Why in India people Give water to Sun

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When we give water to sun, from the height of our chest, then the sun rays directly falls on the water(present in the container or in our hand or water body) and then through the principle of refraction and reflection, 7 forms of light gets extracted from the normal sunlight which finally gets absorbed by our body, especially chest(chest have the largest surface area on our body, and hence the absorption is maximum through this area ) , just like when a rainbow is formed in rainy days, the sun light strikes the droplets of water which are left in the atmosphere after the rain or during the rain.(This rainbow is caused by Sunlight being refracted while entering a droplet of water, then reflected inside on the back of the droplet and refracted again when leaving it.)

These 7 forms of light gives strength to all our planets.(each planet signify, one form of light).

Though we always have sun light, which have all forms of light as well as energy necessary for all of us to continue but, we do not get 7 forms of light separately. In fact for this very reason we wear various gems as For that we must have a medium which could bifurcate sunlight into 7 forms through the principle of refraction and reflection and water is that very medium in this activity.

Thats why the maximum effect of Giving water to sun can be experienced , when the native carry out this activity by submerging himself till the level of chest in a river or water body.As by doing this native is welcoming maximum amount of 7 forms of light (after the reflection and refraction of sunlight).

Those who give water to sun in an appropriate manner EVERYDAY, always have an advantage of having extra strength of light. Since this activity basically energiges the native for the whole day.

Whole astrology is based on Light, Astrology is the science of Light. Understanding the working of light is Astrology.

Our ancient rishi’s were great scientists, today’s scientists are less than a mud in front of those great people.

Thats why the 1000’s of rules which we use in astrology, are based on pure scientific facts, modern day scientists would have to take 100’s of births to understand all the science behind the principles which we use so easily by the grace of god. 


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