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The color of our skin is because of melanin that is produced by cells called-melanocytes. These melanocytes sometimes get destroyed (that is producing no melanin) or get hyper active and produce much more melanin than needed. This activity can be triggered by some phototoxic allergies, hormonal imbalance (like thyroid hormonal imbalances), pregnancy, birth control pills etc. If you use a product that is photo toxic there are very good possibilities that you will develop melasma (could even cause melasma skin cancer). Photo toxic means that the product is safe for use if no Sun is present, but will produce allergy as soon as Sun rays strike it. Hair dyes are a good example of this. In women during pregnancy and while taking birth control pills, hormones activate the melanocytes in the skin and produce more of melanin-the skin color. You will therefore get the colored patches on the facial skin.

This brief biological introduction was necessary to understand the planetary effects behind this phenomenon.

Brief concepts:

Primary planets involved

Mercury- Natural karak planet for skin
Sun- source of Sun light (initiates photo-toxic reaction)
Moon- Primary Karak for fluid in our body (hence acts as a base for any reaction causing hormonal imbalance in our body, also helps in aggravating the malefic effect of such reaction and manifesting its effects on other parts/location on our body or face).
Mars-Provides necessary energy for any reaction (sustenance and promotion)

Remember apart from the above mentioned 4 planets which plays the primary role, any planet could occupy the post of secondary planet depending on the nature of problem.

For example even a auspicious planet like Jupiter which stands for expansion, can promote expansion of the problem (Secondary) in case things are initiated by the primary planets due to malefic influence on them or due to loosening of their strength.

Primary Sources of hormonal imbalance (if exists)

Thyroid gland
Adrenal gland

Primary Houses involved

2nd house- Represent eyes (regions near eyes), face (regions on face like cheeks etc), Neck(where thyroid gland exist), Taurus Sign should also be taken into consideration.
6th and 8th house- Represents kidney location and also the location of adrenal glands
(the adrenal glands (also known as suprarenal glands) are the star-shaped endocrine glands that sit on top of the kidneys; their name indicates that position (ad-, “near” or “at” + renes, “kidneys”; and as concerns supra-, meaning “above”).
7th house- Also represents face along with navel and feet.
5th house- represent female’s womb

Secondary houses involved

Houses lorded by Mercury, Moon and Mars from kaal-purush sequence.
(1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th)

After identifying the primary and secondary, planets and bhavas involved, the strengths w.r.t these planets and bhavas should be carefully ascertained.
Malefic influences from Saturn, Rahu should be given due importance.

Time is again preventing me to write more on this, will continue ASAP.

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