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Each one of us strives for a better life. We look for a living that is full of happiness, joy and buoyancy. Be it health, education, marriage, children, house, property etc., in each area that get critically connected with happiness & joy, we set targets. We all have great expectations & hope. But, in reality, we do not see this happening.
Our hopes often are dashed; targets not realized; dreams crash & missions remain un-accomplished! And all this leads to tensions, discords, lack of peace etc. Another round of struggle begins. We get our acts together to restore peace & harmony in life. We keep chasing and still remain far from the goal.
What happens? When it happens? How it happens? Why it happens? These are all bewildering questions. In our ‘normal’ understanding, we do not get answers. We tend to believe that we know the answers but, we don’t! We feel things are under our control, but, they are not!
Let us look in to the deepest corner of our heart & we would know that there is definitely some ‘Supreme Force’ that has not only created us & things around us but also controls us in all forms & content and to a point, we cannot even imagine; perhaps up to ‘infinity’.
Every aspect of our life has a ‘DIVINE’ aspect to it and therefore, requires divine knowledge to decipher it. Some of us might question. If it is all divine then, why decipher? Why not just leave to the divine force? But, that is ignorance & will only increase our suffering.
We can get answers to the questions & events that keep haunting us ONLY within the divine framework. And, once we get to know the real forces at work behind every happening, we would be in a position to understand ‘this nature’ and ‘GOD’ himself. Indeed, this is the primary purpose of our lives.
Once this is achieved, tensions will go away, anxieties will subside & life will automatically get back to a track that promises peace, satisfaction, joy & happiness. This website offers a platform to enlighten you about all that is needed to achieve these goals.


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