Identifying an extraordinary chart

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Identifying an EXTRAORDINARY chart

First let me define, the connotation of the term “extraordinary”.

I will use this term for the native who satisfy the below mentioned criteria:

1)      A good human being who is kind and compassionate for the humanity as a whole.

2)      A person who is having a Healthy body.

3)      A native who has Good family support with his near and dear ones around him.(i.e. good  personal life)

4)      He who have untenable belief in God.

5)      He must also have WORLDWIDE fame, RESPECT and POWER in his career.

6)      He/she should have Good amount of money at his disposal.

Now that you know, what exactly do I mean by term extraordinary! We can move ahead:

YES I KNOW THAT there would be many celebrities who would not have, good personal lives and some of those celebrities would not be compassionate either. There would also be some whose health may not support them and for some there would be nothing like GOD. Someone may be famous but not powerful and another may be powerful but may not be having that Precious RESPECT.….but remember here I will be giving you an ideal picture so that each of you is in a position to identify even the minutest fault in the chart as this is very important.

IDENTIFICATION of the minutest fault in the chart will make your analysis very accurate and dependable.

Hope you all will agree with me!

Common man or an Astrologer himself in any part of world always asks a question to themselves.

What is that, which prevents me to rise at an extraordinary level in life?

What is that, which is missing in my chart?

My chart seems to be very good or I have been told that my chart is very good, but still what is that reason or cause which is forcing me to struggle this much?

or somebody may say, What do these celebrities eat to acquire such a level of money and fame ha ha?

Here, I will try to demystify all these kinds of questions in the simplest language possible based on whatever little experience I have by the grace of God….

In the general language we say that person should have patience, perseverance, courage, humbleness, compassion etc to rise in life AND all sorts of adjectives.

but the question is from where these qualities originate ?

We also say that, If somebody is consistently dejected, humiliated, disregarded etc then HOW the hell can he keep the trust and patience?

Therefore it is the “COORDINATION AMONG PLANETS” which goes missing in normal charts.

If one planet wants to do well, 4 will stand up against him to pull his leg……yes yes… is the same story which happens in the parliament of our country.

In contrast, if you are looking at a really good chart…if one planet wants to give auspicious results in its Dasha then 4-6 planets will complement him diligently.

That’s a difference.

People generally get ignited just by the presence of 2 or 3 exalted or swarashi planets in their charts and in the process they fail to look at this complementation factor.

Now question is how to see that whether planets are complementing the mahadasha lord through their antardasha etc or not?

First we need to understand one very basic fact that any mahadasha is made up of 9 antardashas out of which lords of 8 antardashas are different from the mahadasha lord itself.

You all know this

Therefore even if you have a very strong and well placed mahadasha lord (like exalted Saturn in lagan) , then it doesn’t mean that whole mahadasha would be very good or you will experience Sasa Mahapurusha Raj yog, Certainly NOT.

For the whole mahadasha to be auspicious, each of those 8 antardasha lords should be in strength, well placed and most importantly should compliment the objectives of each other …just like 11 players in a football team work in a coordinated manner…pass the ball to each other again and again…and make the goal.

In other words to have an extraordinary chart, all the 9 planets should be well placed and should be in strength in both lagan and navamsa chart or above all they all should be in symphony with each other.

For your good analysis, let me take an example…

A native is sitting in a debate….ok;

Now…since he has a good mars …so he makes a LOGICAL POINT with Aggression in front of everybody…..(aggression and logic are supported by mars)… to this another person sitting in a debate makes a counter argument which is not logical….as result Mars feels bad and his anger starts increasing but since this mars is receiving the influence of Jupiter in the chart…here at this point Mars PASSES the Ball to JUPITER….Jupiter will give this mars necessary wisdom….and suggest the mars to stay calm and be a good listener…..after giving this suggestion….Jupiter again passes the ball to mars i.e. now mars will listen to the other person with wisdom… soon as the other person has finished making his point….Mars  passes the ball to mercury and take his help to INTELLIGENTLY counter the counter point of that person….Mercury gives mars articulated speech, intelligence and memory to remember(things useful to counter this next point)… mars with the help of Mercury(speech and intelligence) gave another argument with wisdom of Jupiter…..On this another person …now tries to fool this mars by stating a lie (which actually do not exist)… Rahu comes into scene…..he takes the ball from mars…and suggest the mars that this person is telling a lie, creating a hype….so BE AWARE……as result mars now knows that he have to tackle this hype….but if he would tackle this lie with anger …then matter could go worse…so mars now passes the ball to Venus and Moon to borrow some softness from them…..hence Mars reciprocate with softness and tell that person that look…Mr so and so…whatever you are saying is not factually correct and the actual fact is this(which mars has earlier taken from mercury’s memory and intelligence)….but in spite of all this other people in the debate are not ready to listen to him….here mars have to pass the ball to Saturn which would give him necessary consistency to keep repeating his point, tell him not to get afraid of this struggle….and continue to state the truth… a debate…….if still truth does not come on the track….ketu will take the things in his hands and will ask the mars to leave the debate and completely detach itself from it….

