Karakamsa and swamsa chart

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Karakamsa chart have been exclusively discussed in our texts.

In other words an extremely important chart.

Though lots of information has already been given about Karakamsa chart in our texts but still, there is lot more issues to be discussed with respect to this very chart.

As per many ancient astrologers this chart should be seen with of course lagan chart for all Raj yog listed in the texts.

As we identify Raj yog karak planets in lagan chart, the same process is to be done w.r.t this chart.

Before moving ahead, let me first describe that how exactly Karakamsa chart should be casted or made.

This is very important as there are many confusions prevailing in this regard. I have seen many astrologers following wrong method in making this chart.

Most of the astrologers fail to make any distinction between Swamsa chart and Karakamsa chart. As a result they end up applying rules w.r.t Karakamsa chart on Swamsa chart.

So How to form Karakamsa chart?

1) Identify the Atmakaraka (Planet with maximum number of degrees in comparison to other planets)

2) Locate the rashi in which this Atmakaraka is placed in Navamsa chart.

3) Place this Rashi in the Lagan of Karakamsa chart.

4) Now Place all planets in this chart IDENTICAL with their Rashi placement in LAGAN chart.

This casted chart is known as Karakamsa chart

How to form Swamsa chart?

1) Identify the Atmakaraka (Planet with maximum number of degrees in comparison to other planets)

2) Locate the rashi in which this Atmakaraka is placed in Navamsa chart.

3) Place this Rashi in the Lagan of Swamsa chart.

4) Now Place all planets in this chart IDENTICAL with their Rashi placement in NAVAMSA chart.

This casted chart is known as Swamsa chart

Karakamsa chart has Physical dimension to it, or experiences of body i.e. more on a materialistic front like lagan chart.

Swamasa Chart should be seen for effects on soul or experiences of soul or more on spiritualistic front.

Many modern astrologers as well as translated books written by them, take Swamsa chart as Karakamsa chart, which is no less than a Blunder with Vedic astrology.

Let me list, what all is mentioned in texts w.r.t Karakamsa chart in brief

1. Benefics in Karakamsa & Amsa Lagan influenced by benefics – king

2. Kendra & Kona from Karakamsa influenced by benefics – wealth and learning

3. Atmakaraka in Chandra / Mangal / Shukra Rasi – follower of other’s wives

Graha in Karakamsa Indications as per various Astrological Texts:

Surya – Royal assignments

Poorna Chandra (especially when influenced by Shukra) – Sensual pleasures, scholar

Mangal – Weapon, work by fire, alchemist

Buddha – Arts, sculpture, trading, intelligent

Guru – Good acts, spiritual knowledge, Vedic learning

Shukra – Sensual, lock after state affairs

Shani – Profession of family

Rahu – Thief, bowman, machinery maker, doctor

Ketu – Elephants, thief

Surya + Rahu – Fear from snakes, doctor

Poorna Chandra + Gulika – Wealth stolen by thief

Ketu + Malefic – Contract diseases of ears, ears pierced

+ Shukra – Initiated in religious order

+ Surya & Buddha – Devoid of valour

+ Sukra & Buddha – Son of female slave

+ Shani – Penance / servant

+ Shukra / Surya – Servant of king

*Chandra aspected by Shukra – Alchemist

Chandra aspected by Buddha – Doctor

Grahas in 2nd from Karakamsa Indications

Shukra / Mangal Fond of other wives

+ Ketu Restrict

+ Guru Cause this

+ Rahu

Ketu (alone)- Destroy wealth

Defective speech or not able to speak (if malefic)

