Case study related to missing girl-Antonia

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Practice chart for missing girl (Croatia, Europe) 

“The data of missing girl, possible suspect, time when she disappeared were in Croatian astrological (western) FB groups. Case is interesting since as case is developing, man who is main suspect for killing, was here and there (different neighboring states), in which they still have unsolved cases of missing girls, all of them around 17 years old, all same type of look. Now, police is draining different lakes in attempt to find the body. As western astrology is not so precise on predictions, or for example places where her body might be found, considering the missing point (would that be west, east or other direction), I thought maybe in Vedic astrology it can be found signature for directions. Also, in one small percentage, police is thinking if she might be sold (human trafficking). Any help would be appreciated.

 If you think it would be a good example, I’m giving you data:

 Antonia (girl) <p> </p> 22 Feb, 1994; 18:35, Makarska (17E02; 43N18; Timezone – 1:00; DST:0:00), Croatia – in PL6 – Lagna 23:12 Leo <p> </p> Dragan (suspected man) <p> </p> 10 Dec 1969; TOB: unknown, Zemun (20E25; 44N51; Timezone – 1:00; DST:0:00), Yugoslavia <p> </p> Time when Antonia went missing <p> </p> 07 jun 2011; 09:50; Split (16E26; 43N31; Timezone – 1:00; DST:0:00), Croatia – in PL6 Lagna 19:27 Cancer”

 Ok, so let’s start with the basics, so that anybody and everybody is able to understand the basis of my each observation.

Details of her, going missing: 07th June 2011, 09:50am, above mentioned Lat and Log and Croatia.

As per this chart:

Moon is placed in Cancer ascendant, Saturn in 3rd, Jupiter and mars in 10th house, Rahu in 5th, sun, mercury, Venus and ketu in 11th House.

As per cusp chart: Moon is placed in Cancer ascendant and all the planetary positions are same except, Jupiter is placed in 9th house and Venus is placed in 10th house with Mars.

Lordships of bhavas is same as per the both cusp and lagan chart.

First of let me make a clear announcement that because of the influence of Moon and Jupiter on lagan (as per cusp), she is still ALIVE.

Rule 1: When ever Moon or Jupiter occupies the Lagan (1st house) or Arudh of 1st house, then we are talking about the well being and longevity of the concerned person. 

Here Moon is placed in Lagan and aspected by Jupiter from 9th house as per the cusp chart.

Otherwise also the Arudh of 1st house is being occupied by Jupiter as per the lagan chart and Moon is placed in Lagan.Therefore question is with respect to well being and longevity of the missing girl

Rule 2: The appearance (This include his Build, color, dress, age) of the kidnapper and his caste should be ascertained by the Lord of the ascendant.

Since here the lord of the ascendant is Moon, i.e. he would be a young, short in stature who have cold constitution, vaisya by caste and strong/active during night; His Dress at the time of this kidnapping would be pink (moon governs pink). His body color would be Tawny(moon)(sort of light brown and sort of yellowish. like a cheetahs fur. witch means it is like a golden color. very cool in the sunlight and very good in the grassy lands because it blends in very good.) 

Since Moon also represents thief and adultery, this kidnapper will be having some criminal background and would also be involved into adultery.

Moon also governs change of place, hence this kidnapper always keep on traveling and keep on changing his place.

Here I would also like to mention that Since Moon represent adultery, Rahu represent secrecy and Mars represent Force or weapon, therefore here Rahu in trine to Moon and moon being simultaneously aspected by Mars shows that Girl is being kidnapped secretly for adultery purposes through Force(use of weapon also indicated). She is not being killed since moon is in its own sign and Jupiter is aspecting lagan as per the cusp.

Rule 3: The place where that girl is present and the direction of that place should be ascertained by the ascendant rashi and the Arudh of 1st House.

Here the rashi present in the ascendant is Cancer, hence it represent North direction and Entrance areas of watery places, Entrance areas of agricultural lands.

Also note that since Arudh has Aries sign so the missing girl should also be checked on the places where there are meadows and pasture lands, Lands and places where goats roam in the northern direction from the place of kidnapping.

Arudh lies in the 10th house where there is movable sign which means the girl is at a far off place. Since Venus and Mars are placed in 10th house as per the cusp chart, it shows that at that place sexual pleasures are being traded. So from here also it’s quite evident that she is being kidnapped for adultery purposes.

Remember stronger out of the ascendant and Arudh has to be taken to know the direction.

Also notice that since Arudh has a moving sign, so she will not be kept at one single place for long time instead, her place will keep on changing.

Rule 4: If the ascendant or navamsa has a fixed sign or if ascendant is Vargottammi, then the kidnapper will be amongst the house hold.

 Now here since ascendant sign is Moving (Cancer) and Navamsa ascendant sign is dual (Sagittarius), so the kidnapper is an outsider.

Name of the kidnapper:

 The letter indicated by the strongest of Arudh (Aries), the lord of the Arudh (Mars), the sign occupied by the lord (Aries) and the navamsa of the lord of Arudh( Mars is placed in Scorpio navamsa so again Mars) will be the first letter in the name of the kidnapper.

Now, Aries governs: a, aa, e, ee, ssa.

Mars governs: Ka, Kha, Ga, Gha, Jna.

Mars is stronger than its sign Aries, so the first letter would be either of Ka, kha, Ga, Gha or Jna.

If not then Aries letter should also be checked.

Rule 5: lastly if the ascendant is owned, joined or aspected by a malefic, then the missing girl will not come back and if the effect is mixed the mixed results should be declared.

 Here Though Moon is placed in lagan and is also aspected by Jupiter but Mars and Rahu also aspects the Ascendant.

 Hence the girl can be discovered but will not come back.

 As per Nadi Jyotish Rules, when applied on the birth chart of the girl:

1)      Whenever Venus ,moon and mercury come in trine to each other, the person will sleep with anybody, if given a chance or under bad circumstances( as applicable in this case).

2)      Moon is simultaneously as being aspected by mars and Rahu, which again shows combination adultery, secrecy and force.

3)      Jupiter is afflicted by Guru Chandal yoga, so dharma or religion will be violated.

4)      In D-9 too, Mercury is in trine to Venus being simultaneously aspected by Moon.

I think these rules are more than enough to understand the case study.

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