Mercury gives the “Best Results” in the 12th house

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In this article we will try to understand that why Mercury give its best results in the 12th house.

Please Note, this planetary house placement has to be taken as per the Cusp or KP chart, not lagan chart, now why am I using cusp chart, to understand that you must read my article on cusp chart.

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Now before going into the reasoning part, I want to share few facts with you all:

See, Sun never ask anything in return for the light which it gives to the whole world.

Water or Jal never ask anything in return to quench the thirst of the whole world.

Air or Vayu which we all breathe never ask for anything in return.

Earth or Dhara which provides sustenance to all, also never asks anything in return.

In short, anyone who has the power of giving in true sense is always considered as great, legend and is even worshipped.

Now, 12th house which is generally considered as the house of loss in a materialistic perception, from the spiritualistic angle, it is actually the house of detachment and true detachment converts the person into a great giver. The person, who completely understands the depth or significance of giving, certainly becomes eligible for getting enlightenment or moksha, which is also governed by 12th house.

Secondly, mercury basically governs our intelligence or Budhi. Indeed, the ruling deity of mercury i.e. Lord Vishnu, who has the prime responsibility to sustain this world and is also considered as the supreme giver. In other words the person who uses his or her intelligence or Budhi in ‘giving’, by the grace of lord Vishnu, that person automatically achieves a status which is even greater than the status of the king himself.

Hence presence of mercury in 12th house, transforms the person into a legendary giver to the limit that the said person is even worshipped by people. Of course holistic analysis of chart is essential before giving any prediction.

Here you all must be thinking, that why Nikhil is not talking anything about the sign which Mercury should occupy, so friends if Mercury happens to occupy its exaltation or own or friendly signs then obviously that would be an added advantage BUT you all must keep 1 point very clearly in your mind, i.e. BHAVA PLACEMENT of a PLANET HOLDS MUCH more importance than any other factor in Astrology and that is why I am discussing house placement here instead of discussing Mercury’s effect in 12 different signs.

Mercury also gives good results in 2nd, 10th and 11th houses.

Here, for your information, People like Russian President Mr Putin, Great emperor Vikramaditya, Great emperor Chandra Gupta Maurya, Sultan of Brunei Hassan Bolkiah, King Muhammad Ali Pasha, Emperor Qianlong and many other top notch leaders, kinds, emperors have their mercury placed in the 12th house as per the cusp chart.

Lastly the placement of mercury in the 12th house is more desirable than its aspect i.e. placement is always more powerful than aspect.

Do I really need to say anything more about the power of mercury in 12th house?

Thanks for reading this article.

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