Year Method (house based) of Numerology-A Research

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In my earlier researches, I had focused on the methods which would enable the numerologist to give his predictions on the basis of “question time” or by asking the native to choose any number from 1 to 720 and then giving his predictions (refer my numerology articles on my website or on my numerology forum). In both these methods the basis was Vedic astrology as numerology in itself is a subset of Vedic astrology only.

In the method which I will be explaining just now would also involve the basics of astrology but here the numerologist would only require the age of native (instead of question time or any number out of 1-720 chosen by native) as the input for predictions and nothing else would be needed.

This method can be used to forecast the general yearly predictions for the native as well as the monthly and daily predictions. Wondering how? Just keep on reading as you always do.

So let me come to the method straight-away.

Step 1: Ask the age of the person.

If the native wants yearly predictions, only ask his age in years.

Like he may say I am 27 years old.

If the native wants monthly predictions, ask his age in years and months.

Like he may say that I am 27 years 10 months old.

If the native wants daily predictions, ask his age in years, months and days.

Like he may say I am 27 years 10 months and 3 days old.

Now what to do with this age? Have patience, I am coming to that.

Read this:

How to interpret year Figure:

REMEMBER you need number from 1-12, NOT BEYOND 12

01 years =01

02 years =02



12 years= 12

13 years= 1+3=4

14 years=1+4=5



18 years= 1+8=9

19 years= 1+9=10

20 years=2+0=2



27 years= 2+7=9

28 years= 2+8=10

29 years=2+9=11


39 years= 3+9=12

49 years= 4+9=13(since it exceeded 12, so I have to again add 1 & 3) =1+3=4

57 years= 5+7=12

58 years= 5+8=13 (since it exceeded 12, so I have to again add 1 & 3) =1+3=4

59 years= 5+9=14 (since it exceeded 12, so I have to again add 1 & 4) =1+4=5

Hope you are getting what I am saying; you have to keep yourself confined within 1-12 numbers and do not have to go beyond 12.

Now once you have your number from 1 to 12.

Suppose you have 9 number (27 or 9 or 18 or 36 or 45 etc years)

Step 2: Now look at the 9th bhava of Birth chart and analyze it for corresponding year predictions.

How to analyze the bhava, well you need to see the House lord, house Karaka, planets placed in 9th house, planets aspecting 9th house etc.

Step 3: if you want monthly prediction also, ask his exact age in months, suppose he says I am 27 years 10 months old.

So for monthly predictions, analyze 10th bhava of the chart keeping in the mind the results you are deriving from yearly predictions i.e. from the 9th bhava in this case.

Note: Take the year result as Mahadasha or Major period results, take the monthly results as the antardasha results or sub period results and finally take the daily results as the Parayantar dasha or sub sub period results

Step 4: similarly, if you want daily predictions also, ask his age in days, suppose he says, I am 27 years 10 months 3 days old.

So now you have 3rd bhava to execute daily predictions.

In short, for conclusive prediction in this case, give the maximum importance to 9th bhava, then 10th bhava and then 3rd bhava and make the relevant predictions w.r.t birth chart analysis.

The last and very important thing is as the age of the native increases the intensity of the results also increases till the 5th cycle (convention adopted as per Kalyug era) and after that it starts decreasing.

For instance you may say that the predictions for the 9th year, 18th year, 27th year, 36th year, 45th year, 54th year, 63rdyear, 72nd year, 81st year, 90th year etc would be same, but here you must understand that intensity of results will keep on increasing till the 5th cycle. After that it starts decreasing at a rate which could be slow or could be fast. (That’s where the intuition of the numerologist comes in, to ascertain the exact variation of intensity)

I.e. here in the above case intensity would be in this order 45th>36th>27th>18th>09th.

And after the 5th cycle the intensity will start decreasing at fast or slow rate depending on the individual birth chart like 45th>54th>63rd>72nd>81st>90th year.

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