Graha’s in 3rd from Karakamsa Indication

Malefic -Brave & Valorous

Benefic -Timid

Graha in 4th from Karakamsa Indication

Sukra & Chandra – Palatial buildings

Shani & Rahu – House made of stones

Mangal & Ketu – Bricks

Guru – Wood

Surya – Straws & Grass

Chandra – Sex under open area

Chandra (+ Shukra) – White leprosy

+ Mangal (Chandra + Mangal) (also in 5th) – Disorders of blood & bile

+ Ketu – Black leprosy

Rahu + Mangal (especially when asp by Chandra) – Patient of consumption

Only Mangal (also in 5th) – Ulcers

Ketu – Dysentery / afflictions due to impure water

Rahu + Gulika – Doctor dealing with poisons

Graha’s in 5th from Karakamsa Indication

Rahu + Mangal (especially when asp by Chandra) -Suffering from consumption

Asp of Mars -Ulcers

Ketu – Dysentery / impure water disease

Rahu + Gulika -Fear from mean people and poison

Buddha – Ascetic of high order / commander

Sun – Bearer of sword

Mangal – Bearer of spear

Shani -Bearer of bow

Rahu -Machinist

Ketu -Watch-maker

Shukra – Poet / eloquent speaker

Guru & Chandra -Author

Shukra -Lesser author

Buddha -Still lesser author

Guru Veda -Vedanta / Orator / Grammarian

Mangal -Logicial

Buddha – Mimamsaka

Shani -Dull-witted

Surya -Musician

Chandra -Sankya Philosophy

Rahu / Ketu -Astrologer

Shani -Archer

Ketu -Watchmaker

Buddha -Great Ascetic

Rahu -Machinist

Ketu -Bearer of spear or arrow

Chandra & Jupiter (also in Karakamsa) -Great author

Shukra -Lesser author

Buddha -Lesser writer

Shukra -Poet

Guru -Expert grammarian/Veda gyana

Shani -Fool on assembly

Mangal -Nyayika

Chandra -Literature in general / Sankhya

Surya -Vedanta / Music

Ketu -Mathematician / Jyotish

Graha’s in 6th from Karakamsa Indication

Malefic -Agriculturist

Benefic -Indolent

*Effects are similar to that of 3rd from Karakamsa.

Graha’s in 7th from Karakamsa, Indications of spouse

Chandra or Guru – Very Beautiful

Shukra – Sensual

Buddha – Versed in fine arts

Surya – Confine to domestic activities

Saturn – Older, pious or sick

Mars – handicap

Rahu – Widow

Graha’s in 8th from Karakamsa Indications

Benefic & 8th lord – Long life

Malefic – Short life

Graha’s in 9th from Karakamsa Indications

Benefic influence -Truthful, devotee of teachers / elders, attached to religion

Malefic influence -Religious in childhood but falsehood in old-age

Shani & Rahu -Betrayer of elders / teachers, averse to ancient classics

Surya & Jupiter -will not obey elders and teachers

Venus & Mars (also in Shad-Vargas) -Woman related to the native will die; will indulge with many woman life long.

Mars & Moon -Prisoner due to his association with another woman

Aspect or presence of Jupiter only -Given to sensual pleasures & addicted to woman

Graha’s in 10th from Karakamsa Indications

Benefic -Riches, sagacious, strong & intelligent

Malefic -Suffer losses in trade and deprived of paternal bliss

Buddha & Shukra – Many gains & Great deeds

Surya & Chandra (Simultaneous aspect by Guru) -Wide Kingdom

Graha’s in 11th from Karakamsa Indications

Influence by benefic -Happiness from brother / Gains in undertakings

Influenced by malefics -Questionable means of gains / Famous & Valorous

Graha’s in 12th from Karakamsa Indications

Benefic or none – Expenses on good deeds

Malefic -Expenses on vicious deeds

Exalted / Own benefic – Heaven

Ketu + Benefic influence -Heaven & Moksha

Aries/Sagittarius Ketu + Benefic -Moksha

Ketu + malefic influence -No heaven & No moksha

Graha’s in 12th from Karakamsa 

Worshiper of:

Surya + Ketu -Shiva

Chandra + Ketu -Gauri / Shaktika

Shukra + Ketu -Lakshmi

Mangal + Ketu -Skanda

Buddha + Sani -Vishnu

Guru -Shiva

Rahu -Durga / Mean deity

Ketu -Skanda / Ganesha

Shani or/and Shukra in malefic sign -Mean deity

Two malefic in Kona to Karakamsa – knowledge of mantra & tantra

If they are aspected by malefic Graha’s it will be used for evil purposes / opposite for good purposes.

Kemadruma Yoga – 2nd and 8th from Karakamsa or AL – malefics – inauspicious (poverty)

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