Brushing up-Basic Concepts of Astrology

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Generally beginners and sometimes even established Astrologers tend to miss out on few basic facts and concepts which are actually the base of any prediction. As a result, predictions go wrong.

Here I will be stressing on those very basic points, which are so subtle that they acquire an inherent tendency of getting skipped or completely missed from the eyes of an Astrologer.

So coming straightaway to the core;

1) A favorable planet is capable of conferring benefic results fully, moderately or feebly, According to the Navamsa is occupies.

a) Vargottammi or Exaltation Navamsa- Full favorable effect
b) Own or friendly Navamsa- Moderately favorable effect.
c) Inimical or deliberated Navamsa-Unfavorable effect.

Here point to note is that the effect of friendly Navamsa is more or less similar to that of own Navamsa.

Likewise all the three points should be understood.

‎2) If the lord and the karaka of a bhava are strong and occupy favorable houses, then the indications of the bhava will be fully experienced. On the contrary if they are weak and occupy the 6th, 8th or 12th, the results of the concerned bhava would be negative.

3) This point is very important;

If the lord and karaka are strong but occupy an unfavorable position (Placement wise), then though the effects of the bhava will be seen but the native will not be able to enjoy them.

On the other hand if the lords and karaka are weak but they occupy favorable positions like Kendra, trikond etc then the effect will be experienced by the native, however little it may be.

‎4) Benefics in the 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th become unfavorable. Malefics in the 3rd, 6th and 11th houses are good.

The most important houses are 1st, 5th and 9th; it is these 3 bhavas where benefics show their full effect and malefic showcase their worst evil.

5) Again a very important point.

Malefic planets (in the 6th) confer all the articles governed by them but the bhava gets spoiled that is in questions pertaining to diseases, an evil planet in the 6th house is very bad.

6) The good and bad significations ascribed to different planets should be used when describing the effects of DASHAS.

‎7) One more very important point.

When the lord of the 8th from a certain bhava or Saturn transits the bhava in question AND simultaneously WHEN the Dasha of bhukti of the lord of 6th,8th or 12th Operates , the bhava concerned will come to grief…similarly diseases in the various parts of the body as signified by the bhava concerned can also be predicted.

‎8) Many astrologers rely only on Various Dasha system or Transit system to establish the timings of any event But there could be many ways to do that accurately.

Like suppose Venus occupying SCORPIO (lagan) is the planet in question and he signifies certain events like marriage being the lord of 7th house.

Then marriage can be predicted;

a) On a day ruled by bharani, poorvaphalguni or poorvashadha (i.e. constellations of Venus)
b) On Friday (day ruled by Venus)
c) During Vasant ritu or spring (March-April)
d) When Sun, Moon or Jupiter transits SCORPIO.
e) In the dasha (major period) or Sub Period (Bhukti) of Venus or planets conjoining Venus or placed in the nakshatra of Venus etc.
f) When Scorpio sign sets or rises.

Note: Here it is to be remembered that more than one rule can be applied simultaneously like In the month of march-April, on Friday in the nakshatra of Venus when bhukti of Venus is also under progress and Jupiter too transits Scorpio marriage would occur.

Another interesting way of establishing timings is by multiplying the time periods allotted to the different planets as Ayana, Kshana, etc by the number of navamsa gained by the planet in the rashi.

Sun-Ayana-6 months
Moon-Kshana-48 minutes
Mars-Vasara-One week
Mercury-Rithu-2 months
Jupiter-Masa-1 month
Venus–Ardha-1 fortnight
Saturn-sama-1 year

Suppose vrishbha or Taurus is rising in navamsa, therefore Venus is the Navamsa lagan lord; the period indicated by Venus is Ardha or fortnight.

Now suppose this Venus is in 4th Navamsa, then the event, say marriage will happen within (4*1 fortnight) = 4 fortnights.

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