How to identify the Cause and nature of a death

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Someone presented this case study to me today, so I thought to share my answer with all of you. So that everybody can understand the depth of this subject.

Chart under consideration:


Mr Lal Bahadur Shastri(Late Prime Minister of India) 

02nd Oct 1904



Uttar pradesh


To identify this particular aspect, 8th lord and the 8th house should be Primarily analyzed.

Since as per CUSP chart, NO PLANET is present or aspecting 8th house, hence to know the cause of death, we have to analyze 8th lord.(NOTE-Though Jupiter is placed in 8th house and Venus is aspecting 8th house as per the Lagan chart, but we have to take planetary POSITIONS as per the CUSP chart only), Jupiter is placed in the 7th house and Venus is placed in the 1st house as per the CUSP chart. This is a good chart, in fact strong chart.

Anyways, In this case mars is the 8th lord(Both as per the lagan and Cusp chart) and the planet which has maximum closeness to 8th lord is Rahu. Degree of mars in Leo is around 7 and that of Rahu is around 25 in Leo, so Rahu is moving towards 8th lord and 8th lord mars is moving towards Rahu.

8th lord mars is greatly influenced by Rahu, As per nadi Jyotish,Rahu generally causes death through POISON or LEPROSY or SMALL POX. In this case the conditions of Leprosy and small pox are NOT PRESENT in the chart.(those who wants the reason, can ask me)

Hence the cause of the death could be POISON, Secondly the involvement of Rahu along with 8th lord also denotes some conspiracy or secrecy angle to his death and since Rahu also denotes foreign angle, so the source of conspiracy could have a foreign angle too attached to it.

Now lets try to find out something about the poison which was used, to kill this person.

The color of the poison would be black(Rahu denotes black color)

The taste of the poison would be sour(taste controlled by Rahu is sour)

The poison would be given through Lips or mouth(regions on the face controlled by Rahu)

Direct impact of the poison would have been felt firstly on Intestines and head .(as these are regions which are controlled by Rahu)

The first sound which would have come out from the mouth of the person after taking the poison would be OWA(sound controlled by Rahu)

Since Rahu controls lies, so the poison was given to the native after stating a lie by a male of a low caste(Rahu is a male of a low caste, by low caste I mean, people who do bad deeds) and would be of a tall stature (Rahu gives height and denotes tall stature of the person who has given the poison or the person who was the cause of his death)

Since Rahu denotes south west direction, so at the time of his death, the person would face towards south west direction.

Rahu denotes sudden death, so death would be instant and hence the poison would have been very strong.

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