Hidden Loss (D-144 chart)

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Hidden Loss (D-144 chart) [Dwadasamsa Dwadasamsa]

Since past few months, I was not able to find time to share my researches on account of huge clients pressure, management of website, blog, page, 10’s of forums on facebook along with various other commitments etc, but finally by god’s grace your friend Nikhil has decided to put some light on D-144 chart (Dwadasamsa Dwadasamsa chart).

As you all know that I have already shared my views on various other higher divisional charts like D-60 chart, D-108 chart, D-81 chart but the only important higher divisional chart which was left was D-144 chart. So with this article, the left vaccum in the series of higher divisional charts would be eliminated.

Now before moving ahead with the main topic, let me put a word of caution for everyone out there, that all the following information on D-144 chart is purely part of your friend Nikhil’s research and source w.r.t the same cannot be found anywhere in this world. As you all may recall that my write up’s on other higher divisional charts like D-81 chart, D-108 chart etc  which I had written few years back also had the same caution.

Short point is, please don’t ask your friend Nikhil to give you the source as you are already reading the source.

Now coming straight to the point.

For the beginners, let me mention that 12th house in Astrology basically governs Expenses, losses, renunciation, enlightenment, lonely places, charity, journey to far off distant lands etc

In other words, all those things or avenues which may take us away from materialistic wealth or materialistic world are governed by the 12th house.

In short 12th house basically represent Loss.

Now though this may look very simple to you and many of you would say, come on nikhil we know all this that 12thhouse represent loss, tell us something new, tell us about D-144 chart directly, so that we could learn it and immediately apply it. So all those people who are in so much hurry, must remember that if I am giving you some introduction then there must be some reason for that. Though I know that you all trust me and its the love of people like you along with the blessings of that almighty, my parents because of which I am able to do something constructive.

So keep reading following sentences VERY CAREFULLY.

I am deliberately writing few sentences in a special sequence and all those people who would be able really grasp the essence of the following sentences are indeed the fortunate ones for sure.

As the scale of sentences would increase the INTENSITY of its hidden meaning will also increase, so read these sentences SLOWLY.


Be focussed as I am hypnotizing some of you and you may also get hypnotized for your benefit:

Here, by ‘loss’ I mean the end of the journey of our soul. [Scale 1 sentence]


When our karma cycle (cycle of doing deeds) would end. [Scale 2 sentence]


A stage where you are completely detached from all your karmas (deeds) [Scale 3 sentence]


When we DO NOT expereince the fruits of our own deeds (good or bad). [Scale 4 sentence]


A stage where all your actions are done by god himself and since God himself is devoid of Karma, the fruits (good or bad) of those karmas (actions) does NOT RETURN TO YOU. [Scale 5 sentence]


A Stage where your life is not different from the life of GOD [Scale 6 sentence]


A stage where you have lost your identity. [Scale 7 sentence]


A stage where God has completely taken over you. [Scale 8 sentence]


A stage where even after losing your own identity you feel like you have gained everything in this universe. [Scale 9 sentence]


A stage where nothing exist still everything can be felt.  [Scale 10 sentence]


A stage where ALL the LOSES ARE MINIMIZED to SUCH an EXTENT that what is left with you is GOD HIMSELF [Scale 11 sentence]


A stage known as MOKSHA [Scale 12 sentence] or enlightenment.

Now you all may relax your concentration levels and your nerves.

I hope, now you all must be realizing that reading the word ‘loss’ was not important, Feeling & understanding that LOSS, was actually important and your friend nikhil wanted all of you to feel that LOSS effect, so that you all may connect with that almighty.

Now quickly coming back to our topic and lets start listing all concepts necessary to understand D-144 chart:

12*1=12— D-12 chart reflects basic destiny pattern of this birth. (source being parents)

Yes people use it for seeing PARENTS, this is also correct and your friend nikhil is not denying that but If anyone will think sensibly, he/ she will immediately accept that parents are NO LESS than GOD for human beings, that’s why parents have been given the “PLACE OF GOD” in our Vedas.

Everything started from God and since parents is our god, our journey started from D-12 chart.

Remember don’t confuse your mind with thoughts like, Lagan chart is the 1st chart, things started from lagan chart, NO, this line of thinking is incorrect.

All the divisional charts have not come from space, they have been derived from lagan chart ONLY. So you can say that D-12 chart is that mathematical angle or side of lagan chart (D-1 chart) which shows our ACTUAL start. (i.e. our parents)

12*5=60— D-60 chart has summation results of all the past births (that’s why it’s the most important chart), Earlier also I have dedicated complete article on D-60 chart. (Kindly refer that article for more details)


12*9=108— Therefore D-108 chart, is none other than the FUTURE birth chart (IT shows our next birth) – I have earlier also dedicated complete article on D-108 chart. (Kindly refer that article for more details)


12*12=144- Therefore D-144 chart, represent the end of our destiny pattern which started from our parents (D-12 chart), end of desitiny pattern means, end of the journey of soul and merging our identity with god himself (as explained above). So you can say that D-144 chart is that mathematical angle or side of lagan chart (D-1 chart) which shows our end or loosing everything including our identity

D -144 chart (Dwadasamsa Dwadasamsa chart) will give you the GREATEST information about:

  • Your “HIDDEN LOSS” [I have used the term ‘hidden’ with ‘loss’, because the ACTUAL MEANING of loss is always hidden from general eyes. (As I have explained through my 12 scale sentences mentioned above)]
  • How much far away are you from the end of your Soul journey
  • Or How soon you will get Moksha


Now for enlightenment or to merge with god, your “Hidden loss” should be MINIMIZED [as I mentioned in the 11thscale sentence above]:



a) Malefics are most welcome in quadrants in this chart. (So that it becomes difficult for hidden loss to flourish)

b) All Planets (especially luminaries sun (our soul) and moon (our mind)) should be very weak in this chart. [Since you have to completely lose your identity, your soul and your mind for god himself]

c) Debilitated planets are most welcome in this chart. (So that all planets become incapable for giving any kind of hidden loss). All planets should support the END of our journey so that birth death cycle finally stops as soon as possible.

d) WEAK and afflicted Benefics give best results (w.r.t ending our journey) in Panaphar sthans (2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th houses) in this chart

e) All planets should be badly placed, like lord of quadrants in 8th house, lord of trik houses in quadrants etc.

f) Conjunctions of malefics and of planets which are enemies to each other, is desirable.


In short, do NOT search for any kind of Raj yog like scenario in this chart.

Thanks for reading the article with patience. May god bless you all, Bye, tc, Regards, Nikhil.


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