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Raj Yogas

1) Even a 100 adverse Yogas will become ineffective if Venus is placed in 11th house while Jupiter is in the 2nd house. In addition, the native will become wealthy, famous by serving a king and in the 3rd dasha particularly 2nd half, will acquire huge firm wealth, great honors and prosperous calling.

2) When Jupiter is placed in lagan and Venus is placed in 4th house with ketu in the amsa of mars, then the native will have mastery on 3 languages, highly learned, charming , an expert in drama, literature, music, a good speaker and will honor Brahmins and god.

3) The above yoga will also occur if Jupiter is placed in lagan, Venus with ketu is placed in Kendra with 4th lord.

4) Jupiter or Venus causing amala yoga (means Gaj kesari yoga + amala yoga), will make the native honor gods and Brahmins. He will be especially devoted to lord shiva and be supreme among men of charitable disposition.

5) When Jupiter is placed powerfully in 2nd or 10th house with Leo navamsa, the native will get wide powers through the King.

6) For Scorpio ascendant, if 6th lord mars is in the company of 5th lord Jupiter, this will cause raja yoga, Then the dasha of mars will confer great wealth, fortunes, quadrupeds, birth of children, sound health and other auspicious effects.

7) A planet causing neechbhang will make the person emperor and that too in his youth.

a) depositor of the sign occupied by the debilitated planet in Kendra

b) Conjunction of an exalted planet with a debilitated planet(like sun and Saturn in Libra and Aries, Jupiter and mars in Capricorn and cancer…etc)

NOTE: NEECHBHANG RAJ YOGA DO NOT FUCTION for natives with CANCER ASCENDANT….on the contrary it would obstruct the prosperity.

8) When Lord of 9th is placed in 4th house while Venus is in the 6th with Saturn will make the native acquire decent learning and head of a land. He will excel in writing and studies. He will be skillful in 3 languages. This combination will uninterruptedly give effects of Raj Yogas and will make the subject a devotee of lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

9) Rahu in 10th house as Saturn is in Aries rashi, Leo navamsa: the yoga is called Laxmi yoga.(this yoga also functions if Saturn is in Pieces rashi in Sagittarius navamsa)

10) For a Libra ascendant native, venus placed in the 11th house, joining the lord of 9th /4th and begetting cancer navamsa cause Indra Raj yoga as result the native will enjoy material pleasure and will be dear to king. He will follow the prescribed path of religion and be endowed with much wealth. He will build temples, towers and be happy.

11) Vishnu yoga will occur if sun is in Aries with Leo navamsa while Jupiter joins ketu (elsewhere). Such a native will prosper and will follow the codes prescribed for vashnative. Mars in lagan and Saturn in 12th house will also produce the said yoga. The native’s childhood will be marked by grief. There will be penury up to the age of 27. He will have emaciated body, be dark in complexion and be endowed with an auspicious appearance.

He will realize the Supreme Being and will be wealthy, heroic, intelligent and will be dear to king. He will have 2 sisters and will also have younger brothers.

12) There occurs raja yoga for a native of one of the movable ascendants as Venus occupies the sign Taurus with Aquarius navamsa as a result the happiness and position will come to pass after 27th year.

13) Venus aspecting or joining the Arudh of lagan, 9th and 12th houses causes Raja yoga. Such a native will become a king or equal to him. He will be valorous and will be fond of drama, musical instruments, singing and poetry. He will be fond of Scents, garlands and robes.

14) The 6th lord in the 10th house, occupying the angular navamsa will bring royal authority. The Native will be fond of musical instruments. He will achieve political wisdom through his elder brother and be endowed with good thoughts.

15) If the 9th lord’s navamsa position is identical with a trine signs from natal ascendant it will make the native a close associate of the king.

16) If the 5th Lord Navamsa is identical with a trine signs from natal ascendant it will make the native serve the king.

17) Mars, Sun and mercury in the 6th house, Saturn in the 3rd House, the moon joining Jupiter in the ascendant, venus and Ketu in the 4th,and Rahu in 10th house, with this array of planets, the native will be quite happy and be a great man. His childhood will be marked by difficulties. He will have limited number of issues. His coborns will also similarly have limited issues. The native will earn so much wealth and be so prosperous like a king. After 16th, 20th and 32nd year, his wealth will show increasing trends. His father will be happy. During his 8th year, the native will see his father declining and mentally distressed.

18) The moon in Virgo, Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Aries/ Leo/ Sagittarius will cause abundant fortunes to a pieces lagan native. He will incur some infectious diseases, will maintain his relatives and will perform poor feeding. He will be passionate and highly libidinous.

19) The moon joining Rahu in the 2nd house and being in sakata yoga (with Jupiter 6th or 8th w.r.t moon) will bless the native with abundant education, skill in consideration of the pros and cons and a high order of intelligence.

Basic Rules

1) Aspects should not be seen in Divisional Charts, concept of aspects are only meant for Lagan or rashi chart.

