Relationships and Astrology

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Dear friends, though by lord’s grace your friend Nikhil has written more than 100 articles till date but still after a long time I am writing an article. Reasons are only 2, firstly, time is the only constraint with me and secondly unless something comes from my soul, I do not write. Today, fortunately, I am stealing some time from my schedule to write this piece on the command of my soul because of a VERY BIG reason. I know, you all would have started wondering that ‘what could be that reason which Nikhil is calling BIG’, so friends relax, as you all know, I have never kept you wondering for long.

Actually friends, since last many years, during my Astrological consultations and researches, I came across 1000’s of cases where love or marital relationships are falling like a pack of cards. Each case has a different background, different story, different reasons but outcome is the same i.e. stress, depression, irritation, frustration, heavy heart, regret etc etc, and I don’t need to elaborate that feeling as most of you must have either seen serious relationship issues in your surroundings or you yourself must have experienced the same.

Another thing which I noticed that the people who are considered as highly educated or rich are also facing these relationship issues which basically means that our education system or money has completely FAILED to restore happiness in our personal lives. In short, a lot has to be learnt and understood, to return on the path of peace and happiness especially in our personal lives.

Through this article, your friend Nikhil, wants all of you to understand these relationships through Astrology, so that a general wisdom could prevail in the society and complexities of relationships could be minimized.

Now from here on, please read each and every word of your friend Nikhil, very carefully with an absolute attention. I know its hard for you, but at least try.

See, we all say that Venus is a planet of love and most of the people believe that relationship is all about love i.e. loving someone or being loved by someone but only a few individuals understands that love is only 1 aspect of a relationship and actual relationship is much beyond the word ‘love’. Basically, if other aspects of relationship are not understood correctly, then this love which everyone is so boastfully talking about, soon takes the shape of lust and what happens in lust, we all know. So if you all want this love to become TRUE love instead of lust, then keep reading.

Actually, all planets governs different aspects of relationship.

Sun represent truth (Satya) in a relationship i.e. works at the level of Soul (Atma).

Moon represent alignment of thoughts (Vichar) in a relationship i.e. works at the level of Mind (Mann).

Mars represent physical compatibility along with a feeling of surrender (Samarpan) and sacrifice (Tyag) in a relationship i.e. works at the level of Body (Sharir).

Rahu represent all kinds of negativity which if not tamed can ruin any relationship i.e. works at the level of Jealousy (Irshya), Anger (Krodh), Want /greed (Lobh), Attraction (Moh), Injustice (Anyaye), Passion/Lust (Kaam), Hatred (Ghradna), Laziness (Aalasya), Ignorance (Agyan), False (Asatya), Fear (Bhaye). Secondly, whether it’s Nikhil or you or anyone, no one can escape the parameters of Rahu without the blessings of that almighty

Jupiter represent respect (Samman) in a relationship which comes from the efforts (Parishram) i.e. works at the level of knowledge (Gyan).

Saturn represent element of commitment (pratibaddhata) and loyalty (Nishtha) in a relationship i.e. works at the level of Justice (Nyaye)

Mercury represent understanding (Samajh) in a relationship i.e. works at the level of intelligence (Buddhi).

Ketu represent detachment or the amount of freedom (Swatantrata) which husband/wife give to each other in a relationship which comes from mutual trust (Vishwas) in a relationship i.e. works at the level of faith (Shraddha).

Venus represent compassion (Karuna), kindness (Daya) and affection (Sneh) in a relationship i.e. works at the level of true love (Prem).

Unfortunately, all these deeper aspects of relationships described above are slowly getting neglected especially by the current generation. As a result, sustainability of relationships is rapidly facing a serious threat and this what your friend Nikhil, too, has experienced through 1000’s of cases, which I have handled in the last decade.

If all the elements or planets contribute in an appropriate and balanced manner then every relationship can become a spiritual relationship between the two souls.

I just hope that all my young readers, followers and friends would try to understand each aspect of relationship stated above which will directly help them to strengthen their relationship. One last point which your friend Nikhil wants to mention is that strong relationship between any two individuals not only stabilize the life of those two individuals but also lays a strong foundation for a family, society, nation and world as a whole. Thanks for reading, Take Care.

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