How to establish, Strength of a Planet

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Even for the well experienced Astrologer, sometimes it becomes difficult to identify a really powerful chart.

Most of the astrologers knowingly or unknowingly, do give more importance to Sthan bal as compared to other bal and even if they give equal importance to all kinds of bal, they usually fail to incorporate the importance of each of those bals in a sequential manner to arrive at the overall auspiciousness of the planets in the charts as soon as we see exalted, swarashi planets in shubh sthan well supported by D-9 chart we tend to believe that this planet is indeed very strong from all the aspects which is wrong.

Now what exactly, I am trying to say?

To move forward in life we all need few parameters:

  1. Potential-sthan bal, varga bal, samay bal (ratri, din bal), Paksha bal
  2. Intension-chestha bal
  3. Right Direction-dig bal
  4. External or environmental Support-drik bal

The same is the case with planets for a planet to work as it needs all the above factors and each of the above factors comes from different form of “BAL”.

Whether a planet has the potential to deliver can be understood from its sthan bal +Vargas bal i.e. In which rashi it is placed, In which bhavas is it placed, How is its strength in D-9 and other Vargas, does it have Hora bal, ratri bal or din bal or Paksha bal.

Intension of any planet can be known from its chestha bal and also by the NATURE of planets joining or aspecting it.

Directional part is taken care by the Dig BAL gained by a planet. Assume the placement of the moon in 10th house (since moon is dig bali in 4th house in 10th it looses its dig bal) this will not mean that the native will not be able to choose right direction in life but it would definitely mean that person will find it hard to move in that direction he would have to move against the tide like if a swimmer wants to move against the tide he would find it hard.

Drik bal relates to the External Environment or opposing forcing and is defined by friendly or malefic aspects received by the planet, planets joining the planet under focus and here STRENGTHS of these influencing planets play their role instead of their nature as was the case in Intension part.

When we define all the above factors with respect to each planet then the next step is to coagulate the above knowledge with the dashas in progress.

For example if the dasha sequence is Jupiter-Moon-Saturn-mercury-venus-sun

Then all the five factors w.r.t each planet should be listed and should be then judged to make a logical sequence of their auspiciousness.

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