2) The 5th House is called the Rajya sthan (kingdom house), the 9th Prabhu Sthan (Lord’s House), the 10th house Mitra sthan (friend’s house) and 4th house Bandhu sthan (relative’s house)

From each of the bhavas, note the navamsa position of the 8th lord concerned and declare effects for the king and his relatives.

a) 2nd lord navamsa rashi- represent Children

b) Rashi aspected by 12th lord – represent Children

c) Ascendant Lord’s navamsa rashi- represent maternal uncles.

d) 8th lord navamsa rashi- represent maternal uncles.

e) 11th lord navamsa rashi- represent mother & relatives

f) 10th lord navamsa rashi- represent brother

g) 4th lord navamsa lord- represent mother, paternal uncle

h) 4th lord navamsa rashi- represent father

3) Add the longitudes of the lords of 2nd, 9th and 11th. When Jupiter in transit reaches or aspects the resultant degree, the subject will have great religious advancements and effects of Raja yoga. These results will also materialize if Jupiter occupies or aspects the said degree in the natal horoscope.

General rules.

1) Even if 4th lord moon gets debilitated in Navamsa or in the 8th in Capricorn in navamsa; she will give a long lease of life to the mother because of Jupiter’s Aspect.

2) Jupiter in friendly rashi which gives him Mercury’s navamsa will make the native highly passionate and serve the king.

3) In the dasha of Venus placed in Libra at birth, the native will enjoy increased prosperity in Saturn’s (Sub) period. He will in mercury’s sub period acquire fame and mercy of the emperor.

4) Venus with Mars in Scorpio causes the birth of a person who will destroy his friends and protectors but he will attain great prosperity in a different country. Venus in Libra causes widespread fame.

5) Rahu in Ascendant in aspect to the Sun gives a dark physique. Such a person will after some time develop enmity with his relatives. He will incur grief even on account of his Mother. His childhood will cause him grief and evils to father. He will be initially happy with his half brother but will have enmity with them later on. His wealth will be destroyed by soodras.

6) When the ascendant is occupied by Rahu as the 11th lord is in the 10th house, the step brother of the native will remain the eldest issue, be happy, will indulge in sinful acts and be fond of sensual pleasures. He will be a passionate person and will pursue acts due to a soodras. He will hate his spouse. All these results are applicable to the step brother of the native.

7) Should 7th lord be in the company of sun, the native will join other women. He will have 2 wives, be passionate and will be endowed with children.

8) If the 5th Lord is in the 5th House, occupying Taurus navamsa, the step brother will have obstacles in begetting progeny as he will obtain(only) dead children.

9) The Sun with Ketu in the 10th house without a benefic aspect leads to the following: a) Step brother will have difficulties in begetting progeny .He will initially lose wealth on account of soodras and then will lead a happy life.

b) When the native will be 8 or 10 years of age, financial losses to father will have to be feared. After sometime he will have good terms with children born to his other wife (than the native’s mother) and be happy.

10) If Mars is found in the 5th as his depositor is in the 8th house, the native will obtain many dead children and only after a long interval, a long living child will be born. To overcome these evils, worship of lord kartikeya (son of lord shiva, army chief of Gods) and bathing in sethu (in rameshwaram). Due to the yoga caused by mars as above the native in his 6th Lord’s Dasha, in 40th year, will incur grief on account of destruction of step brothers.

11) Should Rahu be with the 10th lord, be in aspect to 2nd lord and be in Leo navamsa, the native’s childhood will be marked by difficulties and poverty.

12) Saturn joining mars and placed in Libra navamsa denotes a person with learning and modesty. He will be in grip of anger only to be pacified instantly.

13) Saturn in Capricorn while the moon in pieces rashi with Aquarius navamsa-this yoga will give virtuous children to maternal uncles but troubles on account of tuberculosis and emaciation. The native’s maternal uncles will prosper while his father will sometimes will be happy. With Saturn in pieces in transit coinciding with native’s first dasha, his sister will get marriage. His marriage will occur in 2nd dasha, his 3rd dasha will acquisition of wealth When Saturn comes to the rashi indicated by the navamsa position of ketu or its trine the country’s army chief will be destroyed. (I think the author is indicating war)

14) For Scorpio ascendant if the Arudh of 6th is aspected by Saturn or by Mars, the native will invite dangerous diseases. 10th lord sun (strength) must be ascertained first before declaring any result. With such yoga, the dasha of 12th lord Venus is said to cause serious illness or destruction of wealth.

15) When sakata Yoga(Jupiter and moon is 6th/8th to each other) is formed, Rahu joining Jupiter will cause worries to the native on account of his spouse and progeny and may even prove an obstacle in begetting an issue.

16) With Saturn being the moon sign lord, if placed in exaltation in aspect to Jupiter, one born in an immovable ascendant will be the lonely issue of the family, bereft of any coborns.

Destruction of Parents

1) Destruction of father will result if Saturn occupies the degree caused by adding the longitudes of the Sun and the 4th Lord.

2) Destruction of mother will result if Saturn occupies the degree caused by adding the longitudes of the Moon and the 5th Lord.

Remember 4th lord denotes father’s death while the 5th lord denotes mother’s Death.

Father’s Prosperity

1) Jupiter is Sagittarius Ascendant, Venus in the 4th house in the company of the lords of 9th and 10th (i.e. the sun and mercury), will provide the native’s father numerous vehicles and fame via royal service. He will be endowed with coborns, be diseases and be subjected to the loss of older brother. He will have 3 long living brothers and one long living sister.

2) The native’s father will have checkered prosperity for one born on Saturday, while Saturn in the 3rd house in Aquarius rashi and Capricorn navamsa.

3) If the 5th lord Venus is in Capricorn ascendant, in Gemini navamsa in aspect to 9th lord, the paternal grand father will be in royal service. He will live in a foreign land, be passionate, will live by agriculture (also) and be happy. He will reside in good people’s company. He will somewhat gain serving others.

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