called nakshatras, and each of these into four equal sectors called padas, or “steps,” marking the 108 steps that the sun and moon take through heaven.

Each is associated with a particular blessing force, with which you align yourself as you turn the beads.

Traditionally, yoga students stop at the 109th “guru bead,” flip the mala around in their hand, and continue reciting their mantra as they move backward through the beads. The guru bead represents the summer and winter solstices, when the sun appears to stop in its course and reverse directions. In the yoga tradition we learn that we’re deeply interconnected with all of nature. Using a mala is a symbolic way of connecting ourselves with the cosmic cycles governing our universe.

So there are 108 steps between our ordinary human awareness and the divine light at the center of our being. Each time we chant another mantra as our mala beads slip through our fingers, we are taking another step toward our own inner sun.

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