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Health Guidelines-Palmistry

People are asking me to write more about this science of hand; hence I have again decided to shed some more light in this branch of divinity.

I could have started with the types of hand, types of fingers and thumb etc, but I know that after going through so much of theory written in books, many people would find it difficult to apply all those concepts simultaneously on a practical hand, hence I thought why not mention all the necessary concepts which should be taken into consideration to judge a particular aspect of life at one place or at one go. IT would be like, asking all of you to jump straight into the ocean with me without the threat of waves.

Now what exactly do I mean? As you may all say that unless we know all the theoretical aspects, how can we learn to analyze hand? My answer would be to start reading, and you will understand what I intend to do.

Nothing much, but it would be kind of Crash course on palmistry, to make you all a good palmist, so let’s start:

Here, due to time constraint, I will limit myself on the health aspect only:

If you want to have an idea about the health of a person from his hand, so what are the things which you should look at simultaneously?

a) Look at The area between the atma rekha (life line) and the Thumb, i.e. the mount of Venus and the mount of moon, they should not be small, under developed, should not have too many horizontal lines, black spots and crosses should also be absent from this area, as all these things will take you first step towards bad health, things further aggravate if the thumb is short, thick and if cannot bent backward.

b) Now look for the bent and deformations in fingers i.e. if fingers are not straight but weak and deformed, note down the specific fingers which are more deformed as this point would help us to identify the kind of disease(this I will discuss later)

c) After fingers, thumb and mount of venus, mount of moon, next you should look at the color and shape of the nails, inauspicious colors are blackish, pale yellow, light bluish, light greenish, very red, the specific color should be noted down as this point would again help us to identify the kind of disease (which I will discuss later), inauspicious shapes in simple language are rectangle type (should be seen with some other factors), distorted, very thin, very broad etc.

d) Just turn the hand now (back side of hand) and see which are areas that have higher density of hair, including fingers, as we have to map that with the corresponding area on the palm and fingers. We also need to see the color of hair here. (will discuss this in detail)

e) Once we have focused on all the above aspects related to mount of Venus, Mount of Moon, thumb, fingers, nails, hairs, now we can focus on background color of hand and lines. Here you need to understand one thing very clearly that for any prominent aspect related to health we need to see 5 lines simultaneously namely Bal rekha(Line of mercury), some people also call it as swastha rekha(health line), atma rekha(life line), Indra Rekha (fate line), aayu rekha(heart line) and dhana rekha(head line).

When I say Lines, I indirectly mean their continuity, thickness, depth, color and upward/downward lines emerging from it.

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