This is what I mean by coordination and for this to happen all the planets should be in strength and should compliment each other at the right time.

By now you would have understood, that in the above example, person will win the debate only if all the planets and their qualities support him adequately.

At the same time, it is also very important that the Mahadasha of the strongest planet of the chart comes between the life time of 20-60 years of native’s life.

If somebody’s Venus and sun are exalted and well placed and are even without any malefic influence but if their mahadasha’s are occurring after 70 years or before 20 years then their effect if getting diluted…this is really very important…i.e. the timings.

Experiencing the mahadasha of the strongest planet in your chart within the span of 20-50 years is a total BLISS (on the condition that all antardashas support the mahadasha’s auspicious motive)

Coming to some other Indications to identify these kinds of charts.

You would definitely find Kendra trikond or trikond trikond or Kendra Kendra Yogas in these kind of charts, where the planets involved would be completely auspicious from every angle(placement, strengths etc) and these above mentioned yoga’s would be occurring as per the below mentioned groups.

Jupiter’s yog with sun, moon or mars (In the rashi’s of these very planets only)

Saturn’s yog with Venus, Mercury or Sun (In the rashi’s of these very planets only)

Venus’s yog with Mercury, Jupiter, Moon or Saturn (In the rashi’s of these very planets only)

Mercury’s yog with Venus, Saturn or Sun (In the rashi’s of these very planets only)

Mars yog with Jupiter or Moon (In the rashi’s of these very planets only)

Sun’s yog with Jupiter, moon, Saturn or Mercury (In the rashi’s of these very planets only)

Moon’s yog with Jupiter, Sun, Venus or Mars (In the rashi’s of these very planets only)


Rashi’s could be an exception in case a planet is also involved in Vipreet Raj Yog or neechbhang Raj yog or when it is getting exalted in enemy’s rashi.

The above mentioned planetary yoga’s, where the planets involved are well placed and are in strengths, Result’s IN THE LEAST NUMBER OF PLANETARY WARS. Hence starts complementing each other.

Now let me give some basic examples, to understand, why the planets do not give their full effects.

Assume, few conditions;

1)      In a chart Jupiter is placed in 8th house being the lord of 3rd and 6th houses, now we know that it will give sarla Vipreet yoga which is good but there are few problems

  • Placement of Jupiter in 8th house is not a very desirable thing to happen.
  • Jupiter is sitting in its enemy’s sign.
  • Jupiter is aspected by both Saturn and Rahu.

As a result complete result of This Jupiter cannot be experienced

2)      In a chart Venus is placed in lagan in Libra, though in its own sign…but again there are few problems…

  • Both mars and Rahu are aspecting this Venus.
  • In D-9 this Venus is placed with mars, Saturn and Rahu.
  • This venus is in its Mrit avastha.(>27 degrees)[Dead State]

As a result complete result of This Venus cannot be experienced

3)      In a chart Sun is placed in 10th house, gaining direction strength but again there are some problems.

  • This sun is debilitated in D-9.
  • Saturn, mars and Rahu are aspecting this sun.
  • The sign lord of Sun is very very weak.
  • Karakas of 10th house are also weak.

As a result Sun will not give its full effect.

4)      In a chart Moon is placed in its own sign in 4th house (where it also gains directional strength), but again there is a problem.

  • There are no planets with moon.
  • No planet is aspecting moon.
  • No planet is in Kendra from moon
  • No planet in 2nd and 12th house w.r.t moon.

Hence moon is now alone, like the baby in the movie home alone, this moon is helpless though that baby was very smart.

The same could be the case if Saturn mars and Rahu would have simultaneously aspected or conjoined this moon without any benefic influence.

Hope you would have understood by now that though one condition may appear to be every favorable to you….but 10 conditions may be simultaneously very bad for that planet…as a result the planet may not compliment other planets…in fulfilling their objectives.

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