Some Important Vastu Tips

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Some Tips which can help in increasing the positive energy of your house: 

1) Height of the ceiling of the home should be atleast 12 feets, i.e. at least twice the height of an adult, in ancient times height of ceiling used to go even upto 64 feets. This was done to give the necessary strength to space element or to balance the space element. Astrologically Jupiter controls the space element(Aakash tava), hence people with weak Jupiter should live in the houses with ceiling height of at least 12 feets.

2) Stairs should be constructed only in South or South west directions, these are the best directions for Stairs.Height of the stairs should not be more than half of the height of the ceiling. This is very important. Also Stairs should be constructed at an angle less than or equal to 45 degress. If the stairs are constructed on the angle more than that of 45 degrees then it leads to vastu dosh. Earthly element(prithvi atava) and space element(aakash tava) both gets negatively affected if the angle of stairs is more than that of 45 degrees.

3) Storage of food etc can be done in North west direction. Sun Moves from East to West (Morning to evening) thats a reason why this direction free is of drastic temperature changes. Hence at a constant temperatures food items remains fresh for a longer periods in North west.

4) The colors of the walls should not be dark, especially the colors of the walls of bedrooms. Dark colors give strength to negative forces, hence should be avoided.

5) All kinds of machines like washing machines, generators or geysers etc should be installed in South east direction, this direction is under the control of fiery element(Agni tatva)

6) People generally have big trees in their garden which are in East or North east direction which is wrong, you can only have small plants in these directions.

7) Center of your house should always be empty, heavy furniture, machines, stairs or pillars in the center of the house, could be the cause for health troubles for your family members.

8) Keep your house and locality clean.

9) Number of windows, doors and opening should always be minimum in South west or south directions, maximum number of windows or doors or openings should be there in the North, North east and east directions.

10) Toilets should never be adjacent to or in front of Kitchen or in east or north east directions.

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